Should Doctors Prescribing Livestock Medicine For Covid Face Consequences? 1

Should Doctors Prescribing Livestock Medicine For Covid Face Consequences?

“While we all debate how disinformation should be regulated and what tech companies should do, one question I have not heard a good answer to is this: Shouldn't the medical profession be policing its own? What are the consequences for doctors pushing snake oil solutions?” says Chris Hayes. 
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  1. I would hope so! It seems we used to have mechanisms that made it illegal to mislead people in these ways. Negligent homicide.

    1. @Easy Money I totally agree. However there is no approved reliable “treatment” for C19 that I am aware of (vaccine is not a treatment). These doctors do not believe that ivermectin is either “ineffective” or “useless”. Ivermectin has proven antiviral properties and has shown, in the lab, to be effective against C19. The US has enough issues with C19, so should not be using hypocritical journalism, that uses misinformation, to attack honest players.

    2. @Steve J There are *NO* peer reviewed studies in any *credible* medical journal showing effectiveness. The only ‘anti viral’ properties that have been shown were in the lab, in vitro, at doses much higher than is safe for humans. Only a very few ‘doctors’ are prescribing that crap. Fortunately for all of us over 99% of doctors actually follow medical science and don’t listen to the few political or self serving quacks.

    3. Politicians are the only job where you can openly spread dangerous misinformation and call for violence and literally nothing happens

    4. I know there are Dr’s in OK that have given the human doses to patients. Not sure of any place else. It has shown to have some anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

    1. It works and it’s safe, if used CORRECTLY. Look up it’s many uses in humans for the past few decades by many hospitals and med universities. It’s cheap so it doesn’t work? I hate Trump, but just because he said it, does not mean it’s as irrelevant as he and his cronies are.

    2. It’s been given to 10’s of millions in Africa for worms and parasites for several decades, and with WHO’s blessing. The point being is it’s been shown to be safe for humans at a certain dosage. _Some_ studies (Yes unpublished!) have shown it to have _some_ anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

    1. Ivrm completely turned around covid infections and deaths in Uttar Pradesh India – Why isn’t that the story ?

    2. @Sheila Boston Ivermecterin is not only used for animal use..It is used for human use too. The difference is Live stock you don’t need a script to get the medication..You need a script for human use.

    1. Stupidity and being misinformed is different things.

      The far right in the US has weaponized doubt.
      The problem is not gullibility, but that misleading people has no consequences for the neo fascists.

  2. This is a dang blasted shame! Conmen taking advantage of gullible people. Money is the motivation for this scheme.

    1. Ivermectin is approved for human use by both WHO and the FDA. Well over 3 billion doses have been given to humans world wide and it is proven to be one of the safest drugs available, much safer than over the counter pain killers. On what grounds is it malpractice to prescribe it?
      Please do not believe everything a journalist tells you. I am pro-vaccine and fully vaccinated.

    2. @Steve J It is malpractice to prescribe an ineffective useless drug instead of properly caring for a patient with the proper medicines for that disease.

    1. @Ello Owu The Onion sure is.
      It’s crossed over to reality now and not even they can make this stuff up.

    1. @George Gawellek I’m wrong in that a real world population had 2.34 times infection after first infection compared to the breakthrough infections? Show me the data because this set is saying you’re wrong. They tested the theory that they proposed. They then looked at data, and lo and behold, it said the same thing. What says you’re right other than your belief?

    2. Another problem is that it isn’t _all_ about the death rate. Long covid and dozens of other side effects is very much unlike the flu. A hard recovery from covid is a factor several times the death rate. Something to consider.

  3. “I don’t take the vaccine because I don’t know what’s in it”

    How about some medicine for horses and cows? “I’ll take it”

    The irony

    1. @M RSo you admit to creating medications without a license then do you? none the less ‘in your back yard’. hmmm either you are a criminal of lying troll. I bet on the latter.

  4. Does anybody know what a “stop sale” is? A “stop sale” is used when a product is considered unsafe! And wait for the individual store owners that will be sued for killing a member of someone’s family! Is that manslaughter?

  5. “Your opinion, Dr. Mengele?” “If we sew people together back to back, they can’t sneeze in each other’s faces. Brilliant!”

    1. The irony in you calling other people sheep without looking into ivermectin at all (obvious by you’re uneducated view of it)

      Sorry, but you’re the sheep.

      And I am as far from a Republican as someone can be, so your tribal nonsense of Republican/Democrat doesn’t work. And again only shows that you view the world through a lens of “Republican-bad.. Democrat-good “

      So if Fauci had been pushing ivermectin i i bet you would be singing a different tune… problem is there’s no money to be made on ivermectin because it’s been around forever and is made in many generic forms by many different companies. So of course fauci won’t mention it because he’s too busy getting paid by Pfizer and moderna.

    2. @Courtney Twait I am a scientist and have read the supporting studies for ivermectin. Guess what, I got the Vaccine instead because based on the Actual evidence from reputable studies, there is not support to use ivermectin for this. The main (early) study that did has been shown to be full of fraud. All others that have suggested it might be effective have been limited to petri dishes. you know what else kills covid 19 in petri dishes? Soap and water.

    3. @Courtney Twait ~ The irony is actually in your own reply, made more ironic by your lack of awareness of that.

      As Clint Eastwood once said, “If you go too far to the left, or too far to the right, you meet up with the same crazies.”

      There have always been a few on both sides of the political spectrum willing to buy into pseudoscience peddled by medical hucksters and grifters. It’s sad that you seem to be one of those. I oppose those who are anti-science, regardless of their political ideology. I may not be a scientist by trade like the other person here who replied to you, but I nonetheless have a thorough understanding of, and great respect for, the scientific method and for science in general.

      Because Dr. Fauci is a reputable scientist, he wouldn’t be pushing an unproven treatment like animal dewormer for Covid-19. And, no, I wouldn’t be relying solely upon the opinion of any one doctor or scientist, even Dr. Fauci, anyway. I look at the science and data, and I trust the broad consensus of doctors and scientists who are aligned with the science and data. I’m not searching out the rare outliers because they feed a bias or tell me what I want hear, as anti-science people are wont to do, falling victim to quacks, charlatans, grifters, and pseudoscientific crap.

      Problem is, there’s always profit in one form or another to be made by those pushing unproven treatments like just the latest in a series involving Covid-19, animal dewormer. Conversely, Dr. Fauci receives his salary from U.S. taxpayers, and that is who he seeks to serve. Besides, even the manufacturers of animal dewormer are not advocating it’s use for Covid-19.

      Finally, I am not one that applies a Manichaeist lens to everything, where it is either black or white, good or evil. But neither am I naïve about the current political landscape in America, and the source of the politicization of Covid-19 that is causing the absurd, utterly senseless illness and deaths of so, so many.

  6. Since that stuff is “for animals only”, it might heal those mammals instantly. I just cannot understand this amount of stupitidy. Prefering a de-wormer to a vaccine. One could not make up this.

    1. @Monique Engleman Sorry I don’t understand. I understand the difference, these doctors are not prescribing the horse de-wormer, they are prescribing the human form that, while not approved for use against C19, does have proven antiviral properties, and has been shown (only in the lab) to have a positive effect against C19. These are internationally renowned doctors that have helped develop the current procedures against C19 that have saved thousands of lives, they honestly believe that this drug will save lives and they therefore have a duty to promote it (not doing so would open them to prosecution). They are pro-vaccine and pro-mask. When taken to court, US judges have approved the use of ivermectin against C19. I just think that this piece is as inaccurate as many of the MAGA videos out there. I only responded to those who seemed to know nothing about ivermectin and who also attributed unproved negative motives to these doctor’s actions.

    2. @Gluteus Maximus tell that to the lady in Ohio who’s husband was saved by ivermectin once a judge ordered the hospital to give it to him he was literally dying nothing else they could do for him

    3. @Steve J There is no scientific proof that Ivermectin works. Some studies say it does others say it doesn’t. Scientific proof is when the evidence speaks for itself by the results of the experiment being the same no matter who studies it (for and against). That consistency is the proof. The inconsistency in the Invectin studies tells me that some doctors are cherry picking positive results while ignoring the negative.
      Even the company that manufacturers Ivermectin, who stood to make billions in profits, studied it and found no benefit whatsoever. The WHO, FDA and the EMC all say the same, prove it. No matter how much pressure they come under they cannot approve medication just because someone says so. CV’s, years of experience, titles mean nothing to science only proof.
      US judges have no medical training and when people become desperate they tend look for a quick fix, a magical cure that a snake oil salesman is only too willing to sell them.

  7. That document saying to contact one of these doctors to get a prescription should be enough to revoke these doctors licenses.

    1. Ivermectin is about the 4th or 5th choice of medical experts to treat human scabies. Did your drs try other things first ??

    2. FDA has not approved ivermectin for use in treating or preventing COVID-19 in humans. Ivermectin tablets are approved at very specific doses for some parasitic worms, and there are topical (on the skin) formulations for head lice and skin conditions like rosacea. Ivermectin is not an anti-viral (a drug for treating viruses).

    3. @Jolie Brody I’m not sure where your comment is but… Scabies and Covid are *not* the same thing. Scabies is a parasite, basically skin lice, and typically only causes an itchy rash. It can only cause complications if you scratch it and get an infection or leave it untreated. Rarely is one hospitalized.
      Covid is an infectious disease that can cause everything from mild symptoms similar to the flu to more serious symptoms that can lead to long time hospitalization and/or death. It has currently spawned 3 variants, the one we are dealing with now is increasing deaths and cases and a new strain called Mu is now being monitored by the WHO. Plus it’s been discovered that half of those hospitalized for Covid are seeing long term symptoms/side effects from the virus.

    4. @Jolie Brody and I say all that having had scabies myself as a teenager because my mom worked in a nursing home and brought it to all of us.

      Also as another commentor noted, ivermectin isn’t typically the first option for scabies. It’s only usually given if the patient has an allergy to the typical medication: Permetherin.

  8. Let them get it. Let them all get it. Then, after all the patients are dead, feed it to the doctors whom prescribed it.
    “An eye for an eye ,
    A tooth for a tooth ,
    A pill for a pill !!!!”

  9. Licensees to practice medicine are issued by each state. Doctors prescribing unproven drugs that are likely to cause harm to their patients should have their licenses revoked, period.

  10. Wait, real doctors…with real licenses…are really prescribing this?!? You will fight an fda approved vaccine, but advocate experimenting with medicine designed for animals…uhh…okay.

  11. My husband is a cancer patient. I mentioned ivermectin to his Doctor. After he reinserted his eyeballs and picked up his jaw off the ground, Doc told me I’ve lost my freaking mind, he reminded me he’s not a veterinarian and does NOT prescribe ivermectin….he prefers the masking/social distancing & vaccine approach. Imagine that.

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