Sources: US increasingly believes Iran mistakenly shot down Ukrainian airline

The US increasingly believes that Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner, according to multiple US officials. The working theory is based on continuing analysis of data from satellites, radar and electronic data collected routinely by US military and intelligence. All 176 people on board the Boeing 737 were killed. #CNN #News


    1. Connor Meixner well if your shooting from
      The ground with a radar that’s locked on you fire a damn TOr system rocket at it u would think they would be damn sure it was a rocket. What makes you or they think that US would fly over Tehran hours after a attack..better yet be that low in altitude to be shot down that close. It was only a accident because they have to say it was, it’s always a meant to be action with the wrong outcome that makes a mistake

    2. @Derek Castillo first I was talking about the us accidently killing civillians drone strikes, second that’s the only reason I can think of right now other than the dude opperating it switched it to automatic while taking a piss. Seriously tho what do you think happened?

  1. Russian built anti-aircraft missile “accidentally” shoots down a Ukrainian airliner. That’s ironic

    1. @Loll free yeah right dude. If what you are saying is true, middle east wont be as chaotic as it is since then until right now. “Tolerant”? That guy? Who you trying to use your taqiyya with here?

    2. @Gumby Snacks Their are sects of Islam Sunni Shia and Kharijite. Shia:Good, Sunni:Good, Kharijite:Evil (Acts like Isis).

      The prophet Muhammad said if the Khariijite lived in my era i would wipe them off the face of the world he also said that a Non believe is more closer to Islam then they are.
      As for Isis and terrorism the prophet condemned them and said that anyone who goes to extremes will go to hell

      Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood (may Allaah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Those who go to extremes are doomed.” He said it three times.

      Narrated by Muslim (2670).

    1. 63 people, including mostly women and children from Canada, and remember also over a hundred from Ukraine and other countries… and it isn’t a claim, they f**king have satellite video and also ground video of it.

    2. @CJ P.,read up on some Sun Tzu. I do believe there will be a change in heart from Iran. The [enemy] is LOSING. Oh,by the way, declassification is still coming.

    3. @Lance Boil The shah of Iran had sent four hundred million for military Equipment to the U.S. the country had a revolution. the money was froze. Obama sent One point Five Billion back.To a country that had a revolution. Under the law I don’t think we owed the new country anything at all. However we will never know. Obama stopped the U.S. claim to the money.
      They destroyed our embassy and kill Americans and took hostages. Then and now they supported Terrorist around the world. And that’s what our hero Obama gave one point five Billion too.

    1. @Harpoon_Bakery Implying our foreign policy hasn’t lead to the death of innocent civilians at a hospital in Yemen.

    1. @ftrent70 – “Wrong. Lies” about what citizens see leftists have done, what they are currently doing and what they plan? I live in California and see first hand the results of leftists (Democrats) complete take over.

    2. @Come again Follow God well, u must be an idiot. If you don’t lose your semen in sex, how can u make babies. You must follow a fake god because God said get married, make babies, populate the earth and enjoy good sex with your wife. It’s important that real love exist between both husband and wife otherwise than you will feel tired after sex and get drained of energy. When love exists between both, the energy gets recycled between you both and can do it the whole night. Been there done that.

  2. May I offer my sincere condolences to the all the victims and there families and friends at this terrible time peace 🦖

    1. Loll free just like trumps impeachment?? Ha ha this has only solidified trumps re-election. Trump punched Iran in the face and they backed down. Unlike obummer who begged them to like him with a billion dollar + palette of cash

    2. @Cr6479,the data you present is lacking in DETAILS, luckily declassification will fill in the blanks .

    1. @J Fer
      The 63 on board in question were dual citizen Iranian/Canadians that were visiting family, over the holidays.
      It would be a stretch to mistake them for Americans.
      They essentially killed their own people.

    2. Just imagine how the world would look like in 2040s with flying cars and busses and taxis if Iran EVER does want or does not want war, just imagine how iran behaves or not and accidentally shot down the flying school bus packed with kids in 2040s!🤔

  3. Iran Air Traffic: “There may be Americans on the flight”

    Iran Military: *”Say no more”*

    Jokes aside, condolences to the innocent people lost and families torn

    1. @DJ Golf – Must’ve been a hermit these past few years. Hollywood is flourishing with diversity and inclusivity!

    2. AnonyPersona nobody on social media is joking about this. I’ve only seen this person joke. I got the joke but it wasn’t funny and I decided to have a grounded response instead of a childish one.

    3. So, I c ur quote n raise u another one…

      ‘But Sir, It’s an American Ship…’ ‘Never Mind, Hit Her!’ When Israel Attacked the USS Liberty.

      I think ur barking up the wrong tree … Netanyahu has been SCREAMING for the U.S. to attack Iran … n we all know when Trump says we have intelligence – we know who he’s referring to. Now, unfortunately for Netanyahu, this was descalated … n since the last time Trump backed off w/in minutes of firing missiles at Iran (re the tankers – rmbr that) … this time – they drew some Ukrainian insurance, just incase the killing of the general did not get the U.S. finally in2 an all out war w/ Iran.

      Besides, this whole thing has been quite a timely distraction from Netanyahu’s corruption n bribery charges b4 yet another election n Trump’s impeachment .. u scratch my back, I’ll scratch urs. SICK!

    1. Ain’t gonna happen, expect Iran to change for the better. [DS]is being eliminated in Iran. [They] are sending distress messages. Check out[their] tweets. [HRC] in particular.

    1. trump kills 1 Iranian

      Iranian Superme leader= cry’s death to America kills 200 Americans 300 injured shoot down a plane wtf

    2. @P D Trump indirectly commits war crimes by allowing the U.S. forces to refuel a Saudi jet that then bombs a hospital (a war crime under the Geneva convention) against an Iranian proxy. Iran doesn’t respond.

      U.S~Lets bomb a Iraqi civilian airport to kill someone who maybe a threat in the future.

      Iran~gives notice and then launches proportional damage under Geneva Convention.

      U.S.~Pickachu suprised meme. Why would they attack us?

      Literally what’s happened over the last 6 months.

      Also half of the occupants on the flight that got shot down were Canadians, so I’m struggling to find out how the flight let to 200 American casualties + 300 wounded.

  4. Iran: ok we won’t make rockets or nukes just give us the money.

    Iran: hey russia you need some money cuz we can’t make what we want.

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