1. @the Positive Ukrainian war this happened in Allen TX, not DALLAS, I Live in Dallas..it’s a totally different county.

    2. @the Positive Ukrainian war Thank you for womansplaining to me the obvious, I never said this wasn’t a democracy lol re-read what i wrote lady. I’ve owned a house in Dallas for a while now I know the difference between Dallas and the burbs, this happened in a totally different city and county.

    3. 🤣 I often have wondered why everyone that works and legislates in Dallas only live in Dallas.. weird. But we are forgetting the 6.5 million+ of people that pass over the border during the Administration of Transparency, no.. I apologize.. that is the responsibility of Texas only.. right?

    1. @maggiemaloney8599 Every person I meet from any of those countries has come to America for a better life. So I’d say, absolutely NOT.

  1. Abbott and Cruz are planning to put forward the “Thoughts and Prayers” bill in the Texas legislature that will make it law that those with “mental health issues” must OBEY the thoughts and prayers of Cruz and Abbott to NOT kill others, as it harms Abbott and Cruz.
    They will vote on it after Ted gets back from Cancun.

    1. ​@Charles 🅥 so becuase his Hispanic it doesn’t make him American. Texas belong to Mexico at one point a lot Mexicans became American when Texas became American. Mexican or American is not race but a nationality. The news said he was right wing most likely a die hard Trump supporter.

    2. @Felipe NUNEZ I didn’t say that. I just said the Suspect was *Mauricio Garcia* 🇮🇹 That’s his name. He had a Ukraine flag as his Facebook profile picture tho

    1. @Kiss My Axe please respond in a substantial way to any construct I have already posed on the thread above then. You, still, have added nothing of substance to the conversation; rather, you have made personal attacks without merit

  2. I will never live in these States ever
    I’m sorry for the lives of these people lost and I’m sorry for their families

    1. where do you live? Rates of gun violence in the US are unacceptably high… but rates of violent crime including murder are still higher in most countries around the world. And rates of property crime are higher still. The media is pushing a certain narrative, but it doesn’t really give a balanced picture. Lived 43 years in the USA and never saw a crime being committed more serious than jaywalking… meanwhile in many places I went overseas it seemed like certain crimes were routine…

    2. OH, if only the REST OF THE FOREIGNERS felt this way! If this Country returned to the DEMOGRAPHICS of the 1950’s, we’d be FAR BETTER OFF.

  3. I remember going to the Malls as a teenager, in my twenty and forty and going to mall to toys, books and comics. I would eat at the McDonald’s or Chinese restaurants. Never worrying about being shot by a Mass Shooter! This is heartbreaking!

    1. ​@Mr. White thank you for pointing that out been saying it for a long time. The arely 90s still had the most murders. Imagine if they had social media when the Tulsa massacre happen.

    2. ​@Mr. White doesnt have anything to do with it…people in other countrys do have all those things but they dont have mass shootings….

  4. It’s truly heartbreaking for those of us living in peaceful countries having to hear how little children and innocent people had their lives abruply ended by some cowardly and insane individual. Sad. Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

    1. They need to address the mental problems. Large cities with homeless people. Maybe all the money we send to other countries would help here.

    2. ​@Call Me Spence There are many peaceful countries compared to America. You should try visiting one. You might relax for the first time in your life.

  5. Don’t worry .. there will be another massacre by the end of the week .. and we’ll have forgotten all about Allen.

  6. We have our faults in Canada, but nothing like this. People are risking everything to get into Texas and the USA!!!! Things must be really bad where they come from. They jump out of the frying pan and into the fire! I avoid travelling through the US at all costs these days. Truly a very sad situation. Gun manufacturers should stamp the following on all their guns….”Our thoughts and Prayers are with anyone related to the person this gun kills”!

    1. @Kiss My Axe Do you know what ‘per capita’ means?? Sure doesn’t sound like it.

    2. @Kiss My Axe On an absolute basis sure, and we’re talking about mass shootings here. As others have said, you don’t seem to understand what “per capita” means. By your logic why doesn’t China and India have more mass shootings than the US?

    1. @Ryan Elliott

      Hmm, have you come across the terms irony and sarcasm at all?

      You should at least attempt to understand that some posted comments can work on more than one level.

      And of course some Americans aren’t quite as subtle as people from other nations.

      That could be because of poor education or a lack of imagination, you choose.

      There again you do have some excellent Unis … in fact some claim these US Unis are on a par with European Unis.

      We’ll that’s what they say, mad as it seems.

  7. Show the photos of the victims. Force us to see the horror. Emmett Till’s death
    showed us the horror that was done to him because of the bravery of his mother. Show us the photos of the victims. Make us see the horror.

    1. ​@Sandra Moore Williams Not defending Trump, but we have been uncivilized long before him.

    2. Why? Nothing was done about Emmett Till’s death and nothing will be done about these senseless deaths. That’s the sad reality.

  8. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is not to sell him a gun in the first place!

    1. Hmm … now, when you say “well regulated” …

      You’re wasted on this platform! You should be writing comedy scripts … you’re a natural at comedy.

      And no mistake.

    2. @Ants Drone assault weapons do not exist, they never have.
      Assault rifles exist, however have been banned from general public consumption since 1934.

    3. Well funded and supported by the riches people who will benefit handsomely by gun violences‼️🙄🤬😤😡😠😱

    1. FYI: we paid for the stage, we built it, and out of the goodness of our hearts allowed the Europeans to remain independent nations after WW2. But you and your politicians know, that you better kiss our ax, or Mother Russia will own you

  9. I quote from somebody else ” the killer did not act alone, he had help from the Republican Congress” .

    1. @King BullyRock An unfortunate soul who believed in right wing nut cases and their hate rhetoric.

    2. Not exactly but someone was helping. Why else have so many weapons, magazines and ammunition?

  10. Thank you, officer for not running the other way. Your brave actions no doubt saved many lives. If you by chance read this, please take care of yourself. Killing another human being is traumatizing even if it’s deserved.

  11. I’m so happy to be living in Canada. I walk down the street in peace, the corner store…in peace and all our fast food restaurants, Walmarts, and even garages are safe where I reside. I couldn’t imagine nor even want to live near these constant senseless crimes. I wish our neighbors would be at peace and get along like we do here. Now, we aren’t without crime but nothing compares to our neighbors. Please take serious care of yourselves

    1. We are happy that you are there too. I Used to live in Metro Detroit and enjoyed watching our Canadian brothers come shopping in America for clothes, and strip down to their skivvies to put on their new clothes home so that the Canucks wouldn’t tax them for their newly bought clothes.

    2. I moved to a much maligned and vilified country to the south that I can walk down the street at 10:00pm to grab a couple of fish tacos and my spidey senses never tingle.

    3. I feel the same. Kids can go to school without having armed guards or drills on what to do if something terrible happens. My bank doesn’t have an armed guard either. But I fear that it is too late for the US, they have more guns than people and they are full of hatred for anyone who is not exactly like them. All that hatred and all those guns are a bad combo.

  12. I’m an American who retired to Portugal in Europe, to find peace and safety. I was in my kitchen, watching Portuguese news, when I first heard about this shooting. And even though im thousands of miles away, these stories ruin my day. Damn, I can’t even watch local European news without this in my face. Over here They think we’re desensitized, uncivilized animals in the US. I’m tired and embarrassed of being asked questions by the locals, as though I know what’s going on or how to fix it. I’m mostly speechless.

    1. @theresa engel If they ask, I lie and tell my neighbors in Mexico I’m from Canada.

    2. How much tax do have to pay in Portugal? Free healthcare?? What community old age home will they put you in once you have paid your taxes?

    3. Solo recuerda que Texas es parte del viejo oeste ..en ambos lados de la frontera siempre es la misma situación

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