Shocking New York Times Video Recreates Timeline Of January 6 1

Shocking New York Times Video Recreates Timeline Of January 6


“The clearest picture we have of what actually happened comes from an absolutely incredible New York Times video investigation that takes us through the events of January 6th—moment by moment,” says Chris Hayes. Evan Hill of the New York Times Visual Investigations team joins to discuss the project.
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  1. Isn’t this what some members of congress claim was like a group of tourists and a peaceful demonstration.

    1. @R Smith I believe the officers you’re talking about were fired. Don’t lump the whole Capitol police force in your conspiracies.

    2. @Doris Gauthier
      No it’s obvious these “OBLIVIOUS” cretins are not patriots.

    3. @SilkyJay86 A couple of fires here and there does not equal a whole block or a whole city burning down. You need a better news source if you think those cities burned down.

  2. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
    Samuel Johnson The understanding was people who wrap themselves in flags as in the Patriot wing (nationalists) of the Torys.

  3. I still can’t believe some GOP senators had the gall to say “it was just a normal tourist day”!!!!!

  4. I will never forget of how horrified I was while watching this on January 6th. And the fact that most of the Republicans embrace this is even more horrifying!!! 😨

    1. Do not go all holier-than-thou!!! For 8 months, D-rat leaders supported and encouraged the burning and looting

    2. @nobackhands Racists sure bring up burning and looting a lot but ignore the reasons for it.

    3. Republican here. These people are disgusting zealots that got sucked into blindly worshipping one man.

  5. I always wondered what a “normal tourist visit” to the Capitol looked like. Well, if you don’t know, now you know.

  6. “Welcome to Trump Insurrection Tours. Please enter in a disorderly fashion, and keep all of your weapons to hand”

    1. @Lars V Bravo, Well said. I’m so tired of all this crap and nonsense. Half of America is not living in reality anymore, that’s a given. 🤦‍♀️

    2. @Sean Hovan – But the video is about the insurrection. Please tell me what BLM has to do with it other then you’re trying to change the narrative?

  7. This is just after Don, Jr. says “We’re coming to get ya!” They were doing exactly what trump wanted them to do.

    1. Last Man Walking, thank you for your valuable contribution to the discussion. It’s proof alone that thinking isn’t your forte, and that you should take up more leisurely pursuits.

    2. @TheDiamond2009

      Are they? What is a terrorist? Insofar as I know, a terrorist is anybody or any group that uses violence and threats of violence to achieve a political end.

      BLM is not a political movement. It’s just a grassroots thing to protest police brutality.

      The thugs storming the Capitol on January 6 were definitely terrorists.

    3. Ollie Ox, you saw my earlier post, I assume, which referenced the guy who earlier on this thread called it a coup? I didn’t pluck it out of thin air in my question to him, and I hope we can agree that his use of the word “coup” is short for coup d’etat. I’ll assume you overlooked the post towards the start of the thread, from the guy I was responding to.

      Antifa is an easy one, so let’s start with them. Yes, that is political, they’re anarcho-communists and they believe in the downfall of government, albeit some might have slightly different aims. But we can lump them all in, they’re fairly homogenous. And they use violence, without debate, without discourse, without any form of bargaining. They’re anarcho-communists who use fascist tactics to attempt to achieve their political ends, notwithstanding that there were question marks as to why they rose to such prominence in the early part of 2020. That’s a whole different debate. But they’re brownshirts of the left, in essence, and they use violence as their primary weapon.

      Now BLM, which is where is gets a little more complex, more nuanced, but ultimately not too difficult to unravel. First, in their own words and on camera, the co-founders stated: “We are trained Marxists.” Furthermore, before they deleted it from their website late in 2020 (and I read it when it was up), they had a whole raft of objectives which were borne of Marxism. The ones people quote are defunding the police and breaking up the nuclear family, but there were more. So it is an intensely political organisation, first and foremost.

      But you will say that their primary aim is social justice, and not some politically-motivated objective. If that were the case, then they would be able to explain where their funding originated from – do you know, incidentally? – and where those monies have been applied. The answers can’t be found in their audited financial statements, because I’ve looked; first, they’re not precisely identified in the accounts, but masked, and second, the accounts aren’t audited, which is odd in itself.

      The answer to the funding question, at least in part, can be found by digging deep, searching, and I won’t name them here. The answer to where the funds have gone is a mystery, other than in acquiring $5m in property and cars for the founders. Read former activist Ashley Yates’ comments online, don’t take my word for it. There are many, many complaints from the grass roots, the neighbourhoods, that the money isn’t being filtered down.

      So is BLM what you think it is? No. Is it a political organisation? Yes, in droves, it’s extreme left wing. Are you desirous of power? Well of course they are, power is the rule that keeps it running. And have they used violence? Yes, on a massive scale.

  8. Remarkable that a handful of cops were all there was to defend the Capitol. Still, the big fish who allowed this to happen are still free to destroy democracy.

  9. When the movie comes out, each insurrectionist can play himself, during the insurrection, during the trial and at his sentencing.

    1. @Hamish Carter same to you…
      Stop being super rude to other people. This is what leading our fall.

    2. @Hamish Carter I mean it’s true. Right now, we are in a era of hyper partisanship and misinformation thanks to social media platforms like Twitter. Eventually, all of this fear, hate, and violence of Left vs Right will led to a second civil war in the US. You saw what happened last summer to the end of the winter of 2021. Misinformation, lies, and tolerance to violence is leading to our downfall. Trust me, if all is not fixed, in less then a decade, we will be engulfed in the flames of civil war.

    3. @Terminal Impact no it won’t. And the right has most of the guns and ammo (and accuracy) anyway. So just behave yourselves and all will be dandy

    4. @Hamish Carter C’mon!
      If let’s say if the right launched an attack on the federal government, they would not be organized, many have their own faction and they don’t have the resources nor experience to manage machinery to make munitions, guns, or vehicles as most of the right come from rural area compared to the left would dominate in Urban Areas.
      Basically it would be the Russian civil war all over again.

      Is the left launched an the attack, the fight would be tough, but in the end, the government has control of tanks, planes, and bombs, if leftist groups result to terrorism which both sides are willing to use, their support will eventually fade.

  10. This gets more and more chilling. I, however, have ZERO sympathy for a single one of the seditionists who was harmed that day…including the fatalities. You were on FEDERAL property illegally…did you think there would be no ramifications?

  11. “Proud boys, stand back and stand by”
    Then President Donald Trump “debates” Joe Biden.

    And here we are.

  12. Interesting that the ones with tactical training are caught observing the stairs. Almost sounded like they know… Mo must have told them.

  13. ” Proud boys, stand back and stand by” That is what Trump told them to do and this happened! He and his administration did this!!! NEVER FORGET, NEVER LET THE GOP FORGET!!!!!

    1. Pfffft….forget?, whatever!
      nobody in jail and aint $hit done either and the police guns didnt work that day.

    2. @Tangible Focused hundreds are in jail and several were charged for battery, violent entry, and unlawful possession; one rioter tried to enter the House Chamber and was shot dead plus most of the rioters had to exit the capitol because they were kicked out at gun point by Police with Assault Rifles!

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