Stacey Abrams: Time For Every Senate Member To Declare Allegiance To Our Democracy 1

Stacey Abrams: Time For Every Senate Member To Declare Allegiance To Our Democracy


Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams joins us on pressuring the Senate to pass voter protection legislation through phase two of her Hot Call Summer campaign. Abrams tells Joy Reid, ‘The fundamental challenge is that we have to have a U.S. Senate that recognizes that nothing else passed will hold, and nothing new will happen if we lose the right to participate in our elections in '22 and '24… This is not hyperbolic.’
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    1. @Joey X There was no election fraud.
      And if the country ends up being Democrat only, that would be because Republicans are traitorous fascists who have no policies to benefit the people.

    2. @Scientific Methodologist We’ve been here before, have you already forgotten. Fact 1829 the democrats were conservative and the republicans were the liberals.
      Fact I know people that would pay to eulogized a clansman. Said the same thing the last time you post that same crap. Oh, ya, you are not gaining credibility “Joined May 26, 2021”.

  1. Warnock is the real deal – and he means business
    but the game’s rigged and must be levelled first

    1. @Johnny Kilroy I see where you where you misunderstand my fault for NOT making a complete statement,

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis you do know that dominion’s owned by Venezuelan born canadians with ties to Maduro. But these ballots in addition with people who when they voted weren’t on the rolls but afterward were on them.
      The 18,000 who voted but were removed from the rules afterward.

      Numbers don’t lie,the actions by Democrats to block this audit doesn’t demonstrate any confidence of legitimacy of the results.
      YouTube took down videos disclosing the findings.
      Again,Biden is less useful than a toaster.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis so politicans know more about mathematics than actual mathematicians.
      Yeah I can’t wait until I fortify my taxes and keep the money for myself

    4. @Johnny Kilroy you mean those numbers CN came up with, the ones that REAL election experts know what they mean and how to find them, those numbers?

  2. Thank you Reverend Warnock. Please continue to speak truth. . And God bless my good sister Stacey Abrams.. Thank you!

    1. @Scientific Methodologist Your anthem GLORIFIES SLAVERY! Google the second & third verse. If you stand for that and are of African descent you’d be crazy

    2. @la mulata linda Martinez Slavery is as American as apple pie. What’s the matter with glorifing it?

  3. Stacey Abrams makes more sense than anyone, as ever. CALL SIMEMA AND MANCHIN DAILY. WRITE THEM as well. SINEMA IS NOW TOO COWARDLY TO ALLOW VOTERS TO CALL HER OFFICE ANY LONGER. YOU MUST EMAIL HER. Please participate!

  4. Those two senators that oppose eliminating the filibuster really don’t care how it effects minorities around the country. It doesn’t effect their neighborhoods.

    1. Those two senators are representing Exxon Mobile, not the Democrats, not the Republicans, and not the voters of their states. Despite the rhetoric, they are just paid stooges with no more moral value than Mitch McConnell or Donald Trump

    2. Who cares how it effects minorities? They don’t matter. This is a democracy, and democracies are controlled and ruled over by majorities. In a democracy the minority is always the loser.

    3. @Mark Cicero is they were minorities, why bother blocking them
      Then? They are slated to lose already.

  5. 2021…yes LORD! I’ll bet you most of the republican senators can’t or won’t declare Allegiance to the Constitution. They shouldn’t be able to hold office…period

  6. The Confederacy is an inherent enemy to the good people of the United States. The GOP has long become the party for something embracing the Confederacy, it seems. Sad.

    1. There are many GOP senators that need to be removed from office for their treasonous acts against our Democracy!

  7. “Time For Every Senate Member To Declare Allegiance To Our Democracy” – Ha!! what a joke. The Republicans only understand and accept a “Whites Rule” type of democracy

    1. @Noor Parkar The United States will always be a white country. It was founded by white people for white people.

  8. Even though the representative should listen to the people there is no integrity coming from the republicans

    1. Republicans want control im glad they lost their power im a democrat from Texas i hope ourdemocratic representatives keep fighting because the govenor we have now is racists

    2. @Larry Nix I agree but it is imperative that they stump on the republicans by winning the local election in 2022

  9. well I must admit, the Oath of Office appears to be pretty worthless thanks to the GOP in particular…

    1. @Blake JonesII If she didn’t she would be spouting lies that she had won and there was fraud

  10. Stacey Abrams is such a powerful speaker – gets her message across loud & clear. America is fortunate to have such a person as Stacey fightig for its democratic future.

    1. @Lp78Ch – you would do well to accept a bit of romance in your life also – might make you a happier and more empathetic person.

    2. Talk, do nothing is her job.hate blacks as bad as Republicans. John means beg for crumbs that are not going to happen $$

    1. Don’t trust man-cin or the others hiding behind their skirts. They’re both being spoon-fed oil money and craping on their constituents. Both are

  11. Do not let Republicans pass their election laws giving them power to overturn the will of the people and select their own electors throwing out the People’s constitutional vote. Let the People’s vote count.

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