Sen. Padilla: GOP ‘Scared Of A Debate’ On Voting Rights Bill

Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why “democracy is on the line” after Republicans blocked debate on Democrats’ voting rights legislation.
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  1. Yes it is on the line and all of them need to lose their power they need to be stripped and that’s my opinion

  2. There may be some “FAILURES” required in order to get to “SUCCESS,” but the 🇺🇸USA’s “DEMOCRACY” will stand🗽.

    1. Not without the voting rights bills passing. Because if they don’t, democracy is 100% dead in America. And America itself will be finished.

  3. A dysfunctional Senate means the people’s interest is a hopeless issue . If nothing is done , we’re really hopeless …….

  4. I never dreamed in my 80yrs that America would fall into the hands of FASCIST.
    ALL IS LOST. the GOP is obviously in control.

    1. Dont worry Ms Shirley Andrews Democracy will not fail you I promise you that, And Oh I’m amazed and ashamed of a man my age 55 that you are a tech bod meaning your on your Computer? And on Youtube, God bless you and your blissfull years and whishing you many more.

  5. Manchin should not get any credit for that sham of a vote he knew just like we all did that the republicans were gonna block the bill he literally had nothing to lose by making it seem like he came to his senses please don’t be fooled …

  6. I don’t understand all this back and forth. Mitch McConnell has said he will block everything and anything the Democrats put forward…end of story. Until the filibuster is dismantled debates and negotiations are utterly pointless.

    1. McConnell had a pile of documents on his desk that he needed to sign off on during Obamas Presidency and he refused

  7. if you want to vote against democracy you need to explain your abandonment of your oath office and those that elected you into office.

  8. The Retrumblicans will be defeated because they have voted against the American People. Sadly, there are very few Republicans left in the Senate who care for the people.😣😣😣😣

  9. Sorry. No kiss kiss or holding hands running through a field of Daisies. Forget Bipartisanship.

  10. we have years of the repulicans saying dems r bringing end to democracy, now its them doing it the public dont see how real it is

  11. Because they have no reason to do this and if they have a debate they would have to repeat Trumps lies !!!!

  12. Republicans changed the voting rules whenever it suited them to circumvent the filibuster. They rammed stuff through even with no votes from Democrats. I don’t understand how the minority party still behaves like it’s in control of the Senate.

  13. The Rs are not scared. Even pre-Trump, single party Republican rule was their goal. Trump has just given them to be more brazenly overt about their power grab.

  14. They are just as scared as Joe Biden was to debate Trump. That fool hid in his basement 🤣

  15. So, is _his_ request for a debate considered “Hispanic Man Demands”? Or is that only a thing when a white man asks for a debate with Joy Reid?

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