Sen. Whitehouse: ‘Now Would Be The Right Time’ For Justice Breyer To Retire 1

Sen. Whitehouse: ‘Now Would Be The Right Time’ For Justice Breyer To Retire


Responding to news that Sen. Mitch McConnell won’t confirm a Biden nominee to the Supreme Court if Republicans control the Senate, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said, “The stunning part about that is he’s willing to say it out loud … Mitch will do anything in his power to hand the Supreme Court over, as much as he can,” to billionaire donors.
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  1. I wonder if Sen. Whitehouse’s name appears on a warrant singed by a Federal Judge after hearing probable cause evidence of a crime? Because that’s how you get a warrant.

    1. @Books & Gaming you say that, but their limits should be 20 years. Congress and senate need to be every 4 years up to 4 elections MAX and that’s being liberal

    1. Not if you are a democrat, rules do not apply. It only applies to ELITE democrats , so if you are just a regular democrat voter, you are no better then a Trump supporter.

  2. You tell a SCOTUS judge to retire they’re sure to stay on until their last breath. Bad move to try and pressure Breyer.

    1. They will get ginsburged again if he does not retire , seems to me republicans are forcing term limits on democrats.

    2. @Stephen Kershaw SCOTUS isn’t supposed to be politicized. If you were Breyer and a politician told you to quit you’d quit?

    3. @Anonymous User no one said anything about politicizing, however scotus is absolutely a political entity and has been used in the past few decades by Republicans as such

    4. @Stephen Kershaw yes democrats are politicizing position first with RGB and now Breyer. It’s a LIFE TERM and trying to put pressure on someone to quit is politicizing the court. SMH.

  3. They all need to retire every one in Congress…they’ve made enough millions from our hard working Americans…they’re all crooked

    1. @Stephen Kershaw This one critical thinks.
      People upset their party doesn’t do anything (despite a history of not doing anything) so they knee jerk to ensure NOTHING will EVER get done.
      Yup, done with this party.

      Just as bad and reactionary and ridiculous as the team they claim to be against.
      Used to be a thinking party. Emotions have taken the wheel on both sides.

    2. @ Stephen Kershaw, I’m with William F. Buckley who said he’d rather be tuned by the first 435 people in the Boston telephone directory than the permanent professional political class that’s now in charge. The Founders envisioned a citizen legislature wherein the people sent to represent us actually WERE us instead of a political elite teacher from the average citizen’s concerns.

    3. @C.S. Unger that’s a pipe dream…look how the majority of “us” behaves and acts out of impulsive, emotional disposition.

    1. @Books & Gaming A bot I’m not. I check in with Msnbc periodically to see what is the lastest hair brain conspiracy theory.. Maybe they are still running with Russia…Russia..Russia.? As far as polls are concerned your joking…right..?

    2. The OP here is talking about how there would usually be a super high Dislike to like ratio. Its called being “Ratio’ed”.

      Though, to the OP, its not really something that is super politically charged. This isnt one of those big attention videos and you tend to not see a lot of ratioing on videos like this. Its just ho-hum dribble from a known-to-be loud mouth dem senator. So theres no real action needed to be taken by people, they dont click the video and thus, no dislikes.

      Books and Gaming, the question is definitely not you are making it… nore is it what you suggested… as i said above.

      Thomas, i dont think poles are very good at doing anything anymore. A pole can be generated based on what you want it to say… Theres a pole that says that the majority of Colorado District 3(Boeberts district) dislikes her. There was lil news piece on this, though its a whole 550ish people out of 750,000 and gathered from online users. THey dont say that though, they just say “over 45% dont like her and only 27% say they do!” something like that… total farce. If someone believes in the validity of political poles after 2016, then idk what to tell that poor clueless soul. XD

    3. @Obeyance DeKat Very well put Sir. A very intelligent comment. I just took note of the difference in the Likes -DisLIkes Ratio’s on this channel from when the Trump Hate Squads were in full force. Believe me, I don’t frequent this clown show at all.

  4. Always found it interesting when someone gets asked is it time for a supreme Court Justice to retire when these own self-serving senators think that they are above everyone else

    1. @Debora He’s part of the problem.
      At this point in time I say phuck the balanced court idea…Democrats need to stop trying being bipartisan and just bulldoze them Republicans – they are being just total

    2. @Ray Bin sure bud. If you can look at what Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have done for the last four years nevermind the last 10 years and still think that McConnell is worse than those two pieces of anti-American crap then I have nothing to say to you

    3. @Ray Bin if I could push a button and every demonrat fall dead, I’d be pushing it for months to make sure I accomplished the feat!

  5. Did he just imply by stating” sudden death”…what I think he implyed…like wow…not even trying to hide it

    1. @Diane Reese sucks to admit but its true…..neither party cares about the people its all about destroying the other guy…

  6. Doesn’t seem very constitutional for a member of a legislative body pressuring a member of a judicial body to retire.

    1. I can’t imagine what part of the constitution is so strongly worded and supported by precedent that would make it unconstitutional to merely make the suggestion. Bizarre. It isn’t like they abducted his grandchildren or something.

    2. its only ok when dems do it ..if that were some repub they would be screaming..”THREAT TO DEMOCRACY”” we cant survive this as a nation”..”were at a crossroad with the gop”…just goes to show what a bunch of frauds these people truly are…

    3. We have been way off the pages of the constitution since 2016. They are tearing down our government

    4. Did you not listen? It is because McConnell has announced his refusal to confirm Justices in Biden’s 3rd year! Breyer is elderly and they don’t want a repeat of RBG.

    5. @Heather C well if your in control you can. Do you think democrats would of nominate Trump’s pick (of trump had the house but not sennet) no they wouldn’t so it just politics

    1. The whole Democrats party for starters they are not Americans anymore they are all Marxists ,socialists and communists it’s time to dissolve this criminal oathbreaking party now!!!!

    2. Same thing I’ve been saying, lol. Term limits for all. For senators, representatives and justices. No one should be allowed to hold a position pretty much indefinitely. McConnell needs to go. He’s done nothing but obstruct. He cries about the left’s partisanship yet he is the worst of them all. A giant hypocrite that will grind this country to a halt and bring us backwards. He represents his billionaire donors. He got about 800k votes in 2014. Keep that in mind as he effects 100’s of millions of people’s lives.

    3. Congress already has terms limits.
      We are in trouble because Americans are soooo ignorant. Americans keep voting for the same morons.

    1. Absolutely but if they even mention it a platform on a campaign, forget it !!! Amy Mcgrath tried against Mitch McConnell, because if anyone in Washington needs to go it’s him! That creepy man is dangerous

  7. Ha! One member of the permanent professional political class calling for the retirement of a sitting Supreme Court justice is ironic.

    1. You nailed it. This is the problem these privileged elitists. They think we don’t see right through them.

  8. 2 year Stifle before we take over the House and Senate again, then re-elect a competent president who puts America first and gives control and tax breaks to the small subset of people who contribute, take risk, generate income and deserve more than anyone.

  9. When would the Democrats and right minded Americans understands that this man Mitch does not work for anyone else but himself

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