1. I appreciate George for his willingness to call out lies regardless who’s telling them
    it’s the only way we can have an opinion and make any decisions

    1. @NiNi J mums can be highly embarrassed at their daughters behaviours also, but WHAT actual behaviour are you referring to about this woman who is getting plenty of praise for how she is speaking and conducting herself

    2. @Henry McCoy WHAT would cause you childish snicker at what you ‘should now know’…it is time to grow up lol

  2. ‘Politicians say vile things because they are afraid of their base.’ Maybe just say the base is vile?

    1. that was excellent. They defend him no matter what he says. let Obama or Biden do or say a quarter of what this liar is doing.

    2. Hilary said it when she called trump’s base a basket of deplorables. And we are finding out daily that she was spot on.

    3. I can just hear Art Linkletter saying “Politicians say the darndest things” I guess they’re just grown up kids.

    4. @g g indeed…and how deplorable is that someone with what we know now and that those she childishly called deplorable actually KNOW what is unfolding right now…but then Nancy called you people ;peasants’ !!!

  3. Guys. This is big time. Our senators are co conspirators. We should be very worried about the safety and security of our country.

  4. Imagine telling a GOP leader 20 years ago that someday a GOP ex-POTUS would side with Russia in order to further his own personal ambitions at the expense of Democratic values? To say that times have changed is inadequate to the extreme.

    1. I was a Republican for 40 years, switched to Democrat after the first term of Bush. I can’t believe what the Republican Party has turned into.

    2. @Mark Kountz Bankruptcy was never a Trump “business model” and that you use such a dodge as that to discuss what is a a relatively normal economic decision demonstrates you’re not too up on bankruptcy, it’s causes, and frequency. House Dems challenged Trumps election in the House Chamber in the same Constitutional manner as House Repubs were attempting to do on Jan 6th regarding Biden’s election. Then they spent fours yrs with two failed attempts at removal… a four yr coup attempt. Try harder

    1. @Will Black Ever hear of projection? That’s you guys.

      Trump couldn’t even lift a glass of water without using two hands and needed help walking down a ramp.


    2. @Buckit waaaaaaay less than half, bucko!

      He got a sound defeat in ’20 and none of you can get over it! Hahaha!

  5. When you start talking geopolitics, you are already way above and beyond the comprehension of the average GOP supporter. Most still believe the world is flat.

    1. $2 gas and a jobless record low of 3.5%. I could explain the rationale to you but I cant understand it for you.

    2. @Thomas Skrappy ummm… hello! Were we in a pandemic during those times?

      Don’t think so.

      You guys seem to forget that little problem…

  6. when Trump tells everyone that Russia has dirt on his opponents it usually means that Russia has dirt on him. Every time he blames someone for something or accuses someone of doing something we learn that he himself has also done it.

  7. Donny isn’t the only Rep leading the party off the cliff. Also included: Gaetz, MTG, Bobart, Gossar, The Thomas’s, and the list goes on & on!

    1. @SenilePederast, If Trump can use name calling and viciously attack others, why can’t all of us, it’s the new republican ethic.@Donald Vescoso

    2. @SenilePederast, I never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
      @Donald Vescoso

  8. DT is unleashed, mainly because the AG is reluctant to hold him reponsible for the crimes he committed so far. Bad for America.

  9. About 6 times a year I literally say to myself, Hillary’s description of his followers as deplorables was spot on. He does this and they’re perpetually okay with it.

    1. @markallen goosness me….how many who apply for loans over state their ‘assets’? according to those like you only one lol why do you think worldwide tax departments do do random checks on ‘losses’ people claim ????

  10. The reporter only listed a fraction of the times that Trump has asked for foreign interference in our elections.

  11. They are not afraid to call him out. They are just showing exactly who they have always been. The pursuit of staying in power at all costs, without a single consideration of ethics or morals. They overlook and ignore all of the corrupt behaviors and criminal acts within their own party, then try to crucify Democrats for petty little things that don’t even compare. They are hypocritical and pathetic.

    1. @Butterfat Farms so because one Democrat was convicted they’re all guilty?!?!? What a fantastic generalization!

  12. Nobody should be soliciting “dirt” on anyone from a foreign power. WTF?!?! Why is this a thing now??

  13. I’m interested to hear what his answer would be if the follow-up is: “should they release whatever they got on Trump as well? “

    1. @Maria Armas he got zero self-awareness, often he doesn’t realize things he asks for (can)backfire big time😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️

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