Taxi Strike in St. Mary, Jamaica | $387 Billion Wasted I TVJ News – May 20 2021

Taxi Strike in St. Mary, Jamaica | $387 Billion Wasted I TVJ News - May 20 2021 1


  1. Because the $387billion didn’t go to the intended target and most of it end up the politicians pocket

  2. Sometimes I wonder if some of these politrickcians were in hibernation and suddenly wake and finds themselves in an other world, it always frightened me whenever they speak about certain issues.The party for which Mrs. Burke belongs was in power for about 20years and suddenly she’s talking about education as if all the ills of education develop in the last few years 🙁.

  3. What about the people them dat don’t earn 500,000 or 1.000,000 dalla a year like the people om minimum wage and the peopl that or bellow the minimum wage line, God we need u help in these time now more than ever

  4. Only people who that make 500,000 to 1.5million can get help with table for school, how much people earn less than 500,000 per year that have a child going to school? What a wicked people them

  5. I know basically every public transport fare will increase but me know seh me nah tek taxi if I don’t have to. Rather walk or wait pon bus. Drive too reckless man

  6. I’m I hear correct… 500k n 1.5 mil will receive the tablet wat about the ones who make less??

  7. Government Stop!!! Using our hard earn money wastefully by trying tp fight crime, instead target the youths with jobs and opportunities. And stop been so Corrupt.

  8. Yo me no wa hear nutthing from dem taxi man too much crime are being commited by people in the name taximan lately they need to be better regualted and checked out

  9. 😂 why the tablet can’t be free glad my pickney nuh depend on government. You have to earn half a million fi get qualified 😂

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