Stacey Abrams’ ‘Hot Call Summer’ Asks Supporters To Call Senators Daily

Stacey Abrams has launched her ‘Hot Call Summer’ campaign to get Congress to pass the For the People Act. The ‘Hot Call Summer’ campaign asks supporters to call their U.S. senators daily, to ensure the protection of voting rights through the passage of this new bill. Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams joins Joy Reid to discuss.
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  1. The big lie must in every and all ways be ultimately and definitely be destroyed. It must be met with ultimate force. It must be destroyed.

    1. You mean George soros will be president? Abrams is his greatest creation, he brought her off welfare, saved her from tax evasion charges, and financed Abrams completely. Is that what you want for America?

  2. Calling a republican congressperson to vote against voter suppression would be like calling my dog to ask her to vote against eating the bacon we left on the counter on Sunday mornings. 🐕🥓

  3. Im going to pass this number to everyone I encounter. Thank you for all the work you are doing for all of us. This is so serious and we all need to take action in this manner or they will force us into a second civil war. Unbelievable and disgusting that this is going on.

    1. Im a proud American who believes that anyone who pulls the bs that Trump has, and all who excuse or follow his lead are traitors because they are.

    2. @Jim Eagle How idiotic you are … gross … Joanne is on the side of not suppressing the vote, which should be the only side

  4. Take it to the limit GQP and you will end up like ,Tony Montana in Scarface. In the fountain face down in a pile of sh…t

  5. Gosh was just reading posts on Forbes relative to the same issue. They are crying and complaining without any substantive input as to how to fix our streets, bridges and the taking care of the elderly and young. Never a mention that corporations should be paying their fair share at 28% without exception. As long as McConnell and Manchin keep taking funds from the likes of Koch Bros., the majority of Americans will never be heard.

    1. Abrams for future President….She is a no nonsense powerhouse, the kind of force of honesty and integrity America will need to take over from Biden!

  6. Thank you Stacey, I am so glad there are true Americans like you. Keep up the fight and I will pray for you.

  7. Its going to take more than phone calls. Dems are going to have to actually DO something for a change

  8. Thank god that Stacey Abrahms and Rev. Barber are on the job. We cannot take this sitting down.

  9. It only takes 5 minutes a day to make these calls. We’ve done it before we can do it again!

  10. How is needing a voter id considered voter suppression? This is ludicrous and an insult to people of color! Girl bye!

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