1. The bear up there didn’t seem to have a pair, which is rare. I didn’t really want to stare, but to be fair, they were covered in hair, which probably makes them hard to share.

  1. The little dog almost became mama Bear’s dinner if it wasn’t for the quick action of the brave young girl.

    1. No I don’t think so the bear was planning on eating, if u notice it was rather back to following the cubs rather than fight more with the dogs. It was just protecting the cubs

    2. @Pen矇lope Pe omg that’s what she said. Before you saying things in anger, read carefully.

    3. @Yazdonsmom Dogs can bark from inside…..and I don’t know if there is a doggy door or the door was opened…. neverthless keeping sn opened door is dangerous and a crazy thing Americans seem to do. I know it’s nice for dogs to be able to go outside…but with a short wall like that, it’s not protective but risky..

    4. @Pen矇lope Pe Uh, that is exactly what I was saying. Their instincts trump any reasoning skills they may have, all they know is fight or flight. Our dog is very territorial and also doesnt seem to realize he is small, he sells woof tickets to all-comers, large and small!

  2. Bear’s lucky she didn’t have a knife! LOL
    Crazy, but mad respect…she saw that opening and went for it! knocked the bear off balance just enough to make it think twice about the encounter…
    Of course, had one of the cubs fallen onto the patio, this whole thing would’ve gone down a more tragic way, I’d wager….

    1. yeah, the cubs went off on the wall……and mom followed. She got the message. Between all these barking dogs and the pushy woman, she may decide to ignore that house with the tempting swimming pool.

    2. Because the bear had Cubs it was more Concerned about her babies. But if we didnt have cubs were from her dogs wouldve been nice dinner

    1. @pls don’t ban me again you libtards Of course it is! She protected what is important for her. If it’s not important to you it’s your problem not hers.

    2. That’s why it was stupid. There’s really something wrong with a person who would risk their lives for a dog but wouldn’t do the same for a human yet many of you see nothing wrong with that. Smdh.

    3. Yea, those are the ones that just let their kids drown in the backyard pool. Monkey brain mamas.

    4. Lol I remember a vicious pit bull ran up to my daughter when she was 2, I damn near broke my leg running & grabbing that dog off. Funny thing is I don’t even remember thinking about it

    5. @Pen矇lope Pe I don’t think you understand, that wasnt an informed rational decision. She didn’t consider the consequences and only acted on emotions. If she had her face torn off or killed like many other people have had, shed regret her decision.

  3. Neighborhoods need wildlife corridors to allow wildlife to pass through without confrontation with pets or people.

    1. This is what’s happening right now in Yunnan, China. 15 Asian elephants (w/ two babies) have trekked 500km into urban Kunming City from near Myanmar natural forests as they migrate northward in search for food/water. Along the way people are helping them despite the damages caused. Experts are hoping to gently without tranquilizers lead them back home eventually.

    2. @Diane Taylor they don’t know what a yard or house means..they see food…see some other animals (humans) and go about their mission…no ulterior motives…simple creatures

    3. @Tyler Dawn Rosenquist they don’t know what a house means..they see food…see some other animals (humans) and go about their mission…no ulterior motives…simple creatures.. everything is just space.

    4. @tropicthndr Compromise & challenging, yes. You have to pick a solution: (1) extinction [current trend] (2) separate land for human animals and wild animals [challenge: unsolvable rising human population – China just bumped max. children to 3 {they are preparing for war is primarily the reason}] (3) live in conjunction [corridor solution]

  4. Rule number 2: Don’t mess with a mama bear and her cubs.
    Rule number 1: Don’t mess with a dog mama’s dogs.

    1. It’s so trendy to say “low key” that idiots use it when it’s clearly not even appropriate.

    1. Exactly. Mama bear looking for fruit trees, perhaps. I
      m impressed by how well her cubs did. They booked so fast.

  5. 2 girls protecting their own – momma bear got excited about the dogs and teenager protecting her dogs – that was raw nature – no one wrong

  6. Her: So there was this bear attacking my dogs standing on a gate so i ran up to it and pushed it off. Grabbed my dogs and the bear was helpless from me protecting my babies.
    Anyone: … .. . Sure.
    Us: No F***ing way… .. .

  7. In a moment of panic vs protection, the scene is taken in with all aspects of the situation. That girl is brave and has some skill. She determined the bears weakness and acted upon it to give her time to get her dogs to safety. Two mothers, one victor. And yes she was lucky that she kept the mother bear from going to ground in her yard. But not all situations are the same, so be very careful.

  8. Not many people can say they put their hands on a momma bear and lived, let alone shove one off a wall.

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