Senator asks impeachment lawyers if Trump won 2020 election 1

Senator asks impeachment lawyers if Trump won 2020 election


Impeachment managers and former President Donald Trump's defense team are asked whether or not they believe Trump's claim that the 2020 election was rigged against him and that he actually won.

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  1. He’s getting mad about people not answering questions when he’s literally not answering the question while saying that

    1. I’m so sick of the Rep screaming voter fraud, when they are saying that black and brown people votes don’t count. The Rep was changing laws and closing polling stations in their district so people of color couldn’t vote. Those people stood in lines for hours. Then after they tried to cheat, Trump still lost. If that wasn’t enough, they were trying to throw out their votes. Just to say it was only fraud in people of color districts. Disgusting!

    2. ​@All Noyz That’s right! The Lawyer is Not on Trial here, and that part of the question did Not have to be answered! But the Most important part of that question was NOT Addressed! The Fact Remains that, right at the Start of this Trial, Trump’s Defense was using the “Fact”, according to them, that Pres. Biden was legitimately Chosen, by the majority of Voters in the Election, as part of their Defense!!! Based on this premise, Pres. Trump’s Assertion that the Election was stolen is FALSE! If Trump’s Assertion is used, it would be a LIE! Sorry, but the Defense can NOT use BOTH Opposing Conclusions to fit their needs! The answer is: the Election was NOT Stolen! This is the Conclusion, according to the Defense! Therefore by Trump going around perpetrating a Big Lie, WAS the underlying problem of this entire case!!! I watched Most of this Trial. View the opening day, and You will see what I’m talking about. I hope Rep. Raskin’s Team will catch this. I just may have to offer my comment to the Prosecution Team in the morning.

    1. @Darius White Well it was self proclaimed republican trump supporters who attacked the capitol. The crimes I am attributing to trump here, many counts of treason which all americans should be concerned about.

    2. @BlackPsuedicide “self” proclaimed. perfect words…if I go out and commit a crime in your name right now as a self proclaimed supporter of you are you willing to take the fall.

    3. @E J I feel for all of those who suffer at the hands of misguided democracies. That being said we must hold criminals, democratically elected or not, accountable. Especially for actions which threaten the safety of our democratic institutions and processes that allow us these freedoms we take for granted.

    1. @Zeta Hurley Well if he answers then they will have to prove it was done with evidence. And since no previous judge would look at the evidence, this impeachment might lead to something else.

    2. @James Feldman you mean in your alternatives reality? courtship there’s so much evideevidence why was he laughed out of court even Rudy admitted in court the case w asnt about fraud he said that because he had no evidence and didn’t want to commit perjury.

    3. Because the answer IS irrelevant to this trial! Whether there was fraud or not, whether people believe it or not, has nothing to do with the one question in this trial.

    4. @James Feldman You have to prove that Trump won and you cannot do it. His cronies even said that he lost. Just by saying that Trump won doesn’t make it so ! prove it .

    5. Which is funny, since he needed it to be read THREE TIMES before deciding what OTHER thing he was going to talk about instead.

    1. The lawyer is stating the question has nothing to do with what they are charging trump with and asking why someone would ask a question on his opinion which has absolutely nothing to do with this trail he’s not on trial

    2. @Hugh Mungus You asked, “Do you think the court of law is a popularity contest?”
      Actually, they do. And they won’t understand why they acquitted Trump.

    3. But they they’ll let trump off with his non response to the question. How does he sleep at night. What a liar. Trump preplanned it

    1. @Darius White Trump soiled the presidency. He crapped on the presidency. Trump will go down in history as a disgrace and a loser. Biden is on his way to becoming the president who stopped the pandemic. So far, 50 million doses of vaccine have been administered in the US.

    2. @Jon Stone wow vaccine?? Covid 19? Why isn’t cnn talking about cumo who they loved on that topic? I mean they showed him everyday.. can you explain that to me?

  2. Alternate title: Senator tries to get Trump’s lawyer fired by asking the question that got the last lawyer fired

    1. @Dwayne Gaither No. I want you to explain to me, because the definition apparently changes by the day now. Literally anything your side doesnt agree with is Q.

    2. @icemachine79 No, they were erected the same reason these blm murals and plaza’s are. To please the political climate at the time. Without a doubt the south was still racist after the war but they were built to make them happy and keep them from trying to succeed again

  3. Oh, I see, it’s all the fault of the _Democrats_ that a huge crowd of people waving Trump flags and wearing Trump hats attacked and ransacked the Capitol Building. Got it.

    1. @Dutch Star Lol nice try Dutchy. We don’t let infants cast a ballot here in the USA. The orange infant lost the popular vote in 2016 and he lost the popular vote again in 2020…. was and always has been, the minority

    2. @Dutch Star To be clear, I have several republican friends. Not a single one of them believe “the big lie” about this false widespread voter fraud… that only happened in the states that trump lost lol… but he can’t prove anything in court . Cmon people. Not to mention, the Democrats only rigged the president but forgot about the house and senate? There was ZERO “voter fraud” in all the states trump won…. lol riiiiiight wink wink . It’s breathtaking. The dumbest of the dumb literally gave up their freedom for a jail cell when they stormed the Capital and beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher. Remember when fox opinion news used to care about police officers?? Lol well not when it’s their party doing the slaying . Breathtaking…. absolutely breathtaking.

  4. I’m not gonna Lie that guy was hilarious. I’d never hire him if my freedom was on the line but my god if he isn’t the reincarnation of my Cousin Vinny

  5. As Michael van der Veen has no point in the world of reality, he always tries to make up for this with offensive attidute.

    1. It’s like a judge asking your lawyer during a drug possession case if you like to smoke weed. Sounds good, but has not bearing on the facts.
      You will see Trump acquitted – blame yourselves for being too emotional.

    1. How can you understand them they have chopped and cut every thing they’ve presented and know the house looks like idiots for it

  6. I believe this trial should not be handled by a senate that contains his allies and his enemies. Let the majority of the US speak again. Let us tell him again that he lost in a meaningful way.

    1. @Sweetbriar You are joking, right? There is no evidence that Trump won the election anywhere in the rational universe. Even Trump’s hand picked attorney general told him that there was no fraud.

    2. Are you saying that you would like this to be decided by a vote? I know I would. Only this time. It’s in person with photo ID and address verification. Mail in votes from military and US citizens overseas are allowed. All mail in votes counted and observed by both parties. All paperwork is maintained for at least one year. Please include any other ideas that can reduce fraud in our election process.

    1. @hulldragon exactly. Not spoken to the crowd making an attack….hmmm sounds like you need to wake up. You just.described trumps situation too if you have watched them making those quotes. If you support trump or not do your research before making ill advised comments like that and expect ppl to think you know what your saying

    1. Figures. Bernie should know better. A lawyer’s personal opinions are irrelevant. If they were relevant, they wouldn’t be a lawyer.

    2. Now that’s funny and I’ll be laughing for days to come, talk about, not answering the question. I’ll be he kept running out of time on his exams, “Who asked that question”?

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