Texas Democrats To Hold Events To Push For National Voting Rights 1

Texas Democrats To Hold Events To Push For National Voting Rights

Texas Democrats who left the state to block voting restrictions will be holding a virtual conference to highlight the need for Congress to pass federal voting rights legislation. NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard explains who will be taking part in the event. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Texas Democrats To Hold Events To Push For National Voting Rights


  1. It should be aware that there are people that want to take control. No matter what the ramifications would be.

    1. @ALLAN ROSS Ahahahahaha! And yet, they won’t let Bernie, the one who actually is a solid leftist get the nomination. I wonder why. Why do the Democrats push back against the more progressive politicians like Bernie or AOC if they’re supposedly socialist or communist? Progressives are still a relative minority on Capitol Hill. You don’t see the Twitter mob reflected on Capitol Hill. Granted, that’s probably for the best. We need more progressives, though not necessarily as crazy as the Twitter mob. Many of our so called Leftists here in America are likely further to the right than ‘conservatives’ in other first world countries, especially the ones in Europe.

      This is illusion of who’s really a communist or socialist will likely play a role in the death in this country. It’s just as bad as some on the right would say about the Fascist label. Many average Joes on the internet clearly don’t know the difference when they’re accusing someone a bit to the left of their views of being either of those or at least on ‘The Left’. I’m not even really on the left and I see it. The political compass actually puts quite a few prominent Dem politicians a little on the right, like Biden. Gee, I wonder why he took issue with Social Security in the past and is willing to increase the Defense Budget. America as a whole is still a more right-wing country. A good portion of the Dems being Right-leaning or at the very least, Centrist goes to show right-wing slant. Being closer to the center, many of them are willing to work with Bernie, but it comes to giving him enough power (like as their president al nomination), they’re still heavily against that. It’s why there’s a clear rift between Pelosi and AOC (and friends).

      Also, fun Bernie fact: “American socialists and representatives belonging to the Democratic Socialists of America, Socialist Workers Party and Socialist Party USA have criticized Sanders, arguing that he is not a socialist because he aims to reform capitalism rather than to replace it with an entirely different socialist system. Despite its criticism, the Democratic Socialists of America “strongly support[ed]” his campaign for President.” Former Sanders colleague Peter Diamondstone claimed that Sanders was a socialist during his time in the Liberty Union Party but is no longer a socialist.”

      In other words, many Socialists don’t even consider Bernie, one of the most left-leaning politicians, as a one of their own.

    2. @GreenKrickett YAHTZEE!!!!!!! Also the word democracy was not written once in our Declaration of Independence or constitution. Just feeding you a little something nutritional for the brain to nourish yo game.

    3. @coogrfan
      It has ALWAYS been “Election DAY” not Election week, month… DAY
      What I stated, since before the scam of 2020, is:

      POLLS OPEN FROM (XX)am to (XX)pm. [What ever hours are determined]
      If there is a valid need for absentee ballots ( medical/disability etc, or an anticipated travel/or absence + others] then the established policy/procedures gets used.
      We had last-minute changes being made right up to Election Day
      ’24 hour drive thru’?
      Each district/precinct should be required to have adequate facilities to accommodate the number of voters.
      If the Poll Watchers intimidate ANYONE, that’s a separate issue. That’s criminal.
      There is no reason that poll watchers can’t be close enough to observe without contact with voters.
      Obviously, ballot harvesting has been an issue in the past.
      A SC Justice (on a different, but similar case) stated that even with reasonable accommodations there IS a level of responsibility the voter must accept.
      I’ve been voting for many years. I’ve adjusted my schedule- 1 hour commute, work all day, required overtime, 1 hour commute back, wait in line, and still made it.
      No sympathies here!

    1. @Stabby Ktn the only evidence I needed was Democrats battling the thought of audits. Why would you be against proving your historic victory unless it’s a historic fraud?

    2. @Big Fat Liar Your news source failed to mention to you that Maricopa county received 75,000 more mail in ballots than they sent out. It would be incredible if 100% of the mail in ballots sent out were received, but to magically receive more is evidence of fraud.

    3. @Dutch Star so? what is your source that you are so confident to post your comment here in youtube? I mean, who are you? I think you know so many about what happened last election? YOU should be cooperating with the FBI.

    4. “Texas Democrats, screaming about climate change, voting rights, and new covid restrictions, charter a gas powered private plane to skip the vote taxpayers pay them for, sit on each others laps taking selfies not wearing masks, then catch COVID and refuse to quarantine”. Fixed the headline for you. You’re welcome.

    5. @Flusha Art Did you do the same headline when ted cruz fled texas in a middle of a snow storm to fetch his children? Just asking? Not just a merely state senator but a Federal senator. You are cool with that, right? But getting mad when your ‘state senators’ did that? Fleeing? Btw, cancun ted flew and its in another country, not in US. Where that wall is getting built to keep you safe. So he fled to that place you bulid that wall for? What does that mean?

  2. Remember when elected officials DIDN’T act like spoiled little bratty children?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers…

    1. Not really. Texas conservatives have been successful in restricting voting rights since Reconstruction. The bill currently in our Senate is just more of the same.

    2. “Texas Democrats, screaming about climate change, voting rights, and new covid restrictions, charter a gas powered private plane to skip the vote taxpayers pay them for, sit on each others laps taking selfies not wearing masks, then catch COVID and refuse to quarantine”. Fixed the headline for you. You’re welcome.

    3. @Crispin Fornoff yes, I try to educate the uneducated but like they say….you cant fix stupid. Especially a Republican cult that is brainwashed

    4. ADAM BUSSERT America has its own interests though, with high unemployment and stagnation we don’t need to bring more people in who don’t even know English, much less skilled in any way that will bring value to us. If our own population is to spoilt to do certain low skilled jobs and rather be bums, perhaps we should try fixing that instead of inventing a racial servant class.

  3. It’s funny how msnbc always bashes Republicans for Covid but yet those Democrats that were on the plane that went to Washington got it

  4. Hm…sounds like a ruse again. Dems and the media have been using us since the 1960s. Proverbs 1:22. How long will we be simpleminded?

    1. Governor Abbott blamed the Texas power failure on the Green New Deal. That’s how dumb he is.

  5. It’s a giant strokefest. They didn’t get the stroking they wanted in Texas so the went away crying to their parents and are begging them to take care of it. These are not elected officials. These are elected children.

  6. There’s a simple defining characteristic of nationalizing Federal Voting Legislation. It’s called UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This expands voting opportunities and strengthens mail in and ballot box voting. You are being lied to.

  7. Requiring ID to “legally” have your vote counted is common sense approach to secure voting integrity. This benefits all political parties. Unless you have a open border and want to turn a state blue. Then only one political party benefits.

    1. @Anthony C Or C. Not required? False dichotomy. Just because you say there are only two choices, doesn’t make it so.

    2. @rabidlorax Actually I pay attention to the representatives in Texas who read the bill and have issues with it. The representatives who asked for changes but were denied despite claims of bipartisanship.

  8. “… They didn’t discuss the filibuster…”

    They didn’t discuss it, because each and every one of them is doing their own version of a filibuster on this little college road trip stunt they’re pulling.

    1. Time to make voting mandatory like filing taxes. It should be made everyone’s duty. Serve your country and vote.

    1. @Joey Tomko You are blind, deluded, brainwashed, indoctrinated and sad. Following pure evil. I don’t understand how anyone with a conscience, heart, or working brain could ever be a Republican.

    2. @Joey Tomko many college and retired citizens don’t have to file taxes. But submitting your ballot with your taxes sounds fine to me. Make it easy as possible.

    3. @karlmoles65 If this is truly how you think, the I’m afraid to tell you are the one who has been brainwashed! You are NOT worth trying to save!
      Have as good of a life as you can muster in your fairyland!
      You should hope & pray that your Joke Xiden does not succeed in turning America into a socialist country!
      THAT IS THEIR GOAL!!!!!!!!

    4. @Damian Allen Those Dems would now be Republicans, which is ironic when you consider that the GOP was founded in 1854 as a radical progressive party.

  9. “National voting rights?” No. “Centralizing federal control of election procedure and mandating systems which would make fraud easier.”

  10. All these “people” know that you need 60 % of votes in Congress to pass that Corrupt Politician Act. But the Democrats only has 50 %. Did they ALL fail Grade 2 Math?

    1. Thats why they are trying to remove the filibuster from law so a simple majority can pass any bill. Eliminating the voice of the minority party.

    2. @Nick BiermanAnd what does it take to remove the filibuster? This is for my information since I don’t know. A simple majority?

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