1. Keep praying for God and the Lord Jesus to take control, because if we don’t, then the damn Satan gets more power. Peace.

    2. @GreenEyedLady We should then have sympathy for the rest of the world?! It is so elitist of the US to expect Somalis, Ugandans, or Moroccans to use electric vehicles. They don’t need to as Nigeria can supply them with oil. The mid-east will be using gasoline-powered autos. They do not manufacture their own. What is going to happen to all the vehicles on the road now? All the mechanics? India just agreed to buy oil from Russia. Do we want to force their hand to dealing with an aggressive dictatorship? Putin will have his office until 2035. Most people do not understand how electricity is produced in order to charge the automobile batteries. We see the recent war in Ukraine highlights the problems with nuclear and even traditional power plants. It is bad enough the Ukrainians are spending the winter in cold and darkened homes. I saw where one couple had their small grill fire prepared to cook their meal outside, no firewood in sight.

    3. @adat smith Well, the Lord Jesus works in ‘mysterious ways’ that are hard to understand sometimes, but God’s will is ALWAYS done, sooner or later…😕

    1. @Of Course caring people are in all countries so are cold people. What is happening right now is atrocious. We all do what we can to help. Country leaders should also lead in battle…you want to fight, go in the first tank heading in…would be a lot less wars that way. Sorry, I’m upset

    2. This war coverage is bias as all hell. Ukraine shelling and killing people in Donbas and Luhansk and allowing itself to be a rich man’s play bank brought this on them. The news wants to shrink the issue down to each attack and distract you from the past deeds.

    3. @ShadowHall I didn’t listen to German news because I don’t understand German much,sorry 👍🏻 i can go and read German comments 😀 how did I forget 👍🏻
      my experience is that I found most of British readers to be less caring 😬… I’m talking about comments from listeners ONLY… I can traslare in YouTube I have option to traslare from all languages… I won’t mention more countries because i don’t wasn’t to upset anybody or be branded evil ..

      sorry to brits I know many in person they care and are very gentle when you meet them in person..

    4. @Of Course It`s okay! :`D Mostly there is more nasty people who vent themselves on YT than nice people – who mostly have better things to do and do not like fighting so very much, they get no gain from it, personallly. So the impression we get seems to be deceptive … there are far more lovely, nice and sensitive people ind the world – they just do not show themselves so very much (and not so “loud” 😉 ) But they are there – often just reading, being quiet, staying invisible. Because they behave like this (keeping quiet, not “fighting”) the more aggressive people are taking so much space. (That`s why I always write so much: I take space, haha! :`D )

    5. @Julie C But yes, you are totally right. Like in the middle ages: When the king got killed battle was over. Today people who believe they would be the most powerful and strongest in the world sit in bunkers and eat caviar while 18 year olds fight a fight that is not theirs and kill people who are their neighbours, friends and family. This IS upsetting.

  1. Thanks to one man whole genereations will have a trauma for their lives. The second world war influenced generations afterwards, e.g. cruel fathers who coudln’t cope with the scenes of war, my grandfather was a man who never smiled, even on his death bed he was having flashbacks. Simply disgusting that young people like her have to see such horrors, I hope they ll get the help afterwards to recover somehow.

  2. Her words are so honest, and from a place of true humility and integrity. I pray for Ukraine all day everyday. I pray for Russians to wake up and stop cowering to their insane leaders, and to take control, and that their media will wisen up and stop glorifying a hell they’re participating in creating..
    This horror needs to be stopped.

    1. @Jeremy Owens what’s the difference to Iraq and Afghanistan? Very similar to apart from Propaganda efficiency. Remember the..
      *O* peration
      *I* raqi
      *L* iberation

      USA mastered the art of selling it to the public (atleast for awhile) like they are the saviour of a “terrorised” country, that don’t work well for Soviets. Lol

    1. @Jasmine Bali that is not an American accent. You obviously do not know what Americans speak like.

    1. May the Lord be your shield in every where you are helping those innocent get killed by the evil of Russia lived longer you’re a reason for those who survived,I never forget all of you Ukrainian during these time of war.God continued to bless

  3. CNN, Can you please let her know that all of these people in the comments are wishing her well and that she is not alone? Thank you.

  4. Such strength and resolve in a seemingly hopeless fight that should never have happened. Stay safe as you can.

    1. FAKE NEWS! This theater in Mariupol was blown up by Nazis from Azov battalion. SHAME! All these fakes prove that, in fact, the Western media has nothing more to say, except to lie. The West has failed. The West has morally stooped to lies and outright racism!

  5. Thank you Tata! You and others like you remain in our prayers. The world will continue giving support with sanctions, supplies, volunteers, and armaments. We support Freedom!

  6. As a professional person who assists others, born after WW2, I do feel terrible to see the new generations traumatized again and again. Bless all our hearts.

  7. What a brave woman my heart goes out to her .She will be haunted by this for the rest of her life. Courage is common trait in Ukraine

  8. It’s hard as a Newscaster to show empathy or emotion because it’s a professionalism thing to be more neutral … but this guy does a great job of keeping cool and you can still see him feeling it.

  9. This woman is a Wonder Woman! My heart, thoughts and many prayers throughout the day are with her to give her strength, health, comfort and courage! Such a heartfelt and beautiful sentiment and example of Ukrainian morality! So much love and appreciation for what she’s doing not only for those around her but for the world. Her courage is inspirational and my absolute appreciation for what she is doing has no boundaries! From California with love and deep gratitude!❤️🕊🌈🍀🙏😇❣️

  10. “Those who are not aware I have Very very little tolerance towards them because it’s unforgivable to not be aware of what going on in Ukraine right now ignorance is one of the biggest crimes I think, there are.”
    I agree 110%

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