Supreme Court Upholds Restrictive Abortion Law in Texas 1

Supreme Court Upholds Restrictive Abortion Law in Texas


Citing procedural reasons, the Supreme Court refused to block a Texas law that bans abortions after six weeks. Ruth Marcus, Neal Katyal, and Cecile Richards join Jonathan Capehart to discuss.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Supreme Court Upholds Restrictive Abortion Law in Texas


    1. @Scott Allen Sorry, Scott, your wife will either have to keep ’em shut or try to hide out in another state – although I heard out of staters can get paid for turning in the *degenerates.*

    2. @Scott Allen You guys wanted mandates, now you got them – bet these girls suddenly wish they learned how to knit and bake cookies now! 23 without kids due to safe intercourse – what’s your excuse, ScottyBoy?

  1. Conservatives: “I won’t wear a mask. I won’t have a vaccine. I won’t give up my guns. I won’t do anything you tell me. I have rights and freedoms. Also, you can’t have an abortion”

  2. If Dems pass $10,000 bounty for reporting someone drinking and driving, or owning an unregistered gun, I could quit my job!

    1. @jeffery Yoder No, those strong women all threw their support to Biden over Bernie. To use an analogy, they’re the beaten women who stay with their abusers instead of saving themselves and their children. What happens to the women in Afghanistan is on them as well. Those women you listed are false progressives who act as apologists for Biden.

    2. Let’s enable citizens to collect a bounty of 40 grand for winning a federal civil suit against anyone who interferes or threatens to prevent a lawful constitutional act of any female medical procedure.

    3. @Yoo Tuub Just make a syringe that fits in the palm of your hand. Make the medicine available in a reloadable 9mL cartridge. Instead of a plunger to take the medicine make it a trigger.

      Boom, Abortion Gun.

      An expecting mother’s right to bear arms in defense of her life against phenomena such as ectopic pregnancy shall not be infringed!

    4. @Yoo Tuub conservatives always wanna charge the mother or doctor with manslaughter whenever an abortion is performed but never want to charge the baby or fetus when the mother loses her life.

    1. Americans need to both encourage and allow democrat women to eradicate their own. More abortions = less democrats. MORE.

    2. Yes I agree that’s way to much control of women. I was suicidal once in my life when my birth control failed me and if I had not had an abortion I do believe I would have carried through with the suicide Everytime I got pregnant the depression was so devastating I couldn’t even get out of bed I guess it changes your whole system I thank goodness I had the choice or i just wouldn’t be here and I had a wonderful Dr. That suggested the solution.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Your side won. It always wins. Bernie supporters, progressives, and Greens always lose. And so does the planet. And so do the Afghani people. And no, it’s not fun. Except if you’re a psychopath. ARE YOU a psychopath?

  3. Any woman who votes for these Taliban Texans and returns them to office, needs to search for her lost dignity.

    1. @Annie Crouch no birth control is 100% effective 100% of the time even if used correctly 100% of the time but you know what is right? a vasectomy but i dont see young men lining up to get that reversible in office procedure

    2. @Lefty Loser you cant be charged with murder for that , you can be charged with doing an abortion w/o a license and assault though.

  4. Ted Cruz has been silent on the issue. Rumors have it that he went to Afghanistan on vacation to see the women in burkas. hasta la vista!

  5. I’m sick of discussing this without including male responsibility in the pregnancy. To put these horrible rules for women is NOT RIGHT!

    1. @Sojo Truth If take the women and do what you want means the same, yes it’s written in scripture. That’s why I know that God isn’t the author of confusion. God doesn’t contradict himself. There’s many books that was forbidden in the Bible and I believe it’s because they don’t don’t support man’s doctrines and traditions.

    2. Men should be responsible for sexual activities and urges. With all the contraceptive options now days. Is Democrat push for continuing abortion on demand, a reflection of women’s lack of knowledge or responsibility? Seems rather demeaning.

  6. As a young elementary pupil in the 1950s and early 60s, we were told that people in the eastern block countries were encouraged to rat on their neighbors if they held opposing views. The Texas law reminds me very much of that era, at least what we were taught about it.

    1. @dragonfox 2.0 We don’t have to wait. That’s the point of the thread: it’s already happening in Texas under Trumplican law.

    2. It reminds me of when Germany occupied the Netherlands. The Nazi party instated a financial reward system, if you ratted on where jewish people were hidden.

    3. Amazing how these patriotic America first republicans continue to lead with stalinist, Russian, nazis, sharia law abiding, policies proven to be failures.

    1. Nah, they wouldn’t do that. It’s too socialist for them. They want you to have a baby just to increase population but refuse to give an option to take care of the kid no one really wanted in the first place. Americans don’t really care about others. We haven’t since the start of our history.

    2. @Ryu Cartel Republicans never look at it that way. Which is exactly how I look at it about antivax antimaskers. Let them die. Less voters of GOP.

    3. If 10k changes a womans mind to have a baby, then it was nrver about her health in the first place. The abortion was just for convenience.

    4. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe I’m not exactly sure how an Uber driver gets paid, but in most other cases they can garnish your wages up to 25% of your gross until the debt is paid.

  7. The right’s conduct in Texas is a modern day version of the Salem witch trials, welcome back to the Dark Ages America!

    1. ‘….modern day version of the Salem witch trials.’ Did you see the Democratic Senators protesting at the border Father’s Day 2018?

    2. @Sara Mill So whats wrong with being a witch? i have alot more respect for them then ‘Christian’ hypocrites who dont actually follow the words of Jesus.

    1. It makes you wonder how a state can be “Pro-Life” and also think that anyone should be allowed to carry a handgun without a license.

    2. It’s all about controlling women. Religious types, especially men, freaked out in the 70s when they realized women wanted to be treated like adults capable of making their own health and economic decisions.

    3. Anti-abortionists are like child groomers in that once their object of fascination gets too old (or actually born, in this case) they promptly lose interest and abandon them. Not a coincidence that many anti-abortionists also oppose social services like child care and welfare because saving their own money is more important than the wellbeing of children they considered sacred while they were still gestating.

    1. @Rosco Rosco and abortion is murder… What do you call it?
      Population control?
      You liberal leftists make me sick.

    2. @ Elizabeth Absolutely! Poor American guys. Finally they’ll overcome their fear and order their women from overseas.
      Eastern European, preferably Polish. Wow! They can cook, they can appreciate and they can surround their home with baby laughter.
      American Boys, wake up! There are better option out there!

    3. @Rosco Rosco And the fact that you refer to THE LORD GOD as “anyone” proves you are unequipped to debate this topic, or probably any other.

    4. @Llynnyia Abortion As Birth Control is a popular right wing fantasy. Most women who get an abortion don’t do it because they’re just too lazy to use protection.

    5. @AB I was born to replace my older brother who was denied entrance into this world at 6 months. And so many more who came before me.
      I live with the guilt and that smell on me all my life. Unfortunately my home for 9 months was a place of mass of my siblings.
      Before my 54 years old oldest brother passed away from a heart attack (my hero, Staff Sergeant Special Forces Airborne USSR, he saved us during civil war) he saw a dream.
      He said he saw this curly hair young man in his 20s standing at the short distance from him. Thr young man didn’t say a word. He was just standing there and smiling at my brother. My brother couldn’t understand who this man is except that he reminds him of someone. When he woke up he was still puzzle about that dream and more than anything trying to figure out who this boy looked like…..until he realized that he looked like our Mother.
      By brother was not aware that he had a bother that he always dreamed of being stuck with two little sisters.
      My message to all: get to know the Lion and the Lamb while you still can.

    1. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER a person at a nursing home isnt literally sucking the blood of another to survive because without the fetus’ host it cannot survive.

    2. @ignatius equality Science disagrees – it’s a life the moment it has a heartbeat, at 18-21 days. You Leftist nutjobs demonized people for rejecting science and yet you refuse to listen to science on fetal life.

    3. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER how many times have you done anything to fight against the death penalty? And I’m sure you are for universal healthcare, cause you know, life is important? And of course, you’re for gun control cause of the extremely high gun violence and deaths?

    1. Their goal was to get govenment so small they could drown it in a bathtub, why would they try to make it work at all?

    2. The GOP has screwed things up? Have you heard about Afghanistan, the economy and the Southern border. Open your eyes!

  8. Of course they uphold it. You have Kavanaugh and pro life Barrett in there. Women can thank Trump for that one.


  9. Republicans have gone from “government which governs least, governs best” to “Snitch out your neighbor for cash”

    1. Ya mean kind of like snitching on your neighbor for have too many people over for Thanksgiving or Christmas during Covid?

    2. @f-off What state offers bounties for busting people for breaking Covid rules? Oh none. So it isn’t the same.

  10. One more reason that, after 30 years of supporting the GOP, I left the Republican Party once and for all. 2022 and 2024 will never find me voting for a single Republican.

    1. Every trump cultist follows lockstep behind the orange Pied Piper like a little lemming white hooded brown shirt!

    2. @Lefty Loser I hear you but some of us are not fighting over what you assume we are talking about. Some of us left the GOP because it is now nothing but a death cult, so we feel a need to warn others. Also, some of us didn’t land in the Dem side. Some of us went far further left. I should know. I’m one of those people whose journey took me so much further than I thought education could lead.

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