Sen. Mcconnell Tells Big Business To 'Stay Out Of Politics' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Mcconnell Tells Big Business To ‘Stay Out Of Politics’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., weighed in on businesses criticizing Georgia over its new voting law, saying those businesses should stay out of politics. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 04/06/2021.
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Sen. Mcconnell Tells Big Business To 'Stay Out Of Politics' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Joe Dementia Fingers The “wealth-tax” being proposed to tax Corporations/Corporatists is not a tax at all, but a bill to try to recoup all the ill gotten gains the GOP/Republicans and people like Moscow Mitch gave away to the already unappreciative Ultra-Wealthy/greedy. (it is why Moscow Mitch is so bent out of shape)

    2. @Joe Dementia Fingers Another thing, surprise surprise, they (the ultra-rich/greedy) agree with paying the “tax.” Things that make you go hmm, hmm?

  1. McConnell: Big business must not get involved in politics but I’m all for them giving me money to mess up democracy.

    1. The guy has lost his credibility just like lindsey graham but unlike lindsey he hasn’t kissed trump’s butt at least not yet.

    2. The billionaires of the Trump party who control, support, & rule this party will not stand for a Tax increase of any kind because they want more big cuts in Taxes with more money surplus also like what Trump gave them while States & consumers were told they can go into bankruptcy. I am looking at a corporate tax rate to go up to about 40% that’s right 40% because of inflation & maybe a new world currency developing (but not from bitcoin) for their fair share – its time to raise Taxes for Trump & his children & the Trump party which includes McConnell.

  2. “Hey wait a minute when we said that corporation are people we didn’t plan on them turning against us” – McConnell

    1. I’ve been waiting for one of those corporations to be convicted of murder and executed by lethal injection.

    2. @FACTS ONLY Your Liar in Chief just literally asked to boycott damned near everything and everyone in Georgia. Republicans know and have known their platform is dying. If everyone votes they lose. Take all the time you need with that. They why they’re trying to stop everyone from voting.

    3. @Karen Londraville “Trump calls for boycott of more companies over Georgia voting law” Yahoo News Headline.

  3. My stepson asked me for $50. When I was going to give him some advice, he didn’t want to hear it. I told him “ my input follows my money. If you don’t want my input, you really don’t want my money.”

    1. @Bud Moore Yes your right but if you buy their products they should thank you.. or should we thank them you tell me..

    2. Amen brother!! Mitch do busy trying to act like he owns everybody!! Now I ask your, does that follow the free market ideals??

    3. @Joe Tee Yes it does it’s a free market . but if you want to start a prostitution co. then I’m out…

  4. I agree 100%. Corporations and their MONEY should stay out of politics! And this greedy turtle just gave them the video clip!

  5. Trying to hold big business hostage; learned that from the orange-a-tan. McConnell needs to call it a day.

  6. He may have told them to “stay out of politics *ribbit*”
    But his actions have always said he’s not done getting money for nothing from them. He’s as disgusting as they come.

  7. Moscow Mitch: “But, but, but WE’RE you big buddies and friends you can’t go against us !!!!!”

  8. What about when the CEO of Goya came to the White House, they didn’t have a problem with that. He wasn’t told to stay out of politics

  9. Mitchee your shell is waiting for you. It’s lined in velvet and has the best wood for burial purposes.

  10. Rather ironic indeed that McTurtle makes it his sacred duty to protect Big Corporation’s Constitutional right to speak freely with money, so long as they don’t speak.

  11. Love it! McConnell telling Corporate CEOs to stay out politics and he managed to keep a straight face whilst saying it! How he did not choke on those words is frankly amazing.

  12. I didn’t know Mitch was a stand-up comedian. His dry delivery is absolutely perfect and the fact that his humor is irony-based is the cherry on top. Mitch McConnell: the great comedian.

    1. I agree…Mitch is a joke. Maybe his wife can get back to collecting out tax dollars as Sec. of Transportation. The Poor woman.

  13. XYZ Corp: “Wait Mitch. You’ve happily taken our contributions to do our bidding all these years, and now you’re going to threaten us?”

  14. “We need to really do something about all the undisclosed corporate money that has infiltrated our body politics” said no GOP member ever.

    1. Yes we do , we also need to do something about this party BS everyone is getting caught up into. It should all be put to a public vote.

  15. Mitch: “Corporations can give us unlimited secret donations, but need to stay out of politics”.

  16. It still gives me such a thrill hearing the words “MINORITY Leader Mitch McConnell…” Getting that little reminder that he’s no longer the Senate Majority Leader puts a bounce in my step and a smile on my face

    1. Oh, you’re right about that. The thing is he still thinks he’s in charge, just like the LOSER LUNATIC in Fl.

  17. When he says “don’t pick sides” he means “don’t stand against our domination of the state.”

  18. Moscow Mitch: *_”Companies need to stay out of politics after they have paid me my dues.”_* .

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