Susan Rice: Trump Administration 'Has Been Racist To Its Core' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Susan Rice: Trump Administration ‘Has Been Racist To Its Core’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. under Barack Obama, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the Trump administration's ability to address issues of race and police brutality in America, and respond to some of the revelations from John Bolton's book concerning the way the President Trump conducts foreign policy. Aired on 06/19/2020.
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Susan Rice: Trump Administration 'Has Been Racist To Its Core' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. This should be our next vicepresident. She is brilliant and strong and deeply experienced in national security and international affairs.

    1. @Ellen Peba I could care less about Benghazi. I do remember Republicans defunding embassies though.

    2. @Larry Schad ?? You COULD care less, or you COULDN’T care less–which?? So those evil, bloody deaths didn’t faze you? No WONDER you’re a Communist-Dem!

    1. The only blue wave the progressive socialist will see in November is the tidy bowl man flushing more of those liberal tears.

    2. @Chad Kentile Like the ignorance that blacks greatest threat is other blacks? Or that cops are 18x more likely to be shot by a black man then vice versa? Or the ignorance that this racist nation elected a black president twice. Yeah, pretty blissful. #Winning #Trump2020

    3. Mark bodman Slight difference, nobody really knew what Trump was going to be like, he didn’t have a record to defend, now he does, defeated by Putin, defeated by Covid, impeached, no wall, laughed at by world leaders, lied about his father’s birthplace. What a record to defend!!!

    1. Vincente Ward Why the Chinese are smart not like your moron president his interview would say nothing.

    2. Vincente: Why? China manipulates; neither leaders nor government officials from China are respected for honoring truth.

  2. It’s a relief to hear leaders using specific and accurate language. I am SO tired of innuendo and soft descriptors which minimize reality.

    1. @ICE H2O I sure hope so. She is head and shoulders above the other candidates I have heard about.

    1. @Diarmuid Kelleher God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. One God in 3 Persons–That One God is the MOST Important Element in my life. Who said racism & slavery are good things?

    2. @Ellen Peba
      You know that Jesus Christ person was born in the Middle East. If he attended a KKK rally in 1927 they would have lynched him.
      I don’t know what version of Christianity you claim to follow but I don’t think Christ would want any person to suffer the pain of enslavement and have the enslavers honoured with statues.

    3. @Ellen Peba They don’t have to say it. They say….if they take away our monuments and Confederate flag, they is just tryin to erase our history while others are saying, I can’t breathe. Duh.

    1. Trump has given his supporters permission to be their worst selves and THAT is why they will never abandon him.

    2. He is pathetically obsessed with his predecessor because not a week goes by without him mentioning his name!

  3. Trump, the birther, was endorsed by the KKK, and his party gerrymanders, purges voter rolls, and closes polling places to prevent minorities from voting.

    1. @Mark bodman he didn’t ban all the Muslim countries because that would be unconditional so he had to use a loophole

    2. @Mark bodman “Donald j Trump is calling for a total a d complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United State until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

      ~donald Trump

      It’s funny how he called it a Muslim ban during the election but now that we call it a Muslim ban all of a sudden that’s not what it is

    3. @Mark bodman Trump’s dad was in the klan and only fools blindly follow a fake conservative two-bit conman.

    1. @Trump 2Q2Q The Library You support a man who has been a world famous liar since the 1980s. You might not have known that once but you do by now and don’t care. You don’t care because you’re just as FOS as he is. Only a liar can stand by another liar, even want that liar to lie for you. Cult conservatives believe that everyone is just like them only on a different team or side somehow. That’s why they project their own dark hearts so freely onto others. They can only understand another persons mind by what goes on in their own. 
      I’ve often wondered if people like you don’t understand the meaning of the word credibility because the cult believes words are just things people use to manipulate each other with? Credibility is one of those things that exists in reality and once it’s gone, it’s gone. This won’t be over for a while yet but when it’s over, no one will ever believe anything you people say again.

    2. It’s Obama’s fault.
      He should have crushed the GOP roaches out of existence while he had the power.
      The world would be a better place now.
      It’s Obama’s fault.

  4. “sure it’s a nazi symbol, but it’s in a meme, so it’s okay.”

    what trumpnazis are literally saying.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera little boy. LMMFAO
      Iam a Veteran that served in many shitholes and lost friends. I am college educated with two grandchildren.
      I got your boy

    1. And your eviedence is what exactly??
      My guess is there is nothing you can say that can’t be debunked. And if you say nothing you just prove what a parrot you are.

  5. Outside of Michelle Obama I pray for Susan Rice. She is knowledgeable, understanding and serious. Can’t go wrong with her. She will work within her means and position. She is for America as a whole.

    1. @WiseCentaur yoiu watch to much fake news. So putin made 63 million people vote for Trump?
      Putin made Universities give Trump all the electoral?
      Stupid stop watching dum news.
      And leave the Slavery owner democrat party

    2. @Wake up Ignorant, illiterate fools like you with no understanding of history will soon be shown to be the enablers of this treasonous administration. Hope you have a thick skin as there will be repercussions and your kind will have to go hide under those rocks again very soon.

    3. @Covfefe At least now we are all on the same page. China is colluding with American politicians. We need to punish China for that.

  6. I hope Biden selects rice as his vp. Experienced, strategic, patient, strong, and a perfect balance for biden.

    1. @Dearly Diane Nah, that what Faux News does, alternating between anger and grievance. Time to give up the nipple…

  7. Stop calling him president, he has other genius traces that more fitting:
    Don the conman,
    Dotard grappler,
    Bunker inspector

    1. Great job on those names – I call him donnie with a small d on purpose. He does not deserve anything better.

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