1. Spanky is also famous for saying:
    “Windmills cause cancer”
    “Maybe we can do disinfectant injections”
    “Putin was very strong, powerful and sexy in his denial of involvement…” (Helsinki Incident)

    1. @Dixon Uranus
      [B]y the way, I started the process. All the troops are coming back home. They couldn’t stop the process. 21 years is enough. Don’t we think? 21 years. They couldn’t stop the process. They wanted to, but it was very tough to stop the process … It’s a shame. 21 years, by a government that wouldn’t last. The only way they last is if we’re there. What are we going to say? We’ll stay for another 21 years, then we’ll stay for another 50. The whole thing is ridiculous. So we’re bringing our troops back home from Iraq. We’re bringing troops come from Afghanistan.”

    2. @1X4X9 Half of them think hurricanes are from HAARP. Never mind that they’ve been happening for centuries way before HAARP was ever invented.

    3. So first thing to do by Hitler/Stalin/Saddam/ etc was to remove all past history …. so new history could be written like race THEORY …. yah theory ‘ not fact and 1619 project ; yah project ; not fact…So lets forget we had slavery and a war fought to eradicate it …

    1. If only Chump fought in the Vietnam War instead of dodging it 5 times, the US would’ve won a total and complete victory. LOL 😅

    1. 85 BILLION DOLLARS …a Whole MILITARY left for our enemies Apache attack helicopters to C-17 cargos to half a million guns and artillary …WHAT A BAFOON…. DEMENTED at that …

  2. That has to be among the top 3 stupidest things trump has ever said. Just when you think that is all…wait theres more! SMH!

    1. @Jimmy I know. Have you seen DJTJ in flannel? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 He looks like his mommy got him dressed up & took him for family photos for little Jimbo week, shotgun in hand.

  3. “I didn’t come prepared to defend individual candidates…”
    Uhhh then why are you defending that racists or insurrectionists were in those roles without stating “without any information on the actual case.” LmO

  4. The guy on the scissor jack conducting the song…”There goes.. the Robert E. Lee… the night they drove ol Dixie down”!

    1. @The Tweatles Two types of t=rumpers : too stupid to breathe, and racists. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    2. @Alyce Reed Biden is losing his mind. We need a health assessment. Dont know why any of the stupid dumb reporters aren’t asking for one.

    3. @Dan Alexander Audio it is sad how you feel about politics. There are liberals and conservatives..each has their own puppet .

    4. Biden don’t even know where he is half the time they prop him up to read the Teleprompter and promises of ice cream afterwards

  5. “It violates our normals for Biden to change out people from these boards.” First, Trump violated ALL “norms.” Secondly, truly horrible people advocating destructive social and political ideas shouldn’t be left in ANY position were they can influence others. Biden did the right things and gutted the sedition supporting scumbags.

  6. When Trump asked,” if only we had more like Lee,?” he seems to be trying to normalize, people that try and overthrow the government. We ?

    1. Well if the the government is overthrown the stock market will crash our entire currency will be useless due to economic collapse He won’t have to pay back his money he owes so he trying to incite violence against the government. This is the same strategy we use against smaller nations. Have them have a economic collapse so we can flood their market with us dollars after we cause a take over of their government so that way they depend on us financially and they owe us.

    2. Robert E Lee wasn’t trying to “over throw the government”, he was standing up and fighting for
      what he believed in…STATES RIGHTS. Lee was an honest man that didn’t much give a damn about the politics of the day. The confederacy wasn’t trying to over throw the government, they were trying to succeed from the union. Stop being so “WOKE”. WOKEISM IS DESTROYING AMERICA.
      If we had more people like Robert E Lee in Washington DC, then America wouldn’t be in the pittiful condition it’s in today.

    3. @Dowe Brittingham btw liberalism is how the original Republicans started. And later the dixicrats changed into current republicans, who now support these insane Confederate concepts and “heroes” as noble and worth honoring. They were traitors and seditionists and deserved to lose. They killed americans in their quest to secede* and fired the first shots at Sumter.

  7. I’m not mad that we’re out of Afghanistan, good on Biden for having the courage to take the political hit and do the right thing.

    1. @Broken Crayons yeah the plan was to leave in may
      That is it, no withdrawal plans at all
      Why didn’t the mango Mussolini leave in 2020
      Because he is a COWARD

    2. @Veruca Salt 🙏🏽thank you !!! All I can say is they gave their life for this country….them and all who have served our country should be honored and not used as chess pieces on a board.

    3. Actually good on Trump who came up with the idea and BIDEN screwed it up leaving 85 BILLION DOLLARS of a whole military all set up for the Taliban ..What a FOOL a demented one at that

  8. That’s what “tfg” is all about – fighting, rooting against the US is what this guy is all about. Further, agreeing with US adversaries is another thing this guy does.

  9. Robert E Lee himself did not want any memorials erected for the confederacy, a point many people seem to forget.

    1. Yeah like when Trump shut the government down for over a month because he couldn’t get his way. You could almost pick one petty thing a day he said or did. These republicans are a hypocritical joke.

    2. Grumpy old man, the King of stupid never let us forget for one second how small and petty he was,, tweeted about it every flipping day~

    3. Among other flaws, Trump is dumb, self-serving, and corrupt – a very damnable condemnation for the worst president in American history!

    1. @John Harty I’d be interested to know a point in time in American history where an administration was _not_ dealing with at least one or more forms of crisis or controversy, real or imagined? I’ll wait.

    2. @Tink In Re: your comment “True… but ONLY if you’re weak-minded. As for the rest of us, we can listen……..etc, etc. ” There’s one major flaw in your theory: In order to believe you I’d have to accept that republiscum are capable of listening to anyone about anything………ever. I categorically do not accept that premise.

    3. @John Harty Trump spent most of the first 6 months of his “presidency” arguing over the crowd size at his inauguration but it’s Biden that’s petty, is it?

  10. A “complete and total victory” like the one he had in the civil war.
    Probably due to over running the Union’s airports.

    1. As in ” the airports the Continental Army captured from the British in 1776″ (Trump’s words in his July 4, 2020 speech).
      So that’s why Robert E. Lee was such an incredible, brilliant strategist. He used airplanes! Who knew? 🤣😂🤣😂

  11. Trump: “I love America”
    Also trump: continues to praise a confederate that hated America.
    Do people not see the irony of blatant racism?

    1. @Mike DiorLee served in the military and fought what he believed in at the time. He was not “anti-american.” I’m sure that’s some bs you say with people that don’t agree with the current government.

    2. @Mike Dior I think what they are trying to say is that he had different views and a different vision than the Union Army. Many people think all Confederate Soldiers were traitors simply because they fought. Many of these people fighting had families, strong values, and they wanted no part of any war. We also have to recognize many Confederate Soldiers mistreated numerous slaves in a way that is so grotesque, that it is almost impossible to believe it actually happened. This is a difference, and it needs to be recognized.

    3. @TheU2001 MIA I think that anyone who disagrees with the United States, decides to kill opposing Americans in a war, and decides to among other things continue slavery, is choosing some pretty awful things to fight for. Good call on throwing in the “fool” comment. It’s not hard to understand why people who support Trump are so easy to manipulate. It’s basically like dealing with annoying little kids in school.

  12. I cant believe they removed his Robert E Lee’s horse, when asked if the horse wanted to join the defense of slavery he replied with “Neigh”

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