1. @trololoev, This post is flagged as false. Firstly, there is only one authorized fact checker assigned per video. Any “flags” contributed by @trololoev are illegitimate and should be ignored. Secondly, of course it is possible to read uncensored content from RT and Sputnik. Thirdly, all international organizations that monitor the media indicate that Russia does not have a free press. If your government didn’t censor Internet content, you would be able to read this for yourself. Lastly, of course the President of the United States fields questions from reporters on a regular basis (press gaggles) and conducts formal one-on-one interviews for 30 minutes to an hour at a time.

    2. @Troy, As I have clearly and repeatedly explained, I work with the Annenberg Public Policy Center, which is an independent, third-party organization that is authorized by Google to conduct fact checking operations on this platform. The Center has developed a multi-tier fact checking methodology that leverages verified public documents, firsthand accounts, and original source data. Your comment was flagged as false because none of the verified facts maintained by the Center could confirm the authenticity of your post.

    3. @Troy, This post is flagged as false. You are doing a “simple search” and are clearly too uninformed to comprehend the content of what you are reading or are easily fooled by dis/misinformation campaigns; whereas I am running a multi-tier fact checker using verified information.

    4. @Troy, My job is to conduct fact checking exercises when a video is assigned to me, not to educate you.

    1. @Britain stands with Ukraine 🇺🇦 Ha!!
      Surely you jest? Christ, under trumpet you’d be watching US Troops obscenely invade Alongside Ru troops..
      Jeez, YouTube really Needs a sarcasm font.. so hard to tell this days 🙄🤪😜

    2. @Troy This Zelensky guy should never have listen corrupt Bidden and Demorats. Corrupt Biden joined the war mongers that only purpose is to benefit the weapons manufacturers, Corrupt Biden/Demorats wanted war with North Korea and with Russians ,on the other hand they did not want War with Iran? those were the ones killing scores of Americans,and responsible 9/11. instead Hussein Obama/ corrupt Biden/Demorats gave them millions that they used to kill Americans and improved their nuclear capabilities.

    3. Man poot poot has really unleashed his evil little puppet’s in this comment section. Why are you promoting lies death and war? Do you hate your life so much that you have to inflict terror on the world? Do you need a hug? I really feel sorry for your patheticx empty soul!! You’ll spend the rest of eternity being repeatedly raaped tortured and shredded to pieces by demon’s! Reliving all of the pain and terror you caused to every single one of your victim’s!! Heaven and hell or real little buddy!!!! I know! I’ve seen it!!

  1. What rubbish calling the Ukrainian authorities “terrorists”!Putin should watch his mouth – calling the Ukrainain people nazis is extremely offensive.

    1. Guys guys…first rule for conversation on internet is “dont feed a troll”

      My advice is not to answer to brainwashed or paid individuals,let them scream like little girls,their problem…have conversation ONLY with those who are open for conversation…troll will stay troll

    2. The Ukrainians shot first. With RPGs.

      It wasn’t even all that close to the power plant.

      This incident is old news… 36 hours ago… and the fire was put within 2 hours.

      Pure propaganda. 👎👎👎

    3. @Miguelito yeah,because they like to kill their own people and half of europe by radiation…and also they wish to convert Ukraine to radioactive wasteland for 50 years,thats why they fight,make sense…go back to sleep

    4. @Anita Orphanita no, there is more going on than the media show if you put a little effort in you will see Putin is right! I fully support Putin and I’m in the UK. Don’t miss the point and think Putin’s bad because people are dying that is not Putin’s main intention but people will die because it’s war!

    1. @Travelin Troy let me check the precedent for attacks on nuclear plants:

      According to Wikipedia, this has precedent.
      1973 – Atucha I Nuclear power plant. Argentina Vs People’s Revolutionary Army, take over.
      1980 – Al Tuwaitha nuclear complex.
      Iraq Vs Iran, Raid with damage
      1981 – Osirak nuclear research facility.
      Iraq Vs Israel, destroyed.
      1982 – Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.
      South Africa Vs uMKhonto we Sizwe, damaged during construction.
      1984 and 1987 – Bushehr nuclear plant.
      Iran Vs Iraq, bombed six times.
      1991 – three not identified nuclear reactors and an enrichment facility.
      U.S.A Vs Iraq, bombing.
      1991 – Dimona nuclear complex.
      Israel Vs Iraq, Scud missiles launch.
      2007- not identified reactor under construction.
      Syria Vs Israel, bombed.

      As you can see, everybody hates Iraq nuclear program.
      And attacks on nuclear power plants have precedent.
      That still does not make it moral or ok or even “fine”.
      Nuclear anything requires a great deal of responsibility and has to be handled with care and forethought.

      Since the consequences of a attack on a nuclear facility can be wide, unpredictable and lasting.
      I recommend placing attacks on nuclear facilities on the same box as landmining, that is, the act of placing landmines.

      Conclusion should also stop working with nuclear, because it has been shown over and over again that humans are not responsible or prudent enough to deal with it.
      However it iscurrently one of the best weapons against cancer and (thanks to inaction) climate change, not to mention the potential for space travel.

    2. So charge putin. And whe putin goes to court and says we were destroying biolabs controlled by the United States that were experimenting with deadly disease so we shut it down. Then hat begs the question. Wheres the evidence. If putn has sufficient evidence to back said claim then he u.s is in a major pickle. If not then putin is. Wonder if the u.s govt doesn’t push the issue because they already know

  2. “Be careful what you shoot at.. most things in here don’t react to well to bullets.”

    – Marko Ramius

    1. @Jason M this man is likely 50 years or more your senior, so watch your tongue young man and respect the elderly. Grandpa brad has a right to voice his opinion with as much emojis as he wants

  3. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    -Albert Einstein


  4. This, surprisingly, brought tears to my eyes. The person on the loudspeaker is a hero. I hope that he and his team are allowed to continue their work to keep the plant running safely.

    1. @trololoev Russia is the bad guy here. They have no choice but to keep the facility running because obviously it has to be able to keep the water moving through it to keep the fuel rods cool. Asking them to turn off power to the rest of the area though is too fiddly and there’s really no point in doing so as they know that won’t kill the enemy but just cause more of a humanitarian issue and make them look even worse. Especially as the Russians themselves would probably want to use the power eventually.

    2. They are definitely heroes here. It takes more than just being a soldier to win. Sometimes it’s just knowing what needs to be done, and people who work in the nuclear sector know that just as much as anyone. I truly hope that they will be alright until the Ukrainian forces can take back control otherwise they are going to continue to get more and more exhausted between shifts. Hopefully the Russian soldiers know that and will allow them what they need.

    3. @Val L Man that’s going to be a weird shift change. The replacements are going to have to work with guns pointed at them.

  5. Seriously …human ignorance to a whole new level…glory to Ukraine and
    their ppl.
    Prayer and blessings to Ukraine

  6. Just like a movie, when will this end. This is the time we wish the avengers are real 😭😭😭

    1. @Michel’le J Unfortunately he never helps. Just let’s war, genocide, famine and other atrocities happen.

    2. @A H I’m sorry that you are in spiritual darkness….it is Satan and the spiritual high places of darkness that motivate and influence evil and wickedness.. people that denounce and do not believe in God, like you,!

  7. Holy crap! A million thank yous to those men in the facility. They very possibly saved the world! Wow, I already can’t sleep…and we already know how well Russians can operate a nuclear plant! There would be no cleaning up after this one.

    1. @kal9001 Agreed. It kind of contradicts the ‘if it saves one life’ narrative we’ve heard over the last 2 years doesn’t it?

    2. @kal9001 yes, the whole shooting at the power plant was just to get their attention, to quote a old movie “do not shoot at the nuclear plant” …. but these idiots think ya, lets invade and shoot while taking control …. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THEY DID NOT DESTORY IT AND CAUSE A DISASTER, THEY WERE SHOOTING IN IT ….. common sense …. DO NOT SHOOT IN A PLACE THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BLOW AND CAUSE A WORLD WIDE DISASTER …. you think people would be a bit more carful than that but noooooooooo ……

    3. The Ukrainians shot first. With RPGs.

      It wasn’t even all that close to the power plant.

      This incident is old news… 36 hours ago… and the fire was put within 2 hours.

      Pure propaganda. 👎👎👎

    1. @Krikey Dial
      I didn’t know Hunter had a government position:/ Unlike trump ‘kids’ and their businesses in China and Russia.

    2. @jeck jeck Well.. now you know. But it won’t matter because voters love charlatans so nothing will get better for workers.

    3. @Krikey Dial
      Now I know? Did you just try to lie to me about Hunter Biden having a government position? I’m not a republican, my IQ is higher than 45:/ I’m not taking anything you spew seriously.

    4. @Jason M 3 subs, an account that’s less than 2 years old, and a follower of last week tonight. Yeah, and we’re the trolls

  8. You would think that after Chernoble, Russians would know that this is very dangerous and hazardous, not only to Ukraine, but to Russia and the rest of the world, Putin must be held accountable for this criminal action

    1. @Local Review King and by the way, who brought trump up? you probably think i support fox news too? get a grip

    2. @WilliamOccamensis Is that inconcievable? Listen I’m not justifying Russian invasion. The propaganda is getting out of hand, however, the fog of war if you will. Tell me where to see the footage you speak of and i will gladly rescind my sttement

    3. There are a great many people who have only a rudimentary understanding of nuclear power and many who don’t want to know much about it.

    4. @Miguelito rpg has limited range and blast radius and was fired away from the buildings. Those russian artillery shells and missiles on other hand have a much bigger blast and penetraion depth and was fired toward the buildings.
      Secondly you fool. Ukraine has a right to secure and defend its territory against an aggressor.
      Russia is capturing those nuclear sites to terrorize the civilians and putting that part of Europe in jeopardy of nuclear catastrophe and goes against international law targeting those sites.

  9. The Chernobyl disaster happened over 35 years ago so this nuclear plant and the others in Ukraine must be much larger and the potential fallout much greater. Nuclear facilities have built in safety measures but I don’t think they factor in someone firing missiles at them purposely, absolute insanity.

  10. Though under threat, the Ukrainian is so brave and calm to stop Russians from shooting, thus avoiding a catastrophe. Salute to him!

  11. There is a certain kind of stupidity in those soldiers, isn’t there? I mean, for their own security at least, you’d think they’d know better.

    1. make no mistake their choice is to continue risking their attack, or be shot on the spot for subordinance.

  12. That’s one sentence I never thought I would hear –“Stop shooting at the nuclear hazardous facility“ 😬😱😳🤬😤😫 I suppose another one would be “you’re endangering the security of the entire world”

    1. From my understanding, a failure at a nuclear power plant wouldn’t threaten the whole world, just certain areas near it…. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

      everything feels like the end of the world these days… We must be in the end of days… Lol

  13. Loosing respect for the russian people more and more every day
    Stay strong stay safe stay free Ukraine
    And all those who stand with her

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