Trump And His Allies Downplay Alleged Tax Crimes As “Perks” 1

Trump And His Allies Downplay Alleged Tax Crimes As “Perks”


While Trump was giving up the game on stage at a rally, his family was downplaying the scope of the case and arguing it was all about “fringe benefits” to the sympathetic hosts of Fox News. 
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  1. Oh the irony! In 1992 Rudy Giuliani, then the crusading U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York jailed Leonie Helmsley for pretty much the same crimes.

    1. @evan doe didn’t I just completely humiliate and destroy you on another thread? and you’re still running your ignorant mouth?

    1. @Luke Monsensey You sure he’s a billionaire? I mean, it’s not like he released his tax returns despite his promise to do so. Also, this alleged “billionaire” declared bankruptcy no less than six times.

  2. This grift is so obvious and that’s why he appeals to the people that do not realize that the most important muscle in the human body is the human brain. Look at the audience. How many of them do you imagine actually got all three relief checks like I did. I would say quite a few of them but the difference between them and me is that I actually took advantage of those checks, helped the economy and even bought a few things that I have needed for years to make my life easier. They are the ones that were the polar opposites of me. He is a so-called billionaire and there is no way shape or form that I would ever give even $1 to a billionaire because they do not need it. There is a reason that somebody long ago said something to the effect of that there’s a sucker born every minute. I will continue to pray for them as I do all of humanity everyday because I’m in no position to judge someone else. I can pray for everyone and let God sort out the souls because that’s his job and not mine .

  3. love the way trump claimed that he knows everthing about tax laws and then at some dumb rally claims that he didnt know about the company car and apartment taxers. He knows everthing about nothing, cant also belive that the trump family are still crying about the lost in 2020.

    1. Texas3. Everything you believe is a lie, and you are easily manipulated. Your orange god has been a criminal all his life, and he is finally going to pay for his crimes.

    2. @Texas3 do all texans think like you. You know yous were the state in idiocracy to cause the world to become a dystopian life.

  4. Trump was probably telling his kids …..” Now that I’m president, we can get away ANYTHING…..all I have to do is give you a pardon. We’re bullet proof.”

    1. @Ron Frank Exactly ,Honestly think everyone is getting tired of government . Clean both sides, Its past time government know they serve the people and not the other way round. Hope you staying safe ?

    2. @Yvonne Braun – so tired of it that you genned up a new Youtube account _today_. Um,, OK. Looks to me like a troll retreating to the “both sides are bad” fallback position. Pretty sad.

    3. @Bill Ellis guessing you’re a tRUMP supporter? He can do no wrong even when he is?
      I can tell by exactly what you’re focusing on. Which has nothing to do with this news report

    4. @Mylife72 – You need to read more carefully. I am most definitely NOT a Trump supporter. I was simply pointing out that an obvious new troll account was trotting out the “both sides bad” argument again.

  5. I honestly feel sorry for Donald Trump that he doesn’t realize this is just phase one. His boasts of wealth and claims of “perks” will not save him when the 79 Million Dollar refund he got turned out to be a complete lie.

    1. No offense…but, it can’t be overlooked that poor writing and grammar (which often accompany a lack of understanding) are also a big thing wrong with America.

  6. Maybe we should start calling stolen property “perks”. What’s good for the white collar criminal is good for the blue collar criminal.

  7. “Does anybody knows these stuff?”
    trump obviously made those people to be somewhat unintelligent. I’m betting some do know. But why do they allow trump to make them look dumb?! hmmmm…

    1. Isn’t it funny how a million is chump change to the rich. But when it comes to paying your fair share of taxes the Billionaires cry.

  8. donald trump is starting throwing everyone under the bus to save his own skin, by pretending saying that he don’t understand about gift/taxes/all the wrong-doing.. let wait for the actual day, and see who is the first one to be thrown?

  9. Law and order liar. Not paying taxes on “perks” is against the law. Period. Two sets of financial records that don’t match? Against the law. Inflating and deflating value of assets? Against the law. Hubris Trumplicans.

  10. “Does anyone know the answer to that” ?…. Asks Donald ” I know more about tax’s then anyone” Trump……..

  11. His ignorance knows no bounds reason is his entire life he’s never known consequences and I’m afraid he won’t learn them again

  12. That’s the reason why Trump is so dangerous. His followers believe everything he says without question.
    Imho that is the root of the problem. If Trump goes, they will find someone else worthy of their blind loyalty.

    1. But didn’t trump pay China taxes? If he did, he does pay taxes. Just not USA taxes lolz

  13. This man has to stop. He is no longer president but his main goal is still to have rallies and be loved. The cheers, his echo caress all things that have nothing to do with America anymore. which ex president has done this in American history.? So none. Biden is now president and should not be thwarted by someone who cannot take his loss

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