Teen's reaction to friend choking is unbelievable | Humankind 1

Teen’s reaction to friend choking is unbelievable | Humankind

This teen never expected he would be saving a life at lunchtime.
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When 9th grader, Jackson Johnson began to choke on his food during lunch, his friend, Hunter Olsen used the Heimlich maneuver to save him.

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  1. I had to Heimlich myself at a friends poker party one night. I went out for a smoke but grabbed a handful of peanut M&Ms on my way. I tossed them into my mouth while I was outside on the porch alone. I was close to passing out as I leaned over the railing and slammed my chest down in it. One of those double M&Ms came flying out. It was really close.

  2. Teachers help and kids make a difference! Kids like this make me so very proud to be a teacher. We’ll done, Ms. Howa!!

  3. Whoever gave this thumbs down is just jealous… maybe because they wouldn’t know how to save their friend. Good job
    Be proud.

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