Sen. Klobuchar: ‘We Can’t Sell Out For Nothing’ On Police Reform Legislation | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Police reform in *all* cities, from Minneapolis to Atlanta to Des Moines, Iowa, and elsewhere is totally needed!

    1. Reform your ethics. The police are silent observers who clean up the mess the populace makes. Nothing else. Bad apples ruin it for everyone. Including police.

  2. Arrest everyone who covered up Chauvins murder.
    This will deter COVER-UPS by Law Enforcement, D.A., Medical examiners.

    1. Tf you mean? Chauvin was the murderer and Klobuchar was the one who let him off the hook in the first place…

    2. @mmmkay C
      We are in agreement.

      Arrest those who “let Chauvin off the hook”.
      This will deter, klobichar & the system from AIDING & ABETTING bad-apple Cops. Problem solved?

  3. Good Police wouldn’t use the choke hold, or other excessively aggressive violence on innocent African Americans.

    It’s what lives inside the person.

  4. We can’t have a Bill that does nothing let alone a person that does nothing. The level of responsibility in doing what’s right and not whenever it’s convenient. MN AG Keith Ellison is a strong example of taking on strong concerns and doing something about them even if they don’t play a role of responsibility in your own direction and focus. These are the names history will hold some level of accountability towards and or for in a good, bad, or indifferent manner. Not choosing a cozy side and changing side’s when history developes a direct judgmental opinion over your inaction’s.

  5. It’s easy to see the truth. Let those cops in Atlanta go. This is BS and you know it. Your just playing politics with these men. If you do it to them, they will do it to you one day. Be ready lady, what goes around comes around. And you can’t pay that bill!

  6. This idea that a witness is either on one side or the other is false and the media should not buy into it. Trump and Moscow Mitch have perverted the political process to create two Americas, one for themselves and one for everyone else. This is not normal.

  7. Two obese racists, an adulterer and a WWE clown walk into a McDonald’s…
    The cashier asks, “What can I get you Mr. Trump?”

  8. She’s part of the bad Apple get her out, during her time as AG of M’polis, how many innocent she sent to jail

  9. Amy just called Donald Trump and all his supporters monsters. Good for her. After four years, that group has graduated from deplorable status to monster status.

  10. If you promote police based on their arrest record they won’t stop ruining innocent lives I’m a senior, community volunteer, teacher, taxpayer and for no reason police barged into my home without a warrant to arrest me on a fake phone call. Zero accountability. 2 drunk men calling themselves public servants. They just are out for arrests and tickets. CHANGE THE QUOTA. I was so traumatized I sold my home, could never imagine living peacefully again

  11. She did not prosecute the cop who killed George Floyd when he was up on previous charges – which would have caused him to be fired from the force years ago.  That’s why she is dropping out for the VP spot.  Tell the truth – Amy.

    1. She told the truth. You’re the one lying. She was already elected Senator, and someone else was the prosecutor, when he first killed a criminal that was coming at the cops with a knife.

  12. I’m sorry Senator, but that’s not nearly enough. Unless you are willing to restructure the Police Unions, with their vast funds, their fostered culture of closed ranks regardless of right and wrong, and their involvement in criminal complaints at all, then you may as well be offering your, “thoughts and prayers.” This Bill represents an inadequate START. You need to let us know if you’re going to be there for the long haul? A ban on choke holds (unless?) and a data base? Come on??? . . .

  13. I really hope minorities finally take a look at cities with a long history of Democratic rule. They will find that have been getting screwed over for many generations, but for that matter, all they need to do now is look at the current condition of some of these cities , total dumpster fires……………..

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