Supreme Court Denies GOP Challenge To Pennsylvania Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Supreme Court Denies GOP Challenge To Pennsylvania Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Timmy Truth lol 😂 it won’t happen wrongdoer destroyer grifter criminal pathological liar
      evil devil trump 2020,2024,……. in a million years. He will be in a jail after Jan.20th 2021.Lol 😂

  1. We are not safe with him as president. I don’t understand the republican elected officials who let him have these outbursts that, to me, threaten the population of Americans

    1. @covfefe You say you’re American but you don’t support the rights of the Americans to vote for who they want to. This isn’t a dictatorship, no matter how much you accuse President Trump of being one. President Trump using the courts to challenge this election is not a dictatorial move. It’s laid out within the Constitution and is completely within the law to do so.

    2. @Michael williamson Who said I don’t support Americans to vote for whom they want to? That is right it is not a dictatorship so tell trump to stop acting like one. Challenging the election is not dictatorial. If that is your example of him being a dictator, then you surely don’t know what you’re talking about. And the right to vote isn’t just American, and whether I am American is irrelevant. Keep all that rah, rah nonsense to yourself. I don’t feel the need to boast about America, to be a proud American.

    3. @covfefe “it’s not dictatorial, you’re right so tell Trump to stop acting like one” if he’s completely within his rights in challenging this election… why should I or anyone tell him to quit acting like a dictator? You contradicted yourself.

      Now, can you tell me what rights you’ve lost in the 4 years of President Trump, the “self appointed” dictator of America?

    4. @Michael williamson You didn’t read my comment properly did you? Let me clarify this. He can certainly challenge the election. Although now it is getting quite ridiculous. That is not why I believe he attempting to be a dictator. Seriously. Read please.

    5. @Loukya Grinsted PLEASE!! Do Yourself A Favor And Stop Embarrassing Yourself Already! You Know Not What You Spew About

  2. Well the US Supreme Court actually did exactly what Trump was asking for: They stood up and and had the courage to do what we all know is right!!

    1. @Glenette Brooks it facts 🤣🤣 You could go to the United States of America supreme Court and look up the docket yourself Texas and 17 other states are suing them because they broke laws in the Constitution and laws in their state on how to handle and run an election. Trump has nothing to do with that because he didn’t tell them to do their elections and change their rules on their own. 🤣🤣🤣The Constitution isn’t just a piece of paper it is an actual live document that is still uphold in America today.

    2. @Patton Moore And that is why Texas is suing them because they would not even look at the evidence in their states. And because here in Texas we abide by our laws and the state and we also abide by the laws of the Constitution that we will have a fair election and that they did what they were supposed to do. 17 other states also have came aboard on suing them for breaking the law. That has nothing to do with Trump Trump didn’t make Ted Cruz and AG paxson to sue the key states for breaking the law in the Constitution and the law in their state. So get over it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Lisa Clark what are you talking about it only went to the supreme Court in the state this is going to the supreme Court of the United States The highest court in the land Texas state sued them along with 17 other states for breaking the law of the Constitution and breaking the law of their state on how they handled their election. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 They have to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow to respond The key states back to the United States supreme Court

    4. Well I’m going about what is in the court where you can actually pull up the docket yourself and read it on the United States supreme Court gov. And it would read Texas vs Pennsylvani, Michigan, Georgia


    5. What do y’all mean Texas is suing those states. For not following the law of the Constitution and following the law of their land. Y’all are so funny y’all fake news lol it is so hilarious to see how y’all sit here and try to really think that American people are stupid

  3. VOTERS, not lawyers, choose the president. Ballots, not briefs, decide elections.
    Trump and his supporters need to realize he’s been FIRED.

    1. He could fill a ocean 🌊 from all the whining and crying he’s been doing since the presidential election results . We haven’t seen nothing yet wait until January 20th at noon . 😂😂😂

    1. Love it.Said with such humour.After all he is a joke.Who in their right minds can take this person seriously???Apparently there a some.

    2. @Ronnie Naidoo some?? more like millions and millions…..sadly! he’s exploiting them and they don’t even realize it.

  4. The DayGlo Don thought “his” justices were “bought and paid for” because that’s the way it works in the criminal world.

    1. He’s a mob boss. He can’t even understand that he’s a loser. “Everybody knows I won”. He’s beyond pathetic. I know literal toddlers more mature than that corrupt fool. He’s a failure and always has been. He is terrified of losing his gravy train. He will pocket all those foolish donations he raking in now. He’s using to renovate his “living quarters” atMara Largo. He intended to get the SCOTUS to hand him the election. He went around to his rallies insulting his supporters. He wasn’t even trying to get votes.

    2. @Truth91 Barrette has to obey her husband. She’s in two different cults. Kavenaugh should never ever be trusted. There should be 13 Justices. But if one died or resigned on the 18th, Mitch would stick someone in on the 19th. I would never trust either of those two to actually uphold the constitution. You know Bunker Baby the Cowardly traitor has already contacted them both whining and crying about them being ungrateful and disloyal to him.

  5. As I said previously :
    “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
    ― Napoleon Bonaparte
    And Trump is a real proof !

    1. It is Trump who lacks courage. He didn’t have the courage to admit he lost the popular vote in 2016. He didn’t have the courage to recognize the virus was a threat to the country and calling it a “democratic hoax”, he didn’t have the courage to lead the country by calling the virus a health threat rather than a political one, did not have the courage to encourage mask wearing and making it a political statement, thereby committing negligent homicide and making the Republican party complicit in that obscenity, didn’t have the courage to accept the results of a free and fair election, and didn’t have the courage to not resort to attemp to stage a coup against our government, didn’t have the courage to cease to keep putting the people of this country in danger by refusing additional vaccine, and didn’t have the courage to realize that patriotism would be shown by every justice of the Supreme Court would uphold their oath to the Constitution rather than the wannabe dictator who appointed them and overturn a free and fair election in which he was FIRED by the people. It doesn’t matter that he got the most votes of a sitting president if his opponent got considerably more. Trump lost, pure and simple. And he didn’t have the courage to admit he lost a fair fight.

    2. it’s very ironic you mention stupidity because that’s exactly what’s taking hold of people who don’t understand what’s going on. The supreme court did not deny a hearing, they denied a motion for injunctive relief. Try to read, instead of being completely brainwashed and manipulated.

  6. “Let’s see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right”… and they did.

    1. Sometimes that overweight fool says something that backfires on him. His whole tone is that of a pathetic loser.

    2. Coathanger Amy of teh Supremes is a christian fascist cult member but they are easily programed so Amy got her jello brain rewired quickly once she was on the court

    1. @Brian Nave – your point?
      1. Trump and other republicans for months stated that mail in voting was not safe and that they shouldn’t do it. That alone is going to massively skew votes for Biden in Mail in voting
      2. Spikes and surges, many states including Penn if I recall were not allowed to start count mail in until after the polls closed, which could easily account for the spikes
      3. The witness himself didn’t seem to know the answers to multiple questions on the who, what, when, and where. 95+% of anomalies and irregularities end up being honest human error.
      4. the shear amount of people who handle those votes make mass fraud nearly impossible to perform, here is my own ‘expert’ –

      You lost, Trump lost, face facts and stop being a little snowflake.

    2. Well I suppose my nostrils are now disinfected , just snorted a sip of whisky out of them from laughing .

    3. @Blort Snergfud Dead people: “See, Trump supporters even think they’re democrats now. That’s how stupid they are.”

    1. Among other things, I imagine Trump was not the best PR ambassador for the McDonald’s brand. We NOT lovin’ it.

  7. Trump: “Let’s see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right”
    Everybody: “They just did”.

  8. He’s calling out to SCOTUS like he did Russia for Hilary’s emails. Yet another violation.. You’re fired already!

    1. @Noreb Keep dreaming it’s a 50/50 chance ..If they win Georgia in the senate run off ..They are going to use the 12th amendment & President Trump will stay in office..It’s a coin toss kid you just can’t figger it out

  9. Is anyone really surprised that Trump is trying to force himself on America, after she said no? 🤦‍♂️

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