Sicknick's partner: Vote against Jan. 6 commission 'speaks volumes' 1

Sicknick’s partner: Vote against Jan. 6 commission ‘speaks volumes’


The mother and partner of fallen US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick speak to CNN's Jake Tapper after Senate Republicans blocked a bipartisan bill to create a commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection.

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  1. The Capital Police should do a walk out when Congress is in session. See how the members feel when there is nothing between them and the outside

    1. @Randy Buchert You are a special kinda stupid aren’t you. Do you need a hug sweetie, some tissue?

  2. They get to not fulfill their duties but keep their jobs. They are elected to uphold the Constitution and once comfortable in their lucrative positions forget about it. The whole system is a sick joke.

    1. I imagine how comfortable lawmakers can get being lobbied for decades in a row and continually “elected” for same position by generations of Americans.
      Just ask Biden

    2. Man if only regular people could gather together and choose the people we want to be government officials and then take the time and the gumption to hold them accountable.

      We as citizens have to be wiser about letting politicians do whatever they want. Crazy thing is if you give them a reason to fear for their jobs they will do what you want. Politicians on both sides bank on our complacency.

    3. @Facts no just the democrats dude. Oh your handle is “facts” so no way you would lie.. gtfo

    4. You are correct am also currently investing with expert Mrs Bettie skinner and ever since I started he has never failed to deliver and to be honest I would say he’s the most sincere broker I have ever known

    1. Says the people who are frothing at the mouth angry over a free and fair election just cuz their Orange God lost.

    1. @Facts I’ll go ahead and give the answer. Liberty is what you have when nobody is forcing their will upon you. That is freedom and liberty. That is what is worth fighting and dying for.

    2. @Thomas Krohn “When the government violates the people’s rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensible of duties.” – Marquis de Lafayette

    3. With the blood of patriots and tyrants. I know somebody already answered but it’s always worth remembering!

  3. ‘If they had a child that was hurt that day, they would feel very differently.” I doubt it. A lot of these GOP politicians are extremely selfish and power hungry. If anything, the death of family would help them get re-elected.

    1. @matt lol you act like she was just walking down the street minding her own business. She was trying to break into the rotunda ffs. If someone was breaking into your home would you stop and wait to see if they were armed before you defended yourself? Especially if they had already erected a gallows outside your home and were chanting about hanging your family members?

    2. And how do you feel about the BLM protest that left multiple officers dead and countless civilians along with billions of dollars in damage and courthouses on fire? Every Democrat backed them. Where’s the investigation into the gas lighting. Do you have a problem with that or are you just a hypocrite?

    3. Also Trump requested national guard to protect the capital and Nancy pelosi shot it down so where’s the investigation into her?

    4. @matt lol as she was breaking in to joint session of Congress climbing over a barricade. Stay out of the kitchen if you don’t like the heat.

  4. Congress can already investigate things. That is one of its roles. It does not need a commission to do this. Just investigate it, if you want.

    1. Yep, and the fact that fake news CNN is down by 70% in their key demographic since Trump left office also speaks volumes!

  5. An investigation into the on duty death of a police officer along with all the other crimes we witnessed on live TV is going to happen whether it is in congress or not. There are criminal cases happening around this and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Hopefully under the watchful eyes of the world media with full transparency and wide spread pubicity

    1. I support this, let’s also do it with the 2 billion dollar riots that caused a lot more deaths than the 6th.

  6. This is such BS. Where were they when Chicago cops were getting hurt over the summer 46 cpd went to er over one weekend. Where is the investigations all people that got arrested went home with no charges.

  7. Looks like Vlad has expanded his troll farm opns to the US. They’re out in full force in this feed. Because BLM!!! Because bamboo!!!

    1. At this point, Putin no longer need to do anything… All he has to do is sit back with popcorn and watch the GOP imploding the US government from within. These comments are now overtaken by the Trump cult followers.

  8. If you watch the video, capital hill police let them walk right in, officer Sicknick died of unrelated multiple strokes, why is the msm tugging at heart strings

  9. Wheres the portland terror commission? A week b4 a preside tal inauguration and u can walk into congress? I was in dc in march and got practically strip searched to go in a museam to see ruby slippers. Its all bs. Watch all the “missing videos”

  10. America lost its credibility on the world stage. It lost its moral standing at home. This speaks volume about America’s ‘good intentions’ abroad.

  11. They don’t want the commission because the finger.will be pointed at their own ranks. It’s self preservation, as selfish and spineless as that is.

  12. “speaks volumes to how they feel about our democracy in general” we don’t have a democracy! omg I am so sick of everyone saying “our democracy is in jeopardy” and such. people we do not have a democracy because democracies are tyrannical. this is a constitutional republic specifically because of that fact. I don’t care what percentage of the population says I should have my rights taken away, the constitution STILL protects them… or at least it should.

  13. Strokes are usually caused from severe stress. Jeez, I wonder what caused his severe stress that day you think seeing a crowd of angry people with weapons come RUSHING towards you would cause you any stress? I wonder

  14. He wasn’t “killed” with a fire extinguisher, like the ‘media’ “put out”.
    Ma’am, why did Capitol Police Officers allow these people inside? They invited them in.
    Also, what are your thoughts on antifa instigators present on that dark day??

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