Talking Heads Founder David Byrne On Why More Americans Need To Vote | Mavericks With Ari Melber 1

Talking Heads Founder David Byrne On Why More Americans Need To Vote | Mavericks With Ari Melber


Icon, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and filmmaker David Byrne opens up in an extended interview about his career, his hit Broadway show and film "American Utopia," and the importance of elections and exercising your right to vote in this excerpt from the latest installment of "Mavericks with Ari Melber." Be sure to check out the full interview and other conversations with artists, musicians and cultural icons at
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Talking Heads Founder David Byrne On Why More Americans Need To Vote | Mavericks With Ari Melber


    1. @G B good thing there are so few Marxists in the USA you can count them on one hand. Unless you watch Fox and don’t actually know what a Matxist is.

    2. @G B …… White supremacists and other rightwing extremists have been responsible for 67% of domestic terror attacks and plots so far this year. But you knew this fact already of course. A single deadly “far-left” attack in 2020, the shooting of Aaron Danielson, a rightwing activist, by a self-described “anti-fascist” during a protest in Portland this August. Experts on extremism said this was the first killing linked to an anti-fascist in the United States in 25 years.

    3. After Trump is duly elected president, even though you guys will not have to, you can make believe Biden won and give 50% of your income and your guns to the government.

    1. @Brad Hurley No, I meant the video I watched said only 20 percent of voters vote in local election, so we need to get voting in larger numbers in local elections. Lol, Georgia was named after King George III, is that right? Idk what the country of Georgia is named after, but it is not in Russia. It was part of the former Soviet Union, and Stalin was from Georgia. Anyway…. Make sure and vote in every election. Or run for office!!!!

  1. What’s happened over the past four years is exactly why stellar education is so important. Remember, he loves the uneducated and they love him back.

    1. Clodrock exactly, people who have never been taught, much less called upon to use critical thinking skills.

    2. Spot-on!! Look at some states trump has won now this is not to say everyone in these states are uneducated of course but they will listen to anybody without reading a thing like trump!!!

  2. Every democracy in history was destroyed by uneducated voters and wannabe radical authoritarian leaders…Weimarer Republik! I dare everyone to read up on it

    1. I agree people who listen to this lunatic are somehow hipnotised and think for trump instead of themselves!

    1. @Joy Z we can just get all the people who voted for Biden, because it is obviously more than those who voted for Trump.

    2. @Anthony Campagnolo – That makes sense. However, many people dislike Trump but still want the GOP to keep control of the Senate. I think the Democrats can do it, however. There are an estimated 20 to 25,000 teenagers who have turned 18 since the registration deadline for the general election. If they register and are allowed to vote (and vote blue) the Democrats have a chance. I wrote “allowed to vote” because Kemp is trying to suppress their votes. I don’t know if it passed, but he wanted any student voter to not only prove residence but have a vehicle registered in the state.

    3. @Joy Z I hear you but didn’t Stacey Abrams push for ‘non voters’ to vote hence the Biden win. I am praying she continues to do that. She really should have been Governor. Silly me hope springs eternal

  3. That was an excellent visualisation of voter participation in American elections. That’s why it’s important to turn up, turn out and vote!!!

    1. We have “Georgia on our minds!” and in our prayers. They have GOT to get that racism out of there! Prayers to GA

  4. Love David Byrne, he drives the TRUTH truthfully to the core of us, with his Art, his Music, with his Voice. A true spokesman for our Times.

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