1. Funny CNN always gets the story the day of…I remember when they would always have exclusive interviews with terrorist groups as well when the US military couldnt even find those people. Must just have the best and bravest journalists around.

    1. You ever wonder how all these trolls feel with the same orange man bad regurgitation sprawling all over the comment sections…
      Yes.. we promise.. it doesn’t make you look sad, desperate, unoriginal paid for by the demoncrat party troll bots…..
      Do y’all realize how it looks for you or are you just completely oblivious??
      LETS GO BRANDON !!!!
      Toppled Afghanistan and is now attempting to t0opple Ukraine. Seems the demoncrats may have something to hide in these countries…

    2. Hmm, so the house is cleared from most debri, no burn marks or puncture bullet holes anywhere.
      Im gonna call this a random house set destruction or rebuilding. Nothing to do with the conflict.

      Still waiting on the report that Americans opened fire -.-

    1. @Francisco Leon We are headed for hyperinflation. Gas and food prices are already thru the roof.
      Placing economic sanctions on Russia is going to hurt us more than them. ☹️

    2. Sending love to the people of Ukraine AND to the people of Russia who have lost control over their government and leadership completely & sadly. This is what happens when democracy no longer exists and the few decide for the many. Never let this happen here my friends. We must stop all the infighting and media and political infighting by refusing to be a part of the disrespect and instead uniting together on both sides of the asile. Realize wether we watch FOX or CNN we are being intentionally divided. Intentionally programmed to despise and fear our neighbors and our social servants. Call the divisive politics OUT. Stop picking sides and start picking each other. OVER those who hold power. We CAN hold people on both sides of the asile accountable even when our Justice Dept will not. We can unite around ANY issues we ALL agree on & refuse to play the blame game on any issues we can not. We have to take our country back. Not by picking Biden or Trump and being psychotically and undeservedly loyal to THAT – but by picking UP one another and stop letting politicians and media sources who thrive on OUR divide keep us dumb and keep us DOWN. I’ve had enough of it. How bout you all ?

    3. @Sharing My Thoughts also it’s a big blow for those who owe taxes or receive a low refund this tax season

  2. “Weapons that have no equal” like the sound weapons that have been attacking our people, damaging their heads?

  3. “War is rich old men protecting their property by sending middle class and lower class young men off to die. It always has been.” -George Carlin

    1. @Dr. James Olack I’m not a Trump supporter or even a republican. But I would rather die a billion covid deaths than to ever be a leftist

    1. @The Study you would rather die horrible deaths than have a different political opinion. lemme guess, you call yourself “not a sheep” don’t you.

    2. @Tom Durkin I’m guessing they found some incriminating evidence against the Clintons. People don’t live very long after that happens.

    3. @Nathan Eapen leftism is a byproduct of pharma. Leftists are whacked out of their minds on psych drugs and this insanity is a direct reflection of their mental instability

    4. @Nathan Eapen I don’t think you understand why people would rather die than be a Libtard. To be a modern day Libtard you need to be a slave to the media and corporations. You do exactly as they tell you to do on TV, right?. And you buy everything they tell you to buy, right? You’re dead broke and will be in debt forever, right? Modern day slavery. Period. NOW, do NOT confuse Libtards with the modern millionaire and billionaire liberals that control the democrat party. They are democrats for a reason.

  4. So Putin says that Russia’s security is non-negotiable. But what about Ukraine’s security? Don’t they have a right to peace and security too?

    1. ITS FINISHED IF WEST do not escalate situation!There is no logic for Putin to attack and occupy the whole of Ukraine (Risked to experience as the Soviet Union experienced in Afghanistan) Putin declared these quasi-states, entered with his troops as a “peacemaker” and is now on Ukrainian territory, determined forever UKRAINE can never become a member of NATO THAT WAS HIS GOAL

  5. (1) If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
    (2) Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.
    (3) When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything. Support Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. That’s makes no sense. You basically said, if you do something you lose, and if you do something you still lose? Bless your heart.

  6. I don’t understand why the US would take sending troops into Ukraine off the table from the outset Why would you take that worry out of Putin’s head and let him have the idea that he can move forward with little price to pay? Even if you don’t intend to send troops why give the enemy your entire playbook up front?

    1. Putin has enough dirt on the Obama Biden Administration to bury them six feet under, the US Administration is a cornered rat. Putin is waiting for their next move. The Obama Biden Administration backed the Despotic Kiev Junta that continues shelling the civilian population of Eastern Ukraine that has left over twenty thousand Orthodox Christian and Jewish civilians dead.

    2. Biden is going to give him a list of things not to blow up like he did al-queda. That should keep then at bay

    3. Because Biden was wanting Russia to invade. Have heard anything on the news about gas prices? 40 year high inflation? the invasion at the southern border? Murder at a 50 year high? the Durham report? the Biden’s family corruption in the Ukraine? Pretty smart aren’t they?

    4. I don’t understand why putting Americans into a war that has zero benefit to them. Want more debt? Trillions isn’t enough?

  7. Russia seems to be immune to sanctions at this point. The EU should seriously consider sending peace keeping troops to the contested areas if that is possible.

    1. @Joel Kaben you sure about that shortbus? You seem to be Putin nut sucker. NATO will get even more members because of this and it will grow stronger. Putin is a straight coward at the end of the day and he will be exposed.

    2. @Christopher Carter Hmmmm, you sure about that? You’re fully aware Russia is allies with China, and most nato countries including the us is in debt to China? Maybe not damn up the water if you don’t want hostility? I don’t know, might make too much sense for the world.

    3. @Countslappulitis Ya heard they are allies only for convenience. China isn’t taking one on the chin for Putin. So yeah, I am sure.

    4. @Christopher Carter You we’re told this by whom? You’ve got one hell of an imagination there. So, how exactly would China take one on the chin in the first place? Lastly, they’re doing military exercises together because of convenience? Wow, you Americans are finished if you think like that.

  8. Not to sound skeptical but where’s the fire damage, char etc…looks more like a remodel in the middle of demo. Unfinished walls etc. doesn’t look like a bomb went off.

  9. I couldn’t imagine being a mother to my 2 toddlers in Ukraine right now. It really brings me to tears to think about what them mothers are going through. God protect these innocent families.

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