We Need To Call Jan. 6 Insurrection Domestic Terrorism: Obeidallah 1

We Need To Call Jan. 6 Insurrection Domestic Terrorism: Obeidallah


Tuesday will mark six months since the January 6 Capitol insurrection, a day President Biden has called the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the latest developments.
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    1. @Michael Magaw Trump’s whole team and Republicans who spoke and railed up the cult members before that day and on that day. They all deserve jail

  1. Dont forget the Republican senators and Republican reps that were involved. That’s why they dont want an investigation.

    1. @Evidencespeaks4u
      A racist is someone who thinks that different races exist. A vicious racist is someone who thinks that of those fictitious races, one if better than the other.

    2. @Jaqan Jones “Joined Mar 22, 2021” can be counted on, none the less. It needs to be investigated bipartisanly, but the republicans passed on that. The last thing they want is an investigation because they know they are guilty.

    3. @Rick Simon yea, that is exactly why Black Americans cannot be racist. Systemic racism can only happen when the race in power collectively oppress another race. The oppressed race does not have to power to practice Systemic racism/oppression.

      The DNA of America is genocide and slavery. Without the free labor of slavery and the genocide of Native Americans, America would not be powerful country it is today. The death and labor that built the wealth and advancement of America is not shared with the descendants of whose ancestors suffer making that happen.

    4. @Evidencespeaks4u
      _”Systemic racism can only happen when the race in power collectively oppress another race.”_
      That is SYSTEMATIC racism. That is quite different from systemic racism.

  2. And of course the republicans/traitors doing everything in their power to stop being investigated….No surprise…..It was just a regular touristy kind of day…

    1. @Alex Watson “Trump is great…Trump is great…Trump is great..” “MAGA…MAGA…MAGA…” “STOP THE STEAL… STOP THE STEAL…STOP THE STEAL…” “Lock her up…Lock her up..Lock her up..Lock her up..”
      Your sort of independent I suppose Alex ? Shame how independent people such as yourself, can’t jointly remember more than three words at a time.

    2. @Alex Watson Nothing says independent thought like mindlessly following an authoritarian and chanting his slogans.

  3. *Republicans:* _”Why are the Libs and MSM so angry? We’ve always called it tourism!”_

    1. Absolutely true. The GOP funded, communicated, and backed. Trump and the RNC funded many domestic terrorists groups to get to DC on Jan 6. These elected officials directly communicated with them. This is why Johnson and many other GOP went after the FBI at a hearing. Demanding to see the data they had on cell phone communications on the 6th. For some reason 99.9 of MSM doesn’t ever connect the two. Joy Is amazing and I watch her every day be so brave to speak the truth we Americans scream every day

  4. I agree. That being said, getting rid of the worker drones won’t do much. There are millions of MAGAmorons out there. Need to root out those at the top.

    1. 1st time I’m pointing this out, but you seem to be in the correct lane. A few weeks after Jan 6, the Assistant Director of DHS broke it down by numbers and said that, statistically, it could be assumed that there is now 500,000- 750,000 U.S. citizens with the potential for domestic terrorism equal to Timothy McVey or more. I think it scared everyone so much she was called “alarmist”. (I think she was Trump appointed too, but don’t quote me on that bit). Hi from Australia. Keep up the fight. and destroy the Murdochs for us too please.

    2. EVERYONE of them up to the top has to be punished. Everyone planning more needs to be punished. We did the ‘punish the top leaders’ after ww2. Look where we are now,. They’re all over the world working their evil.

    3. That’s looking more and more like the majority of the GOP, more than what it looked like 6 months ago. If they refuse to give legitimate reasons why they don’t want an inquiry, they should all be investigated as to their roles in attempting to overthrow the election starting from 11.03 – 01.06.

    4. @2dronetek2 I agree. I’m hoping that our goofy legal system has a sufficient punishment. What it is, is akin to a so-far failed coup.

  5. Still waiting for the GQP to reveal their evidence that the 2020 election was stolen. Guess we’ll get that after they tell us their secret plan to save healthcare.

    1. @Morten Jensen Does that mean that you also think that the states Trump won, who also acted in that a similar way when it comes to election laws vs. the legislators, also should be declared void? I mean, if that’s what you think about the states Biden won, the same must apply to the states Trump won.
      You better study the facts about these things. Some quite major GOP states would have the outcomes of their election declared illegal if you’d have it your way.

      Then, perhaps you should read why the courts have ruled as they have, and not just parrot unenlightened anarchist interpretations of the laws. You‘re a juridical imbecile, the judges have studied the law all their lives. H*ll… It wasn’t even some controversial decisions for the judges to make. And you think you know better then all the judges in this matter.

    2. The evidence, which Mike Lindell totally has, is currently being held by JFK Jr. for safe keeping. It will be returned at the appointed time by the Easter Bunny riding in Santa’s sleigh and hand delivered by bigfoot. The dems almost succeeded in their attempts to destroy the evidence, but the Loch Ness Monster found the wet and soiled pages at the bottom of her rhelm and saved them from certain destruction. She in turn gave them to the Cyber Ninjas who brought them to Mike Lindell. Fortunately, disaster was once again averted as the Ninjas were able to recover copies of the evidence after Lindell accidently smoked them in his crack pipe. JFK Jr. is hiding in an undisclosed secret location where he’s completely safe from the Jewish space lasers Hunter Biden is attempting to aim at the pages in order to incinerate them once and for all. But Jr and his trusty side kick managed to foil the evil plans by hiding out in an escape pod landing somewhere in Tunisia. To be continued…

  6. Nope, we need to call it an insurrection and we need to have Trump himself legally defined as an insurrectionist. Doing so will prevent Trump from ever holding any public office again, as per Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

    1. The big question is, why has Trump not been arrested for what was clearly a case of incitement?

    2. @Steven Ratti Because he hasn’t been charged, either. You are aware an investigation hasn’t even begun yet?

    3. @Steven Ratti you start at the bottom and work your way up to the big dog, it takes time to do that.

    1. They are living in fear. They expect that eventually, they will be arrested at their home by heavily armed FBI agents

    2. How come they don’t put forth the same efforts to find and arrests the idiots that loot and burn are city’s and destroy statues . ? Can someone explain that . . .

    3. @Greg Morgan Tearing down a statue is an act of vandalism. Attempting to assassinate the Vice President and the Speaker of the House is treason. Got any more easy questions?

    1. Wow that’s way out of left field. What a bonkers and off the wall way to describe it. So confusing. Trying to use terminology that has nothing to do with it ha.

    2. Yes or straight up fascism either way! A T seems to have been seduced by the tRump cult! Take care friend!

    1. @katy bassett; Horribly selfish, and self-centered, and very unaware, as some of them carry degree’s from the “best” universities!

    2. No one cares about John Sullivan the one that made the video days before bragging how he was going to bust down the Capitol and then made a video of him breaking into the capitol with the CNN reporter no one cares about that huh

    1. @Suckass Dems “Joined Jun 23, 2021”. I know 4 people that could legally sell you guns with no background check, no registration, and no paper work at all. Felons can’t legally poses guns, but they can sure buy them.

    2. You are the filling, the person who wants to sacrifice somebody else’s civil rights so that you can feel better

  7. Need to call the entire trump presidency Domestic Terrorism!! Why he is still allowed to roam free to create more threats and disorder is outrageous!

  8. Six months later they finally are called domestic terrorist, they should have been that from day 1. And still to this day trump is still free is upsetting. America still is dropping the ball where it counts

  9. The January 6th insurrection is an act of domestic terrorism. This was not a “tourist visit”. This was never a “tourist visit”.

  10. And it was domestic terrorism! And anyone who works on Capitol Hill still thinks otherwise are either complacent or aided in the attack and must be dealt with post haste!

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