'Situation is out-of-control': Doctor says Sask. government won't release COVID-19 modelling data 1

‘Situation is out-of-control’: Doctor says Sask. government won’t release COVID-19 modelling data


Dr. Hassan Masri says the situation is 'out-of-control' in Saskatchewan, and the provincial government refuses to release modelling data.

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    1. @Dee Richardz yeah not blindly believing things that actually have nothing to do with scientific data is trolling

    2. @grdn Mellesmoen No, citing that data won’t be released because it is getting ‘doctored up’, is trolling. You’re projecting.

    3. @Dee Richardz LOL guy what are you on they’ve been watering down numbers this whole pandemic and if you compared the data to that of other countries you’d know that

    1. Doctors deal in medicine and healthcare not research…but more relevant.. that data will not be available until a few years AFTER the pandemic is over via meta-study. I truly wish your generation was more educated on the scientific process cuz its getting tiring explaining the ultra-basics. Let me pose question in war terms: Why doesn’t the military release information on how well their soldiers would do in a fist-fight.

    2. @niles stone I believe in vaccines. So don’t my generation me anything. Your generation is born or manipulation and theft.

  1. What was the “Covid-19 modelling data” that the government provided that allowed for a federal election during this pandemic?

  2. How is it that after two years we are still “not prepared” for these waves. There comes a point where this all has to be blamed on incompetence of both the medical system and politicians during this pandemic.

  3. The father gives western Canada the finger and the son gives Western Canada the seed?? You’ve been “Liberalized” with Liberal Research and Documentation. You’re no longer Conservatives, you’ve been “FALKERIZED”

  4. Now computers tell you what is real, what the future will be, how you should act as a human and what rights you should have. If this doesn’t smell like Skynet to you then you must be sniffing your own farts.

  5. Yeah right! unpoked should take the poke to protected the poked because the poked took the poke but they are not protected by the poke.

  6. – “provincial government refuses to release modelling data”

    Same thing with NB and the vax status of all their hospitalizations and deaths.

    Their double dose rate is nearing 80%, and they’re now scoring daily records in “cases.”

    Draw your own conclusions.

  7. Isn’t it strange how the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected?

  8. Sigh. Journalism is DEAD. Deceased. Shuffled of its Mortal Coil. To the choir Invisible.
    Leading questions to the expected answers. Bleh. This country Blows.

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