Sharpton: ‘Each Of The Three Presidents Challenged Us To Maintain What Lewis Fought For’ | MSNBC

Among those remembering John Lewis today were three former presidents who sent a pointed message to a country at a crossroads. Aired on 07/30/2020.
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Sharpton: ‘Each Of The Three Presidents Challenged Us To Maintain What Lewis Fought For’ | MSNBC


  1. Typhoid trump ” I won’t attend”
    Everyone ” you were not invited”

    😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 Person woman man camera tv 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

  2. I don’t know about you folks but I am getting more than sick of a elected president , Trump, calling all of us out there who do not worship him, names and saying we are all about destroying America. We the people , Mr. Trump ,, are far more patriotic than you .

    1. @Ken Algpeus we will be fine, thanks for your support. most Americans see through the con. And we will vote in our strong democracy and over ride the tabloid potus.

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 yea, kinda like your tea party Republicans after Obama. Biden will bring common sense and respect. And you will love it.

    3. He has no idea what Patriotism is about. Everyone needs to not let him divide us. We can be in seperate parties and still agree on the fundamental ideals this country was founded upon. We can even expand more from the foundations and do better together. We can still respect each other as humans despite any of our differences. That would be a beautiful America right there.

    4. @Jeannie Farnsworth I agree 💯 percent . Actually many in my circle who had hoped for Trump are already wanting to talk again with civility .

  3. That was like Congressman Lewis speaking from the grave. Thank you, President Obama!

    1. I am proud to tell my grandchildren that I lived to see a well respected and honest Black President, President Barack Obama.

  4. I have more respect for ALL of our past Presidents now than I ever had for them in office.
    They serve as our modern Founding Fathers conscience.

    1. I told my 10 year old grandson, “the founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves”. Now he’s very interested in the Constitution, so I gave him one.

    1. i am a Scot Magic ? & cant vote but the world has to be rid , of this maniacal menace,,, what about this for Dem.voters campaign hat. & T shirt ‘ .JAHG ‘ [ just another hoax grandma ‘ ]..By the way my friend the UK Gov. has warned that this so called 2nd wave is less than 3 weeks away??? pity help us if that is true stay safe & well

  5. Trump is a weak little boy! Mr. Lewis had friends on both sides of the aisle. He was a civil rights legend and deserves respect. Trump can’t even be mature enough to attend his funeral?! What a pos 🤬 RIP Mr. Lewis as well as Mr. Cain 😞

    1. @Jeff Woods omg the ignorance 🤣🤣🤣 YOUR DESCRIPTION OF A PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN DESCRIBES TRUMP! THE DESCRIPTION YOU GAVE – “PRETENDS THEY CARE AND DO NOTHING” – THAT DESCRIBES TRUMP! It’s sad & pathetic that your having such a hard time comprehending this🤣🤣🤣✌

    2. @Tizzle – Heroic Stars No it describes the three retatds mentioned in the original post and no matter how much you try to say it is President Trump, it really shows how low your IQ is..I’m beginning to think I can understand why people like yourself think biden is a viable candidate..

    3. @Jeff Woods “pretends they care but does nothing”…that’s trump!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  7. And you have a president who can’t even show his face. Shame on you trump you sad boy!

    1. Exactly …. 3 former presidents show up to honor him. And the LOSER Chump cannot even be dignified enough to act like a real president. Chump is simply unfit for office and a despicable human being. He will be tossed OUT in Nov/20 and very deservedly so.

    2. Who cares. We all know that Trump couldn’t begin to understand what Mr. Lewis was about. Trump would have ruined the occasion with his presence.

  8. I’m glad the freeloader was not there. He has no business being at such a solemn occasion with such an amazing man. We had real Presidents there. We don’t need fake ones.

    1. Well Stated Diane. His appearance would only have been for a Campaign Photo OP which would be at risk for raising the Dead. He would have brought all of his Evil Zombies and Left their Evil Spirits. It would have been Grossly Disrespectful If he had showed his Demonic Ugly Wicked Face. The Face of a Monster 💙.

    2. Amen. This fake “president” is useless if any kind of heart , brain or emotion is involved.

  9. There are men that are larger than life. Then there are tiny men, with tiny brains and tiny hands. We have an impeached tiny man pretending to be president.

    1. Maxmartin . Thank you I couldn’t said it better, hope for november for con man vote out of office and all the corrupt people around him, seek of them

  10. I love the respect that this country showed for John Lewis despite what the current president has shown. R.I. Paradise Sir.

  11. Poor t’rump. Sitting alone in a bathrobe, crying into a bucket of chicken, rage tweeting to fill the empty hole where his soul should be. 😢😭

    1. Welp there is an image that i wont be able to get outta my head for awhile , it’s sitting right beside person ,woman , man, camera , tv . Hahaha

  12. 3 Real Presidents showed up and showed their respect. Trump = Illegitimate, fake, wanna be dictator. Obama said it’s not only good that we remember him, but that we move what he would die for, forward. Congress should pass legislation to ensure that there are sufficient polling places, staffed, mail in ballots, postal service guarantees, dates, and people to process and count them. Any delays would only benefit Trump and his GOP party to cast doubt about the results. There should be NO doubt! Congress has 3 months to pass legislation, and make it law so that ALL the states are abiding by fair practices and giving people equal opportunities to vote!
    What I got from Obama’s eulogy was that when he mentioned that each vote, whether we are famous or not, rich or poor, GOP, Democrat or Independent, it puts us all on equal vote counts just as much as yours!

    1. Spanky is a malignant narcissist who’s _still_ mad Lewis didn’t address him as “Massa” and instead talked back to him.

  13. He talk to his boss Putin and didn’t asked why he put bounty on American soldiers heads

  14. The president of the United States of America he really show his true color you cannot stop black people Mexicans are Latina Asian of China people where they want to live at and I know the American white people know what he was talking about now you tell me is this man is not a racist and if he think that he can stop people from voting come November he must be crazy wear your mask and put on your gloves and the older people if you able to vote and go out do so if not vote by mail and vote early and handicapped people go ahead and vote please and young people that is old enough to vote now please vote because we got to remove this President we cannot have another four years of him he is trying to divide this country and bring back so much hatred and the American people are not going for that a lot of people going to get hurt Afro-American people are going to defend themself Latinos Asian people Mexican people Chinese people and all people of color he is going to make a War and the people is not going to stand for that no more if we keep this president in office we are going to have a lot of trouble on our hands and a lot of bloodshed jmw

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