Senate Acquits Trump; Seven Republicans Vote To Convict | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Senate Acquits Trump; Seven Republicans Vote To Convict | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Why are we praising the seven Republican senators that voted to convict when they voted for Trump in November?

    1. @Patton Moore <-------thinks he's/she's/it is good at trolling. Should I tell her to go F herself like I told you a few comments above? It sounds like you love division, but then again you are a Youtube troll.

    2. @Patton Moore then why are you replying after I replied to her? I explained why I am here. I’m here to debate. I know people will have different opinions than mine and a different perspective on politics on a page like this. I expect maturity and give it in return. My “tough guy” only comes out when I gotta deal with immaturity.

    3. @Mr. White …”my tough guy only comes out when I gotta deal with immaturity”… oh that’s rich… looks like you don’t “deal” with irony much… and I don’t think you want to debate as much as to showcase those hours you’ve spent listening to your mirror tell you how smart you are…

    4. @Mr. White
      1) It is true.
      2) I responded to you in full regarding Delegate Plaskett.
      3) *You* began the nastiness with, “go F yourself” to another poster. Can dish it out, but you can’t take it?

    1. @William H Music 2021 *To the Leftist Goon Squad– Happy President Trump Day! Hahaha Trump Acquitted….AGAIN !
      Continue to DRAIN THE SWAMP! MAGA 2024 Baby!*
      *Pat Toomey* DC: 202 224-4254 Philadelphia (215) 241-1090 Pittsburgh (412) 803-3501
      Harrisburg (717) 782-3951 Johnstown (814) 266-5970 Wilkes-Barre (570) 820-4088
      Allentown (610) 434-1444 Erie (814) 453-3010 press: 610-434-1444
      email: zip 15219 19106 16501
      *Mitt Romney* Salt Lake City (801) 524-4380 St. George (435) 522-7100 Washington, DC (202) 224-5251
      *Richard Burr* DC (202) 224-3154 Rocky Mount (252) 977-9522 Wilmington (888) 848-1833
      Winston-Salem (800) 685-8916 Asheville (828) 350-2437
      *Bill Cassidy* Baton Rouge (225) 929-7711 Metairie (504) 838-0130 Lafayette (337) 261-1400
      Monroe (318) 324- 2111 Alexandria (318) 448-7176 Shreveport (318) 798-3215 Washington, DC (202) 224-5824
      *Susan Collins* Augusta (207) 622-8414 Bangor (207) 945-0417 Biddeford (207) 283-1101
      Caribou (207) 493-7873 Lewiston (207) 784-6969 Portland (207) 780-3575 Washington, DC (202)224-2523
      *Lisa Murkowski* Washington, DC (202)-224-6665 Anchorage (907) 271-3735 Fairbanks (907) 456-0233
      Juneau (907) 586-7277 Wasilla (907) 376-7665 Soldotna (907) 262-4220 Ketchikan (907) 225-6880
      *Ben Sasse* Kearney 308-233-3677 Lincoln 402-476-1400 Omaha (402) 550-8040 Scottsbluff 308-632-6032
      Washington 202-224-4224

    1. Really. Your.. Vice president bailed out the people that burnt my uncle’s business down in Minnesota and cause of death of a few police officers and injured hundreds and terrorized people and made for the most financially burdened civil unrest in the United States history….. And they are the thugs?
      by the way no police officers died during the riots the story has been retracted by the New York times in a very small little paragraph that no one saw.

    2. @Bee Bah
      Fake news by the fake president for his putin loving fake supporters. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    1. Why didn’t the democrats vote to convicted when Clinton was charged with high crimes and misdemeanors? Why were they loyal to him?

    2. No police officers died at the riots especially Sicknick. New York times retracted the story in a sneaky way. Only blood was from Trump supporters being killed and you should be all right with that because you’re so full of hate and lies. now that you all have all the power I expect that some of you are going to be showing up to people’s houses and extracting them anyway to take them God knows where.

  2. 43 GQP Senators voted to acquit tRump whose guilt was ridiculously obvious. Why? Fear of voters back home, people not unlike the rioters. So, lotta guilt to go around in the final analysis.

    1. Fear didn’t stop Bill Cassidy and Richard Burr from joining Toomey, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, and Sasse to convict Trump. It’s because 41 of the senate Republicans, just like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell have become demoralized by greed and political ambitions so next year we must help Democrats win 8 senate seats and oust 5 of the 43 who acquitted Trump.

    2. The guilt is on the Democrats. They should all be impeached for encouraging the BLM riots. For stealing (The Biden family) for lying. You name it! Democrats are scum, they are the stench, they should also be impeached for part of the Capitol being over-run, after all it was there side that planted the bombs the night before.

  3. I hope the republicans lose all their voters…..this is ridiculous…do they I not see what’s really going on?

    1. mike briganti you and yours, all 30 million can leave the union. No one likes you but you. No one wants you but you. You can go hate yourselves in peace

    2. @mike briganti Not really something to brag about if you able to acknowledge reality. That’s clearly an issue but irrelevant to this particular debate.
      Bragging seems lame especially since those who voted not guilty used an invalid reason to acquit and many are co-conspirators. The disgraced former fascist dictator had enough co-conspirators on the jury that even if his lawyers had said that he’s obviously guilty, co-conspirators would still refuse to honor their oaths and duties to uphold our constitution.
      Actually, one of his lawyers pretty much did admit his guilt. He didn’t send the best now did he?
      Mitch McConnell is kicking it down the road to the new Attorney General.
      So now that the case against him has been brilliantly documented, and more in-depth investigations will provide even more evidence, the former fascist dictator 45 has a whole lot more job openings for lawyers and not many lining up to defend the indefensible.
      And he definitely doesn’t have access to the best.
      I know how painful that must be for you to hear. But trying to brag it is embarrassing. So embarrassing for you.

    1. @JH yes he did. Toomey, a Senator, voted with the other six Republicans to convict in the impeachment trial. The OP made a mistake when he said Toomey voted to impeach. Trump was impeached in January by the House of Representatives, as they are the ones who impeach (which is just a political indictment rather than a criminal/civil legal indictment). The Senate does the trial. Toomey voted to convict.

    2. I’m from NC and I’m proud of Richard Burr. He should consider the censure as a badge of Honor! History will honor his vote.

    1. @Bauhaus bauhaus you concerned about the millions of jobs that were lost during the Trump fiasco ? Didn’t think so.

    2. @The Dani Do’s Yes Im very concerned.There were millions of jobs lost when democrat governors and mayors ordered mass shutdowns of bussinesses.

    3. @Mr T The U.S. now has 52 states?I thought 50 but whatever.And where is this information about renewable energy employing more than our current fossil,nuclear,and gas?I’d also like to know what specific crafts does the renewable energy sector need?

    4. @Mr. White That guy Rockymountain Rockhound is a total leftwing nutcase! Watch his video “youtube propaganda”.My God he’s hateful and so miserable.I would hate to be his neighbor.Just watch the vid.Thats the only one I clicked on btw.Many liberals are so similar to him today.

    1. 1. I hope this is not applicable to all senators
      2. Rearrange the letters in God and you get dog. But that doesn’t mean anything – at least not to me.

  4. The Republican Party enabled a fascist. There’s no getting around it. I’ll never vote republican again. Ever.

  5. Jon Meacham was right when he referenced the Civil War. Because they weren’t punished they never changed and the war continues.

    1. yes and as the old saying says- ” he is smart as a fox” McConnel even had me convinced with his last speech and then I realized that if he argued the other side it would have been justified rather than one big Bamboozle.

  6. The Republicans party have officially become the modern-day Confederacy! And Donald Trump is their Jefferson Davis! Smh

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