‘Slow-Motion Second Assassination’ Feared In Russian Opposition Leader’s Health Problems

'Slow-Motion Second Assassination' Feared In Russian Opposition Leader's Health Problems 1


  1. Putin and his sycophants are cowards, afraid Alexei Navalny might have a better model for Russian society. Rather than face that model, they hide behind a curtain, one that looks increasingly made of iron. The Russian people have enjoyed too much liberty slide back in the dark of four decades ago. And the soldiers. This is country where the soldiers should be doing some collective soul-searching for the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

    1. I have no doubt Navalny would do much more for the Russian people than Putin does. It’s not cowardice that is driving their actions. It’s greed. The oligarchy will never give up their positions in Russian society or their access to money stolen from the Russian people. Anyone who threatens that status quo is dealt with.

    1. Revolution is a tradition in Russia. They had them twice a week in the early 20th century, and a couple toward the end. Time they had another . . .

    1. What Russia needs is a Revolution, and to set this guy free. Even if we wound up with another oligarch like Putin, at least it gives them the opportunity for a reset of relations between the west and these Soviet 2.0’s? . . .

    1. I forgot that Russian communism doesn’t teach sarcasm, irony or any kind of nuance in general… Wow are these people insane… Honestly I don’t even know which side they’re on.

  2. I’m waiting for Trump to say that he spoke with Putin, that Putin strongly denies any involvement, and Trump has no reason to think that he was involved.

    1. Don’t hold your breath. Trump has lost power and his problems will only worsen in the spotlight of shame.

    2. Trump🐑 can’t say Putin’s name now cause it would remind us of his submissiveness towards Putin 🐑

    1. @Kevin CinnamonToast Definitely. You could use Sarin, Ricin or VX but that was not the point. I was simply looking at the symptom-set match.

  3. Surely no one, including Navalny, is surprised that the Russian government is doing this? Didn’t we all know this was going to happen when he decided to return?

    1. What was that line, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Apparently some people take that to heart. Most of us are satisfied logging complaints on social media.

  4. He knew that this awaited him on his return, yet, he went back as a brave hero, rather than hiding away in a foriegn Country as a coward! God Bless him!

    1. Look into what happens with Russian spies who defect from the “motherland” and I don’t think you’ll hold that stance for long
      No one deserves what they are potentially doing to him, no one, and he should’ve avoided it

      Bravery is no virtue when no one cares to play fair

    2. @ArgentumEmperio Russian spies going into hiding aboard for safety has nothing to do with what I say about Navalny, of course the spies and those fleeing persecution are not cowards. Just commending Navalny on not being a coward, after being poisoned, he still chooses to go home, knowing what awaits him.

      You say “No one cares”, you would be surprised exactly who does care.

    3. Mr. Navalny is a very brave man. He came to us to Germany for treatment, but he knows that his place is in Russia and that the job is not done yet, this is why he returned. And he was already successful. Putin always claimed that he doesn’t care about Mr. Navalny, that he is just an unimportant figure with no impact on politics… and yet the MASSIVE response of russian authorities on his arrival back home proves the opposite. You don’t lockdown the airport and send hundreds of police officers to arrest somebody of no importance, you don’t set up a show trial against somebody you are not affraid of. Mr. Navalny already managed to expose how much the russian power vertical is afraid of losing control.

  5. I’m also worried about his doctor. I wish the media would report on his doctor’s condition. Is she still arrested? Was she charged with a crime? What were the charges?

    1. They will have given her a scary briefing about what happens if she leaks stuff to the west. And, of course, squeezed her for her findings. If she put up a fight over doctor patient confidentiality, things might have gotten interesting? But, in the end, they will have to just let her go, or admit they’re killing Navalny in this elaborate manner? . . . I wish they’d just have a Revolution and drag Putin out of his palace?

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