1. Russia said that the strike could affect peace talks. So what, Russia wasn’t negotiating in good faith anyway. The ‘peace talks’ were a delaying for re-supply sham. Russia was moving ground troops while continuing to send in missles.

    1. @W925 Gaming That’s the entire point with this one. He is trying his best to make a point without taking an actual position. Which is why it will never work. Just ask him this question. It made him run from me. 👇
      “Which one of those Russian State tv sponsored ideas are you touting as the excuse to blow up children?”

      He will know what you mean. ☺😉

    2. And it is exactly the opposite: every day of sanctions weakens Russia’s position; every successful Ukrainian advance proves Russia needs peace more than they do.

    3. @JL sounds like you’re 100% in agreement with what Kremlin propaganda says – hardly an improvement.

  2. Damn — even Ukraine’s worst nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, is fending off the Russians! Now that’s patriotism

  3. I love how the Russian military is acting like they didn’t do anything to warrant this.
    If anything Ukraine is defending itself in response to the weeks of bombings by the Russian military.

    1. *and 8 years of Ukraine bombing fully civilian Donetsk and Lughansk but we don’t talk about that do we?

  4. Everyone knows there is no war going on. Its all one big special operations. The Ukrainians were just performing some kind if special maintenance operations at that fuel depot. They were trying to resolve and issue there and in fact they were helping the Russians resolve an issue. Well done.

  5. to be honest, biggest strategic move in every war is actually to target oil depot and other military bases near border.

  6. Well done that pilot fantastic skills in that helicopter whilst carrying out “secret defence operations” !!😂 so impressed with all Ukraine men women and children absolute hero’s one and all… 💛💙

    1. @GeckoTimes what are you talking about…. Poked the bear AGAIN??? Again??? 🤔
      Nd it wasn’t dead of night it was 5am their time!!!

    2. It was a desperate stupid act 😄😄😄😄 ukrainians will have my respect if they at list try to still the fuel instead of burning it.

  7. Putin: “because of this continue the missiles attack on kyiv”
    General: “but sir we haven’t stop”
    Putin: “oh”

  8. Rightly done! since the moment Russia attacked Ukraine, Ukraine has all the rights to do the same, pure self-defense, Russia has no right or moral to complain about it.

    1. He is a comedian first but later his nation needed him in other ways. A (real?) man does what a man has got to do, just like a woman.

  9. Their response is absolutely laughable.
    If you hit someone enough times they will hit you back.
    We learn this when we’re young usually. Especially with siblings. Lol.

  10. 2:39 This is hugely impressive. Low altitude flying is one thing, but doing it at night is a totally different animal. Excellent flying and excellent target acquisition. Two things the Russian military is completely incapable of. Excellent to see them striking back!💙💛

    1. @Berin David That is NOT what he said – he said he didn’t talk about his orders as commander in chief. Bzzt – thanks for playing

  11. Russia: spends a straight month bombing, shelling and launching rocket barrages at civilian targets. “no no its ok dont worry about it its just a special operation”

    Ukraine: after weeks of getting hit strikes back and attacks a single target supplying fuel for the invasion.

    Russia: surprised pikachu face.

  12. I love how he’s expected to defend his actions when acting a country that attacked his country first

    1. Yes, this is not a classroom where you can point at others, say they did it too and have it be fine. If an answer to something or not, attacking something in a different country is always significant and while it is obvious as to why as well as what the circumstances are, this needs to be checked.

    2. I see no defensive posture here. Of course everyone wants to know what happened. It is called “learning things.” Only Putin is condemning the action. The rest of us want the facts for their own sake. I do not know why you make this purely psychological projection that wanting to know something is condemnation and requires a defense.

    3. I didn’t hear anyone asking Zelenskyy to defend ordering a strike into Russia—if he indeed did that. Journalists just want to know what happened, and sometimes that leads them to ask questions that even *they* don’t expect to be answered. This was one of those cases.

  13. Seriously surprised that this hadn’t happened sooner, but I guess they didn’t want things to escalate….

    1. more a matter of being able to do it. They withstood most of the time.

      Now Russia regroups, leaving the opportunity for a counterattack.

  14. Love his answer. The no response says as much as an answer could. It’s the least the Russians deserved.

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