Texas Democrats ‘Would Take Anything' In Terms Of Federal Votings Rights 1

Texas Democrats ‘Would Take Anything’ In Terms Of Federal Votings Rights

Texas State Representative Jasmine Crockett discusses the sacrifices Texas Democrats have made by leaving their state and their strategy for making progress on federal voting rights legislation.

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    1. A message from the Lord, to all former Christians; Please come home again!

      (Luke 15:7)- “there will be more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!

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      And more importantly, when you come back to God you will have a clean slate! All of your sins forgiven! The Lord is not looking to punish you or be angry with you when you come home! No! You will be forgiven!

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      (Isaiah 44: 22)- “I have blotted out like a thick cloud your transgressions, and like a cloud your sins. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.

    2. You need aN ID to buy beer but you shouldn’t need it to vote? Seems Democrats know they couldn’t win a fair election.

    3. @David Eby Nobody says Democrats are “refusing to show their ID’s to vote” … Which is not the real issue with this bill, though…. It’s the OTHER provisions. Please listen carefully and pay attention. She’s explaining some of them:
      1.) If someone goes to vote with a car full of people- everyone has to get out of the car… Why?!! If there are kids that can’t vote, why can’t they stay in the car with one parent while the other votes? (It’s what I do.)
      2.) Not allowing Spanish speaker’s votes counted. Which are a lot of us that speak/know Spanish. Really, why?
      3.) The most incredible is another provision in the bill makes it easier for the governor (Abbott- Republican) to dismiss any votes he wishes. (Mainly, Democrat votes, for any reason.) That, in itself, is scary.
      It’s the Republicans who are trying their hardest to cheat, and you still don’t get it. If your vote is counted, so should mine. Simple. Is this not so clear for you to understand??.. If you need more examples, just research what this bill is actually about, then you can get the real picture. Instead of parroting the same baseless lies you love to hear because it fits your narrative…

    4. @juul cat you don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about let me guess you’re a f****** Republican that would explain it

    5. @PrettyBrown Eyez You are being misled. Democrats lie. It’s what they do. They stole the last election and don’t want fair elections. I know,hard to believe a Democrat would lie,but they can’t continues Americas decline if they don’t retain power.

  1. Anything on the table– we can get something done— Texas Dems are getting in “good Trouble” as John Lewis would say

    1. @Stephanie Fain I was asking a question because I know what it cost to charter an airplane. I am a pilot and I have my own airplane and I feel like I have a little bit of understanding. I understand the hourly cost of a large private yard, the pilot, copilot and cabin personnel salaries, the fuel burn, landing fees and other related expenses. I have a hard time believing Edward about this funding being paid for by small private donations. Perhaps these donations might pay for a lunch but they would not come close to leasing one private jet let alone two.
      I don’t think I making noise but I believe I am asking a legitimate question the Democrats need to have answered. Thank you for your information and your post.

    2. @Tef Pun calm down and go have another cup of the Trump cult Kool-Aid. You can no longer separate fantasy from reality.

    3. @Robert Anthony you are right. Our founding fathers never envisioned this level of corruption that the Republicans are displaying. I think the Republicans gerrymandered their way into office without the public really noticing it. Now that they have cheated to win control in many states, they are abusing that power. We need the federal government to step in and stop these cheaters!

    4. @T. R. Campbell based on your responses, obviously you are a white person. You should talk to poor people or people of color to see that what you are saying is not true.

  2. so the gop just got a taste of there own medicine,theater,its what the gop does best,good job democrats,play them at there own games,thats how you do it!!

    1. Insurrection!
      For six months I’ve been reading and hearing people say “but, but.. you don’t have to be armed for it to be an insurrection, the online dictionary says it means “rebellion against the government..full stop”

      Well, then this must also be an insurrection I guess, because they’re rebelling against their state government..

      That’s the way this stuff works, right?

  3. I am a texan whose people have been here 200 years: I FULLY SUPPORT YOU.

    I do wish you folks would have done something like this when greg abbott STOLE EVERY TEXAN WOMAN’S HUMAN RIGHTS.

    1. I find it hard to believe how any woman can support the Republican party …that’s the party who wants to control and silent women. It blows my mind how every single woman isn’t voting against the Republican party.

  4. Black celebrities can go on cable news platforms like this to make their case.

    All hands on deck.

    1. Yeah! Where are all the black celebrities? They are afraid to speak up, because lots of white celebrities are trump supporters

    2. @Rosaline Lowe facts big facts. It’s all hands on deck. If your black Asian, white native or whatever and your in Texas these Texas democrats need support. Black celebrities should be catapulting these young senators but they’re not. We as black people basically have Hollywood at our will and hardly ever a good message that unites comes from our support and back up in Hollywood smh. All the way from Cali I support this young lady and her colleagues hands down.

  5. Hope someone from the democratic party or a philanthropist pay the salaries of those brave politicians from Texas. Their salaries should be paid for up to 2022 to ease the pressure they are under and allow them to stand their ground if need be to 2022 elections. Hopefully someone will step up as just having good words is not enough.

    1. Abbott can’t touch the legislative branch budget. He would be punishing all Republican legislatures too.

    2. Just think what Bransons little Space Flight could have paid for? A much better investment would be in Democracy.

  6. A Politician worth listening to….reasonable , not expecting the moon…..just two parties working together to make the best America!

  7. That is good that the Democrats decided to leave the state in order to show that they are not in agreement with the GOP there and work to protect the voters rights there.

    1. What will make them irrelevant is their exposure of lack of Democratized values for which they stood. They seem to have run on the wrong ticket. Time will tell if they have written off their own future win and have wasted our time. A good leader would acknowledge and step aside when they are unable to carry out the will of the people who voted them in. Go figure

    2. DC isn’t going to be a state. The filibuster will remain in place. And the Court isn’t going to be stacked. We’re half a year in and there isn’t any real movement towards any of those goals. Most of the Democrat leadership won’t even state an opinion either way on those topics because they don’t want to put off the centrists. There is only a two year window to go radical and it isn’t happening. That shouldn’t surprise anyone with a 78 year old career politician at the helm. Biden’s Presidency is shaping out like Obama’s did.

    3. @TrollKing9001 that Max Well be. I hope both Manchin and Senema buckle under the pressure to finally BE REAL DEMOCRATS

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