Tapper compares Feinstein to RBG

CNN's Jake Tapper presses Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) about Democrats not pushing retirement for former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, drawing a parallel to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) who's been scrutinized due to her extended absence as she recovers from shingles. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. Well… you can have a medical condition that forces you to be absent for lengthy periods of time, but from which you can recover from. You cannot recover from old age, it generally tends to get worse with time.

    1. Agreed. When holding onto power is more important than the needs of the voters, you know our democracy is in trouble. Term limits and age restrictions, need to be in place. Unfortunately they have to vote on a rule change like that, so it won’t happen. 💯

  2. As much as I love RBG she needed to retire to give US that seat. The GQP will NEVER do what’s right for the manioc America.

  3. There’s nothing to do with Feinstein. It’s the fact that she happens to be in the way of a lot of critical movement has to happen now. Either she steps have been handles it or she gets out the way, her choice

  4. Come on. They work so hard for all these years just to let the good they’ve done get wiped out due to their egos? This is some bullshit.

  5. She needs to go. She’s been sitting in that spot too long and she’s holding it up so the young people can’t do anything about change who could come in. It’s just all about Prestige power and money.

  6. We need some young people in government. 70 years and older doesnt reflect the public

    1. It reflects those who vote. We need young people to get engaged and enraged and to vote.

  7. Exactly Tapper! How’d that work out for Roe v Wade? By Ruthie insisting on staying, she reversed her own legacy, as Feinstein is doing now. Congrats, Democrats!

  8. All of us will get to a point where we cannot work. She is obviously there. I wish nothing but the best for her, but it’s time to go.

  9. How long has this senator Then absent? If she cannot perform her job as an elected senator, then she should quit, and they should hold a special election to replace her.

  10. She needs to resign!! Each member of congress should have a deputy just in case of any situation they need to take a leave of absence

  11. Respect and be fair to her family? What about the families and Americans she’s supposed to be representing and helping? Any respect or fairness to those REAL people suffering? She’s a hack

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