Senator Elizabeth Warren On What Happens Next With Infrastructure 1

Senator Elizabeth Warren On What Happens Next With Infrastructure

Senator Elizabeth Warren takes a break from presiding over the Senate floor to join Alicia Menendez as America awaits details of President Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure package. The Senator talks about how this delicate dance will play out. She also explains why President Biden has the power to cancel student debt and responds to Kevin McCarthy’s comments in Tennessee about hitting Speaker Pelosi with a gavel.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren On What Happens Next With Infrastructure


    1. @Joey Martin Make fun all you want! If the Democrats cheat again January 6, 2021 will look like nothing!

    2. @N 827 If you truly believe that gaslighting from Trump, i feel pity for you. As Trump is using mind control tactics he learned from his Hitler speeches book.

    3. Be good to one another and get vaccinated to prevent spread. Duh.
      Breakthrough cases at .04%, not 4% of the vaccinated. Cheers!

  1. USA ANTIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE: “The eyes of history are on this appointment.” – Buttigeig.
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains.
    2021 USA still has NO high speed trains and NO safe overpasses or apartment blocks.

    1. LOL>.. Japan has a homogeneous, centralized population and a small land mass. You really are comparing apples to oranges.

    2. But … but … the USA doesn’t need all that socialist stuff. It’s already the greatest nation on earth. Right?

    3. @Scientific Methodologist China is the biggest economy right now… and both are outpacing the US.

  2. The USA really needs to invest in the USA. Instead of making billionaires richer. China invests billions of dollars in infrastructure every year. And meanwhile the USA is going down down down. I hope president Biden and the Democrats can turn it around after the disastrous Tweetie Twump and Republicans mess

    1. @Roguect Garbeled and why they block anything progressive that democrats want to do for the country.

    2. @Roguect Garbeled Na…. Blocking Joe because he cheated and if not president! Joe is completely illegitimate six months in

    3. @Darius Meeks Sadly true… for now, “bipartisan compromise” is nearly non-existent… though that is what a large majority of Americans want.

  3. The infrastructure package needs to include High-Speed rail to connect to all regions ~~ clean energy. The
    USA is the only major industrialized “Nation” that doesn’t have High-Speed rail. The technology has been there for a long time to do this. Voting reforms are needed as well. Passing both infrastructure and voting reforms bills simultaneously and they should not be prioritized, both are critical elements.

  4. A homeless person is happy to be told where his house is. A starving person is happy to be told where he can eat.

  5. They need to put in the Green Infrastructure components of the bill. We are going to put our children in imminent danger!

  6. I grew up with “childcare”. Our dad was in Vietnam and mom was working 2 jobs. We had TV, pop-tarts, barbie dolls and hot wheels.

  7. The people who fought the Nazis in World War 2 so that we could retain our rights, including the right to vote, also worked to see that more of their children than ever got to go to college. State Universities, like those in Michigan, were priced so that a student living with his parents could pay for college by working part-time. In 1964, the prices were $15/credit hour and $42 for a used text book. Motivated students could get an education at a State institution without mortgaging their entire future.

  8. The Dems about to get hoodwinked again if they accept the bipartisan deal first. They must do the reconciliation deal first or it won’t happen at all.

  9. Red states are welfare states. Quit using blue states money. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. California is tired if supporting failed republican policy’s. Personal responsibility!

  10. Infrastructure…nobody knows infrastructure like I do. I mean, when it comes to infrastructure, nobody comes close. Everybody tells me this, they’ve never met anyone who can do infrastructure like me. You really need a stable genius to handle this. Nobody ever talks about this, you know. Most people have never even heard of infrastructure until I started talking about it. Who knew infrastructure could be so hard?

  11. We did “human infrastructure” back in the forties (the GI Bill).
    We did “physical infrastructure” back in the fifties (the Interstate Highway System).
    We did “technological infrastructure” back in the sixties (the Apollo Program).
    The result was the most powerful and prosperous economy on the planet.
    We can do it again.

    1. We also had presidents that weren’t afraid to tax the rich. FDR and his administration was taxing the wealthy at a rate of 91% back in the forties and look at everything he was able to do for this country while at the same time we were fighting a world war.

  12. Raise taxes on the richest and corporations period. Make companies pay for their own recycling and clean up their own waste.

    1. Yes, so many companies have zero waste and carbon footprint

      Most the though just pay fines or support crooked politicians

  13. Women in America are second class citizens, thus child care still not available for working mothers.

    Imagine if Fathers birth baby, there would be government provided strollers customized for that man for Free, extremely affordable nannies available by college students with government loans (Singapore), paid weeks off for recovery at Spas (Germany), etc.

    1. Umm… You realize Singapore pretty much underpays nannies and they regularly get abused by their employers. They also have very little rights and can get deported for getting pregnant their minimum wage is $450 to $500 per month and Singapore is pretty expensive.

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