Surfside Mayor: 'Not Really Interested' In Stopping Rescue Efforts 1

Surfside Mayor: ‘Not Really Interested’ In Stopping Rescue Efforts


Surfside, Florida Mayor Charles Burkett discusses the latest as search and rescue efforts continue six days after the condo collapse. 

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Surfside Mayor: 'Not Really Interested' In Stopping Rescue Efforts


  1. Who else remembers the GOP used this building as a poster child of deregulation in the 80s even the national networks went at the x

    1. @M G well, you would read the source too, so would you believe *that* stuff you read? O.o not believing things you read as a general rule doesnt make a whole lot of sense…not believing what randos on the internet say without evidence presented makes sense though.

    2. @Tod Brown try to twist The narrative all you want Democrats for the last 30 years have not been for deregulation Republicans have. In case you didn’t know the beliefs of both major parties in this country have switched more than once.

    3. Somehow I don’t think anybody believes you Gary. How would you just so happen to remember this one building out of all of them…30 years later? Lies on either side are wrong, no matter the reason.

    1. The politicians must have gotten bored already and are wanting to leave without looking bad for doing so.

    2. Nearly a week, but given the nature of the collapse it’s hard to imagine there being any void spaces for survivors.
      That said if they are there, it’s a condo building, they might have some water or snacks in reach by chance to wait it out, and they in theory wouldn’t be burning many calories since they could barely move. Could potentially survive weeks, if not a month.
      All that said, depending on what they’re seeing or doing they might be able to move some of the debris off if they think they have somewhat stabilized the lower sections with that trench they’ve been talking about. May be able to move in further and a bit faster. It’s something of a balancing act I suppose. Move faster and risk crushing any survivors, or move slowly and they starve to death, maybe. Not sure how long it would take to sort through that entire structure though, unlike say an earthquake or anything this is one single building so they don’t have to search many different places, but I have no idea how slowly they have to crawl through this.

    3. @Polar Opposite he didn’t say stop he said start looking for body part’s instead of people who might be alive

    1. NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith is set to join First Lady Jill Biden on a coronavirus vaccination push in Texas on Tuesday. Smith is a true American hero who kneels during the national anthem. Please people, do the right thing and get you and your family vaccinated today. Spread the word, stay safe and be kind to one another!

    2. @esam 65 now that wouldn’t be frontier life would it. Or at least last time I checked gas guzzlers didn’t exist back then.

  2. Chuck waist no time in pointing out a division among the family members who wait for answers.
    Find what divides them and exploit it.
    Chuck desperately needs a gotcha moment and fails.

    1. @Lee From what was said this is a pretty Jewish neighborhood and their religious laws demand burial as soon as possible after death.

  3. The victims’ families need both answers and closure, all the more reason to continue the ongoing efforts.

  4. These people paid about $1 million in maintenance yearly. What happened to that money? It doesn’t appear to have gone into the buildings upkeep.

    1. @Angela Carter you’re wrong it’s a homeowners association there’s checks and balances for the money and how it’s spent

    2. @Suckass Dems LOL! Just like all those checks and balances that fail to root out and bring to justice corrupt politicians.

    3. @NO BS you make a good point, Cuomo killed hundreds of elderly and sexually harrassed many women. Nothing happened to him.

    4. @Polar Opposite just like nothing ever hapoens tonrepublipunks whove done the same stuff over and over again. Dont like it when the other side gets out of something do you? Yelling no fair like a baby.

  5. 2018 Inspection Report: “This building has critical structural problems that need immediate repair.”
    Building Owners: “Ok.”
    2018 Inspection Report: “It will cost $15 million.”
    Building Owners: “In that case, nah.”

    1. I believe I heard the cost of 25 k to each condo owner. I also think they would have paid HOA fees over all these years to cover these so called normal repairs back then. These poor souls and families are beyond devastation.

  6. Anyone with a chance at life deserves the opportunity to be rescued please do not impede or halt the rescue efforts!

  7. In an apartment complex there is food and water jugs. Somebody could have gotten lucky and found themselves in a pocket with food and water. As long as they have enough oxygen, the smoke didn’t get them, and they don’t have any injuries that need to be treated. They could theoretically live for as long as the food and water supply lasts them.

  8. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, far too many people are voicing opinions and critiques of how they personally see the rescue, yet have made no effort to confirm if their own beliefs are correct or reasonable. Of course, those working through the rubble absolutely want to do everything they can to get people out, but there are several considerations that need to be taken into account so others aren’t also put at risk as well. For instance, some might not think rain, wind or miserable weather should compromise the operation when in fact such thinking fails to take into account bad weather could very easily cause large pieces of concrete, furniture or what’s left of the building left standing to come crashing down.
    At all times trauma surgeons remain on standby to treat possible survivors, but they are also on-site to monitor the health of first responders. Their predominant role as a medical division of urban search and rescue is to keep team members safe, because if something happens to them they can’t do their jobs, and the whole operation falls apart.

  9. Yes! Please keep looking for survivors!! Just maybe there will be someone waiting to be rescued!! Many thanks for all of the rescuers, and, Firemen, and everyone else, who are there helping. Glad the rescue efforts are still going. My heart goes out to the families of the missing people. I pray every day that the Lord will help find more people alive, and if that is not possible, bring Peace to the families who can know their families were at least found, so they can move on knowing they were found. God be with you all!!

  10. And she shouldn’t, if they stop search and rescue, they just abandon any potential survivors and the bodies of the dead, whose families are waiting to bury them…

  11. Not to be Debbie downer but in other news, China opened the worlds tallest sky scraper today. cmon guys

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