Sen. Durbin: Republicans Voting Against Commission Are Afraid Of The Truth

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., weighs in on the House's vote on a January 6 commission and the fate of that commission in the Senate. Sen. Durbin also discusses the Colonial Pipeline hack and the need for cybersecurity, voting rights and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Sen. Durbin: Republicans Voting Against Commission Are Afraid Of The Truth


    1. Because they have the holes in the major software programs and want to keep them to utilize for our National Defence. The don’t want to expose the holes or weaknesses.

    2. All Americans are afraid of the truth? Yes you are. But you don’t have to be. Your nation is obsolete. If you are to recover you must change.

    3. Can’t put this one entirely on the government. Too many companies still haven’t wrapped their heads around the importance of hardening their IT infrastructure.

  1. Every time I hear a politician say “it’s not an easy lift”, I realize he has never lifted anything”

    1. @jon henry. That is not the point. It is about holding oneself accountable before you start pointing fingers at others or there will never be any peace.

    2. @Whypothetical
      the Democratic-Republican Party is one team, man.
      you gotta stop pretending that right wing Democrats are any different.
      they serve corporations.

      they agree on 2 things:
      screw the workers
      Moar War!

    3. @Stephanie Drake
      i wish that was the worst of it.
      90% of Fox nuts still believe Israel is the “good guy” after they murdered 60+ children.

    4. @jon henry i also dont feel the need to heal with ppl that rioted in 36 cities across the country for over a year now
      but here we are

  2. A friend who’s a retired computer security expert once told me that the way to combat this is to have the companies (any company) train and reiterate over and over again to their employees to *not click on suspicious emails!* but to report it to their supervisors and their IT department.
    Politico noted “Using strong passwords, *training employees not to click suspicious links* and requiring workers to use multi-factor authentication — which involves typing in a randomly generated number after entering one’s password — can prevent all but the most advanced hacks, including ransomware. *Despite years of warnings from government officials and cybersecurity experts, most companies outside of the highly regulated financial sector have not taken many of these steps.”*
    There’s you’re problem. As another friend noted companies think implementing computer security protocols are a waste of money so they don’t do it. Then they get hacked and bemoan that their IT department didn’t protect them! Idiots!

    1. @0IIIIII Nope. I’m an “old person” who learned how to program back in 1973. Don’t assume all of us “old folks” struggle with computers. Not true.

    2. @Wendy Frost Change happens all the time… slowly, imperceptibly, but it happens. The only static law in the universe is the law of change.

    3. @0IIIIII I was always told to “engage brain before opening mouth”; perhaps the proverb should be upgraded to “engage brain before typing reply.”

  3. To quote from the early 1800’s, “Millions for defense. Not one cent for tribute.”
    With 21st century inflation, we can update that to “Billions for defense. Not one bitcoin for tribute.”

    1. The United States was despotism from the start. What is really sad is that the people never wanted freedom. They never knew what it was. Still don’t.

  4. i think that the stand down order not having national guard present should be investigated

    1. @OutdoorIndoorVariety
      He was in no way the most violent.
      Stop with the hyperbolic propaganda nonsense. 🙄

    2. @L. A. Diaz Who was the most violent then. We all know the radical left agitators posed as Trump supporters started the whole thing. Keep guzzling the leftard media.

    1. @president elect George Kirby pmsl ,, nope !
      Write more words ,, you’re funny 😉 !

    2. @president elect George Kirby Oh him, the guy who is known for protesting BOTH sides when it suits him. And I love how you people desperately cling with desperate hope to this one jac a$$ as if this somehow diverts attention away from and exonerates the hundreds of right wingers and militia responsible for that despicable and traitorous act. Pathetic, bud 🤦‍♂️🤣

  5. How do hackers breach a closed network? If it is not a closed network, then why tf not?

  6. “Truth, Sir, is a cow which will yield such people no more milk, so they have gone away to milk the bull.” – Dr. Samuel Johnson

  7. The painful truth is there’s little that can be done if companies do not take charge of their IT infrastructure. It’s that simple. Pay for quality IT support and protect your company from cyber threats. Too many companies still don’t understand the value of good technology support.

  8. The demonic EYE CANDY MAN, has a great deal of trouble with the precision of the falling in step of the old silver heeled guild. With enough of the hop to it practice one might even run in step. The devil’s EYE CANDY MAN, must take in the graphic violent design of the masters making. This is in fact the masterful sense of demonic security. Such as they are the masters of your dream and nightmares working in mind controlling concert.

  9. Government employees are all judged, and people are in heaven with sticks with their names on them. Government will have it hard and fast.

  10. Every elected official in denial of 1/6/2021 is in violation of their sworn duties to defend the constitution and everything it stands for. They are committing obstruction of justice every time they deny what happened that day. We can not allow these crimes to go unpunished. The facts are clear we need to act now.

  11. We already knew that Republican complicity in 1/6 went way deeper than we have heard so far. Their determination to avoid scrutiny tells us that we have heard nothing yet.

  12. We need a Special Council.
    Insert prosecutors name, is appointed to serve as Special Council for the United States Department of Justice to investigate the January 6, 2021 insurrection. .

  13. The last four years have show that our government leaders should not be the ones responsible for investigating our government leaders.

  14. I don’t think they are afraid of the truth. They are afraid that the truth will lose votes and donations.

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