Teen wins full college tuition in vaccination lottery 1

Teen wins full college tuition in vaccination lottery


14-year-old Joseph Costello reacts to being selected as the winner of a four-year, full-ride scholarship to any state school in Ohio after entering the state's Vax-a-Million giveaway. The program was set up to encourage people to get vaccinated.

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    1. @S Dude if you’re a brick it doesn’t matter where you go to learn because in the end you’ll still be a brick. Ambition is key alongside genetic predisposition for intellectual capability. My employer came here when he was 8 from Mexico (legally through the proper channels) now he owns a multi million dollar company bc he is driven and took calculated risks. Guy grew up dirt poor and understood that the best way out of that life is to work hard and not make excuses for failure. If you fail learn from it but it is YOUR failure

    1. @Tim N You might be able to sue in a few years after the Autoimmune system starts to reject your own body.

    1. @Tim N China didn’t give their citizens a vaccine and they don’t seem to have a problem with covid anymore. They are back to full production and work schedules.

    2. @Lauren F are you serious?? Since when did websites with all the fancy bells and whistles become a source of truth? lol! With your logic, the best decorated website is obviously the truth. I can’t

    1. @Parker Adelson still money I don’t want to spend on something like this. Rather see that cents go to roads and infrastructure. I know we already pay taxes for that, but that seems something worth spending tax money on.

    2. @Parker Adelson We should take this a step further. How about we all enter into a lottery for basic medical care? If you win you get treatment if you don’t sucks to be you. You do realize what they are doing here isn’t that far removed from the scenario I just presented right?

  1. Hahaha.
    Free college tuition for our citizens: I sleep
    Free guinea pigs for untested vaccines:

    1. Sounds like the biggest snake oil salesman scam I’ve ever heard

    1. @jessica gunn also many athletes especially in college are very intelligent. That’s what makes them able to manage their schedules and be so disciplined.

    2. Krispy Kreme offering free doughnuts, starbucks gift cards, win free vacations, you name it. Sad they have to bribe to get people to take poison.

    3. @Joseph G. Hotto just goes to show you what people think their life is actually worth

  2. So you mean to tell me you’ll give me a shot at free tuition or even a million dollars to take the jab BUT if it KILLS ME OR HARMS ME in any way me or my surviving family members CAN’T be compensated!? WTF kind of sorcery is this?! Uuummmm… that’s a strong HELL NO for me

  3. I WANT TO SEE THE VOTES! The youtube downvotes that is. Not Biden votes, we already know about that…

  4. The worse part about this: college is so expensive that earning a full scholarship is like winning the lottery.

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