Singh says NDP will close loopholes benefiting billionaires, multi-national corporations 1

Singh says NDP will close loopholes benefiting billionaires, multi-national corporations


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says his party will crack down on the ultra rich and take steps to close loopholes benefiting billionaires.

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  1. Sinc the liberals will not target the loopholes benifiting the rich, then the NDP should do the job.


  2. You had months to work with other parties to get stuff done and all you did was try to claim anything any other party did as yours… or throw your name somehow in there like you were doing something…. Your not Jack Layton

    1. So you support an apologist of a separatist group that was responsible for the air india bombing?
      Thats like someone supporting supremacists. Lol

  3. If you are one of the best accountants in Canada, where would you make more money? working for the government or working for the super rich

  4. Love the play on emotions. You have millenials struggling so you want to drag down the rich who earn their place so they feel better about being in a bad position. In reality buisinesses will just move out of canada. At least conservatives have it right. Canadian buisinesses need encouragement. Then we will have services we can sell to other nations and take theironey into canada. That builds jobs and it costs less. Thats why america had such a great economy. Build more cost less, paycheques not debt.

  5. just proof how out of touch with reality singh is you close the “loop holes and crack down on the rich” and in return you’ll see the rich lay off half its work force from the companies and hundreds of businesses they control! they call the rich powerful for a reason because they have the power to control the outcome!

  6. The letters are in the wrong order. Instead of NDP they need to be NPD. Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands. The successor to the German Reich Party! Kein Sieg fur dich Singh! No victory for you Singh!

  7. These billionaires have great connections with ultra rich liberal and conservative cronies.
    Taxpayers money is wasted on these cronies.
    Why not help low income families suffering from job loss.
    Don’t promise jobs you cannot guarantee.

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