Trump Faces List Of Legal Problems Post-Impeachment | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump Faces List Of Legal Problems Post-Impeachment | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Special People
      John 8:44
      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    2. @Michael Stubbs If the ny gov committed a crime he should be held accountable. That’s not what we’re talking about here though.

    1. There’s nothing to show you….so they’ll keep telling you…..and you’ll keep coming back for more 🤣🤣

    2. Go to Forbes Breaking News and listen to FULL Trump legal defense. I am SURE you only got Cherry picked from the corporate media. They doctored and manipulated evidence to convict somebody.

    1. @joe ressa So, you are saying I should be acquitted of murder simply because you might have committed thievery? Does one malicious act be voided because of another person malicious act?

      Moreover, suing and losing is part of the justice. Trump lost over 60 cases in court (supposedly non bias) fighting election fraud yet all his supporters are calling the courts bias. Democracy is dead in America as justice is dead when there is no non bias body to serve out justice. If you believe 60 cases by numerous judges are bias, then there is something serious wrong with you.

      Juror meeting secretly with defense team or the defendant is a big No No, anywhere around the world unless you are a banana Republic.

    2. @imacmill they manipulated evidence. Screenshots and audio. They got caught they struck it from the record.

    3. Well we can vote them in, but we the People can’t vote them out! Even if we do they still get a little pension and they get a lifetime insurance and they get lifelong protection against criminal attacks on them!

    1. Well he is going to be 75 y.o so if he got out if he’s 100 he’ll probably be dead by then

      I’d say around 20 years is good with me !

  1. There has to come a time when at least some of the trumpnotized will realise that when everyone is out to get your guy, the reason might be him and not ‘them’.

    1. @SpukiTheLoveKitten75 Excellent reason for choice of name, even if a sad story. I had a cat one time and he was a stray that adopted me. I often think of him.
      The Floyd were such a great band and were part of my growing up.
      As I understand it ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’ was a tribute to Syd. I always think it shows how loved and special he was, and a great track too.
      I’m into some freaky jazz but you have inspired me to revisit ‘Piper’ to see how much of it I remember!

    2. @Miles Susans The patent is not mine. It’s normally claimed as a privilege of RW extremists and Christians who spew hate and division, and that aint the truth.

    3. @SpukiTheLoveKitten75 I’m so glad you said that! I have great hope for the young people of America and elsewhere who have a different view of why and what we do while we’re here. Go well.

    4. That guy with horns saying Trump told them to do it, would they jump off empire state building too? Not one so called Trump patriot has come out and praised rioters, freedom of speech remember? True support ers would be talking now. But now some are sitting in a jail facing prison and Trump is golfing, never pardoned his supporters just his cronies, even an extremist should see that Trump used them, and some of their comrades died, but they are not martyrs, brang it on themselves. That cop is only hero.

    5. @SpukiTheLoveKitten75
      So glad that you have such faith in today’s young people, because the majority of Milinials I’ve met are total dumbshits.

  2. All people with functioning brain cells and some morals knows that the Orange thing belong in prison .. I hope that at some point he is finally held accountable for some of his crimes .

    1. @MCK No, I actually can’t read but I’ll just identify as Evelyn Woods and that should solve my problem. I’m just a conservative simpleton lol. Yes impeached twice, he has set a new record and you know how he likes records. The most impeachments of any President ever. One which was 100% partisan for the first time in history. Way to set the bar low. Your new low standard can cut both ways. Newsflash…………….he was acquitted in both. Were you fortunate enough to get a trophy pen from the first one?

    1. @Claude Williams yes I do, I watched the whole impeachment, cnn and msnbc didn’t even put it on youtube. On day 4 their case was ripped apart, and they were caught falsifying evidence, which in real life you would get prosecuted for

    1. @II nosferatu II I’m not missing any point. You seem to be ducking mine. Is there something wrong with voting by mail? Even if people chose mail-in because they were afraid of the COVID risk, why is that a problem? If people are entitled to vote, they should be able to vote any way they chose.

      Let’s quit the dancing around here. You and I both know the politics. Blacks vote Democrat and they prefer to vote by mail.You start allowing Michigan and Georgia to vote by mail like Utah and Montana and there will never be another Republican president again. Georgia already flipped. The GOP can see the writing on the wall and they know they’ve got to stop mail in voting at all cost. I predict we’re going to need a new Voting Rights act.

    2. @Mike Jordan in America, you go vote in person with an ID. I don’t understand why that’s become an issue lately for democrats. It’s how you ensure the most fair election process. There’s tons of evidence of voter fraud throughout the years and 100% time it’s from mail in ballots. It’s simple. Show up. Bring your ID. Vote for whomever you want. You don’t like this because you know democrats are too lazy to stand in line and vote…

    3. @II nosferatu II too lazy to stand in line in vote? Maybe they don’t want to stand in a line two to three hours long. maybe they have jobs that pay them by the hour and they can’t loose the money or get the time off. If people have to right to vote, they don’t have to justify to you how they do it as long as it’s done legally. Nobody tells Utah they have to stand in line and bring ID. Nobody tells them they are lazy. Aren’t they in America, too? Oh, but they’re white and Republican so mail-in vote fraud doesn’t concern you there. Your bias is so transparent you can’t even find a thinnest logical thread to hang your argument on. Dismissed.

    4. @Mike Jordan my logic is pretty strong. Mass mail in ballots lead to fraud. The states that do it now have been doing it for years. They know how to process that many ballots through the mail. The populations are relatively tiny in the states that they do it in. Mass mail in ballots throughout the country would just lead to more fraud. It’s as simple as that and that’s why democrats are in favor of it. I recall democrats saying voter ID laws are racist too. They use the race card when they don’t get their way and their base buys it everytime…

    5. @II nosferatu II that’s not logic. That’s pure speculation. My state, like most, has has had mail-in ballots for decades. There’s nothing new about it. What they never had before was high enough black voter participation to worry about who mailed in the ballot. In 2020 blacks finally reached the critical mass needed to swing my state and Trump lost. Now suddenly — without finding even ONE fraudulent vote — my state want to shut it down.

      They propose that
      1. you have to be blind, handicapped or over 65 to vote by mail.
      2. Early IN PERSON voting (very popular with blacks) down to five days, not 14.
      3. (here’s the out for rural whites) you can vote by mail if your county has no access to public transportation.

      Big cities always have public transportation. Rural white counties don’t. In 2016, none of this was an issue. A few thousand early votes — ALL OF THEM LEGAL — tipped the scales for Biden. It’s too obvious. They don’t want a repeat of 2020.

    1. @somniumisdreaming he was terrible he holds the title for the president that held us in war the longest

    2. @Ertzzz yea he’s trying to make gun manufactures liable for criminals actions which is dumb, a criminal is a criminal no matter what they have ways of getting things illegal

    1. COVID is CCP’s BioWeapon, search risk-life-flee-china virologist @DrLiMengYAN1(twitter) gene evidence reports, get a Gene guy you TRUST(not the famous ones on TV) to verify her reports, she has waken the right(she had to talk with the right first since the right was in power), help her waken the left!!

      PS:why CCP didn’t allow wuhan people go anywhere in china, but allowed them to go overseas?

    2. @Victoria Bishop The point is to hold the 43 Republican Senators that chose donation money over the Country accountable. If they believe there is a hole in the Constitution, they need to propose an amendment. Anything outside that scope is deflection.

    3. @Special People true but that is a theory. In practice only DOSH counts and principals go through the window

    4. @II nosferatu II Says the guy whose party betrays America because he and his fellow snowflakes don’t like losing elections

    5. @Joseph Jucker didn’t democrats spend the last 4 years trying to impeach Trump and calling the election rigged? Lol talk about crybabies..

  3. Joy of Joy that dt will now be forced to declare his worth.
    He is not a Billionaire.
    Karma is a difficult mistress to tame. I am beyond thrilled as all this will require legal and criminal proceedings. Yay!!!

    1. He’s estimated to have around $2B, but I believe that’s mostly tied up in assets. He owes $1B that we know of, so he’ll still have some change left, but then there’s Melania …

    1. @kisamehoshigaki09 Conald J Swamp attorneys, McConnell, McCathy and Ms. Lindsey can be the witnesses for his next criminal trial.

    2. @Jao Bidan Why should I not care about trump going down? People who commit crimes should go down. Everyone should want the guilty to be charged and prosecuted.

    3. @lIIlIllIllIlIIlI Look at his name, you’re arguing with a trump troll. Logic will not be allowed in his world.

    4. Oh how disgusting is this! Mitch McConnell you had a job to do for the people of the United States of America but you didn’t do it for the second time! Why God only knows he’s not gonna tell us! Mitch McConnell is the one who controls the country not the president! Why do you ask is because he controls the senate! It’s so disgusting that we let one man control our country in the one man, who thinks he is president but he’s not president but he sure acts like it!America if we can vote these people and why can’t we vote them out!Hello America we still have control of who goes in and who goes out! Why can’t we do this with the Senate and the house! Let’s not get Mitch McConnell six more years to screw up our country and sell it to China! Why do you say China where do you think his wife is from and what do you think he gets all his money!!

  4. Get him where it hurts him the most – his wallet. Take away everything he owns, make him a loser. Make him pay all his bills, preferably all at once.

    1. @Jan 20th is USA New Independence Day Kinda like how Biden sends taxpayer money abroad to bribe companies to hire his drug addict son

    2. He will never be broke. His supporters will continue to have his pockets overflowing with donation funds. He will never be convicted either. tRump is untouchable.

    3. @Gato * You could be right, “Mafia Don” is a book about Trump’s ties to the mob yet nothing has been done to him yet…

    4. Where does all your hate come from. Ask yourself what it may be an do some research. All the propaganda going around has tainted your minds.

    1. ​@Jao Bidan lol. Yes they are. Felony charges are already in the works, and dumpy trump cannot escape them in REAL COURT. PAY ATTENTION JAO.

    2. @Jao Bidan You don’t know what you’re talking about. Trump has been dragged into court many times. Many times he has paid the plaintiffs to drop their cases. He’s been doing that for 40 years. He did it when the Justice department found he was refusing to rent NY city apartments to black people in the 70’s. He did it in 2016 whenTrump U student sued him for ripping them off.

    3. @Christine Reed just one? how about using his charity as his personal piggy bank. that was was already brought, and donny lost.

    1. @Joe Schofield ,Oh how nice of you to be a troll for Trump and company! You believe Mitch McConnell or do you support Mitch McConnell which one is it?

    2. Because he is not criminal D-rats are especially people like Beijing Joh Biden the king of Fraud and three scoop Crazy Nancy Pelosi.

  5. I pray they take his “tower”, make it into federal housing and name it after y’all’s former great Senator Hillary R Clinton. Karma.

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