Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott tests positive for Covid-19 1

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott tests positive for Covid-19


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has tested positive for Covid-19, his office said Tuesday.

Abbott, a Republican, is fully vaccinated against the virus, his office said in a statement, adding that he is tested daily and this is his first positive result.

He is currently isolated in the governor's mansion and is receiving Regeneron's monoclonal antibody treatment, the statement said. Abbott is in good health and not currently experiencing any symptoms.

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  1. He’s vaccinated, has no symptoms, and is receiving an antibody treatment… He’s about as brave as the Afghan Army.

    1. Are you so stupid to believe that Texas and Florida are those only two states that haven’t set mask mandates? Oh wait maybe you shouldn’t answer that!

    2. @Jason M Just wanted to note your Idiocy.
      You have just successfully Warped the actual meaning of Fascist.
      obviously you are from an inverted universe.
      Abbot Actions are the opposite of a Fascist, Demanding People Mask up – Get Vaccinated – surrender their wealth – Comply with Politico’s over Science, etc.
      Freedom – get used to it. We are not letting it go so easily as you.

  2. How nice for him that he can afford everything medicine has to offer , while denying modern medicine in public

    1. @Celo The loot taker what if I decide I want to drive drunk? I’m just making my own decision. Or drive 100 miles an hour. Just sayin.

    2. Media like CNN seems to suggest that the anti-vaccers are conservatives, but the reality on the ground (From doctors and nurses) doesn’t seem to support this. it is a swath of everyone….especially the poor blue medicaid populations. BTW, Corona Virus has been around forever and is never going away.

    3. @Some Guy we have long term data proving that driving drunk or at high speeds has a mortality rate higher than the 99%of covid survival rate. Just saying.

    4. @Celo The loot taker both are bad. Disregard for the safety of your community is in fact bad enough to be made illegal in some instances. Btw it’s only 99 percent survival rate for healthy, young people. Even so, would you ride an elevator that plummeted to the ground every hundred runs or so?

  3. So abbott is healthy, no comorbidities or symptoms and he’s getting monoclonal antibodies? Must be nice to have that socialist health care.

    1. @Geoffrey K I bet a janitor working for a government facility makes far more than you. Also your attitude towards someone’s career position is far more telling of yourself than anything else. Sorry your self-worth is based on that.
      I would like to thank you and people like you for keeping the “eye roll emoji” at the top of my list.

    1. @Rene Gomez
      There’s gonna be no circumstance where you see people lifted off the roof of a embassy of the United States from Afghanistan ~ Joe Biden.. the old feller that s niffs kids.

    2. Renee, Ann Richards was one of my heroes. The good old boys hated her, because she was better than them in every way.

    3. @Rene Gomez Trump was the one that made a deal with the Taliban, the deal was we would get out, like now. Biden just kept Trump’s promise to them. He just followed in Trump’s footsteps, and did the job in a sloppy way. Lose ends everywhere.

    1. @tishwitch lol if I could go up north to Canada I would I do like their gov. Australia got a damn fair system that we could be like but whitewashed gov here won’t let it if they can help it. The less people vote the happier conservatives here are. The laws in Canada are diff but in a good way.

    2. Media like CNN seems to suggest that the anti-vaccers are conservatives, but the reality on the ground (From doctors and nurses) doesn’t seem to support this. it is a swath of everyone….especially the poor blue medicaid populations. BTW, Corona Virus has been around forever and is never going away.

    3. @tishwitch let me know when people from countries with “free healthcare” stop coming to the US when they require major surgery.

    1. @YouTube LOVES Soft Leftists ERs always have space right? And when you come in you are given a burger and drink while you wait. not sure where you’re from, probably lalaland

  4. So he doesn’t want Texans to have the same top notch care he is receiving plus the vaccine and booster he has already gotten.

    1. @Justin Christopher Wait let me get this straight bro. The guy who wants people to have freedom of choice with their bodies and how they are treated for illness is a sociopath and the people who want forced experimental vaccinations while they don’t tell us about viable treatments for Covid and papers to move about like in Nazi Germany are your friends??? You are just supposed to lick the boot….not deep throat it

    2. @Danial Hillmann This is real treatment used in Mexico City and India with great results. Why we can’t know about it here is really scary to me. I’m always ready to help out a patriot who values his freedoms. You are very welcome!

  5. What a hypocrite as they say ” what goes around comes around ”
    They irony is he will get now the best medical treatment there is on the tax payer dime while people die because of his misguided policy

    1. @Seeker of Truth son, I’m still waiting on you to argue the actual information provided in the links shared. You’re yet to step up to that challenge. Like I already stated, all you are doing is embarrassing yourself with childish remarks, and juvenile tactics.

    2. Media like CNN seems to suggest that the anti-vaccers are conservatives, but the reality on the ground (From doctors and nurses) doesn’t seem to support this. it is a swath of everyone….especially the poor blue medicaid populations. BTW, Corona Virus has been around forever and is never going away.

    3. @Pedro The Mexican what makes your comment even more interesting is the bump in payment for covid: “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released new guidance implementing several provisions included in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. These provisions include:
      • A Medicare add-on payment of 20% for both rural and urban inpatient hospital COVID-19 patients”

    4. Basically, a facility receives 20% more $$ for every single person that requires nothing more than getting tested if they report them as covid positive

  6. Abbott is fully vaccinated and telling others not to wear masks or abide by the mandates that’s been set in motion. Texans,please don’t listen to Abbott anymore after this he cares nothing about y’all.

    1. Nah he just wants it so it’s not forced by the government it should be up to everyone’s personal choice.

  7. I hope the people who voted for him are taking notice. He believes they should do nothing to stay healthy while he gets the best of everything.

    1. Ditto… These politicians on both sides of the asile have voted themselves huge pay increases, homes at taxpayers expense, are above the average citizen, dictate but do not Practice what they preach, get deteremental treatment AT the expense of the taxpayer….on and on
      They are not dictators, nor will we allow them to rule that way, but they are unethical in many states and counties and as a whole are nation, and that is unacceptable.

    2. Any of you that ONLY listen to mainstream propaganndist media or are blm’rs or just plain libtards I REGRET TO INFORM YOU BUT…You Have been diagnosed as being Mentally Deficient — You WILL be declared incompetent, have all your constitutional rights stripped away, forced into seclusion, put in an iron mask, and be subject to multiple experimental treatments against your will. No recourse allowed.

    3. Media like CNN seems to suggest that the anti-vaccers are conservatives, but the reality on the ground (From doctors and nurses) doesn’t seem to support this. it is a swath of everyone….especially the poor blue medicaid populations. BTW, Corona Virus has been around forever and is never going away.

  8. Breaking news Abbott refused to believe science CDC medical professional wearing a face mask .he has no symptoms. but he will have medal treatment that no one else was offered but Trump.. what a hypocrite

    1. @Rainy Days what? Did you really say parents are banned from requiring their own children to wear a mask in school? Smh

    2. @Marcy O’Kweef you guys just can’t help yourself from circling back to Obama can you? Obama is not creating legislation that is causing children to fill up the state’s ICU so they have to be airlifted out of state, Abbott is.

    1. Only demonrat democrats turn the flu political and wish their political adversaries dead from it. Serious degenerates

  9. “Texas Gov. Abbot tests positive for covid-19”. Hope he enjoys it and takes a long hard look at himself in the mirror for his actions and behavior the past 4 1/2 yrs.

    1. Why does the U.S. Air Force run faster than the U.S. Army? The Army hasn’t withdrawn the Air Force? Afghan government forces haven’t been paid for four months? It is said that even food is not guaranteed. And Afghanistan was previously under the command of the U.S. military, after the withdrawal of the U.S. troops, no one can command. The biggest responsibility for the Afghan regime being overthrown so quickly by the Taliban lies with President Biden. If that had happened during the Trump era, I believe the left would have supported the impeachment of Trump. Nancy Pelosi is sure to impeach him again, and there will certainly be people marching in the streets calling for Trump to step down. The Republicans are weaker than most, and perhaps the establishment just doesn’t like Trump’s influence on their political interests. Let’s hope he gives the Afghan people an account that sanctions against the Taliban will cause a greater humanitarian disaster than the Taliban’s economic collapse

    2. Just look at tRump. What do you expect? One is the former guy and the other is what. Don’t expect when you get sick, you will get the same medical treatment.

    3. Yeah right ….. like that’ll ever happen , self reflection isn’t exactly a known trait of republicans in general

  10. “Every body had some kind of plan, a strategy til I punched them in the F.K.N. face”. – IRON MIKE TYSON.

  11. *18 세 이상 ONLYFANS* LIKEE.BABY

    History: deleted
    Phone: yeeted
    Holy water: needed
    Meat: beated
    То чувство когда все застыли, а люди сзади идут

    1. China should list the 200 biochemical experimental laboratories conducted by the United States in various countries and the largest domestic laboratory in the United States, and announce to the world so that people in various countries will know the truth, and explain in detail some very suspicious biochemical accidents. Let their people put pressure on the government to confess the truth and drive the laboratories out of their countries.

    2. @Raymond Chan Damn right. U.S. needs to stop creating things that could kill all life. Period, stop playing God.

    1. @Suzannah Irwin Yeah those numbers are totally inflated but had the dead from Covid been given HCQ like Trump said or Ivermectin like what saved Mexico City and India our death toll would be at least 80% less than what it actually was….about half the number you show. Your party, your news stations lied to push a bad vaxx that was never necessary while people died

    2. @BigMac Fullerton so we need to force our children to swallow ivermectin paste? or better yet, let’s make an ivermectin drenching pool our kids can walk through on the way to their first class.

    3. @Suzannah Irwin Or you could just give it to them in pill form. lol Why do you have to be so drastic? Look there is a ton of evidence that HCQ and Ivermectin are working extremely well against Covid. Mexico City used it with great success during their first big outbreak of Covid when their hospitals were being overrun and they still are today. They were sending people home with Ivermectin with great success. Same thing with India. HCQ worked very well too. Why we aren’t allowed to know this here in the land of the free is the big question. Why CNN lies to you every night to scare the crap out of people is another good question. Go look at the evidence. There are doctors who will show you on Youtube.

    4. @KotoRyu It’s an anti parasitic that is having amazing results against Covid. I am listening to an ICU doctor right now speaking on how wrong it is that nobody knows how effective it is. They used it in Mexico and India with great success. Go look at the evidence. It’s overwhelming

  12. i think it’s high time a brilliant lawyer starts a class action suit for Texans against the state of Texas Abbot and the state senate for dereliction of duty for purposely creating
    a dangerous safety risk for all her citizens .

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