1. Thousands of people sneaking into the US illegally and good ol’ Joey B goes on vacation to St. Criox. Another slap in the face to Americans

    1. This has been going on for years. Both Parties haven’t reached a humane compromise. Say it again: neither Party has. Using stupid names for people instead of facts just makes you look stupid

    2. And Trump spent his Presidency on the golf course. No one piece of legislation passed under his corrupt Presidency. Only rusting falling down wall. What a loser you follow.

    3. @Stan Byme the borders need secured and the undocumented aliens need be deported before compromise can be discussed.

    1. Do you know the constitution?
      Anyone seeking political asylum may enter. So says the constitution
      And where are all the Mexican rapists?
      Only people trying to cross have gangs who kill on a whim back home. And do some research. These people walking 1500 miles for a better life. If we would stop putting our idea of a better government in these countries. So yes – we caused this. Republicans are too stupid to add 1+1

  2. If they are looking for asylum why wouldn’t they ask for it in Mexico since they come from Central America no need to cross another country to seek asylum js

    1. Venezuelans Mexicans Hispanics Latinos men women lives free RENT in Dallas Texas Apts. Sutton Place Apts is one hot spot where they trying to take over. Invaders are Gang Stalking Community Stalking working American citizens. Those are criminals! They only come here to receive all free benefits. Loud Lazy EVIL free loaders who are dangerous to communities. ICE National Guard must get those monsters out of all APTS and houses.

    2. Venezuelans Mexicans Hispanics living free rent n Sutton Place Apts Dallas Texas. Those free loaders are Gang Stalking Community Stalking working American citizens. Invaders trying to take over. Those are lazy loud psychos free loaders. You better listen and know what is going on. Those people are dangerous.

    3. @Johnny Ringo Imagine blaming Republicans for what Democrats OPENLY advocated for 🙄 Typical leftist, I swear. You were probably one of the main leftists labeling everyone “Racists” for being against the stupidity of the “Open border policy” 🥴

  3. What a novel idea. This should be a bipartisan issue. Every country has borders and laws regarding those borders. A flood of illegal immigrants is a risk to everyone.

    1. @Johnny Ringo When millions have entered and bypassed the checkpoints and guards at the border, people are going to consider it as open. Biden seem more angry with those who want to do something about the induced issue.

    2. @William Springer from the point of the manufacturer bullets equal to currency they don’t care how we used them. On each other, or country’s against other country’s. Bullets equal wealth for the weapons industry. Your just a pawn, they encourage your hate not cause they believe what you believe but they know your stupid enough to believe that’s the answer, or you was just kidding and I took it to literal.

  4. For all the people bellyaching about how we should let millions of migrants in, perhaps you could explain where they are going live and how will they survive. Rents are increasing across the nation and homelessness is multiplying. You all have altruistic knee jerk reactions to this crisis, but no logical solutions.

  5. Is there going to be a segment to compare how many Americans are also living in cardboard boxes, tents, & cars all over America? San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Phoenix, Portsmouth NH are a few huge homeless camps it would be good to compare to. You are dripping with such compassion when you do your reporting, but we don’t hear or see much for humans who are ALREADY here.

    1. This is the wealthiest nation in the history of humanity the only reason we have homelessness is greed it’s the same reason we fail to address our immigration problem.

    2. 80,000 dead last year of drug overdoses and all we seen last last week was biden literally grabbing neo nazis collaborator zelensky’s a**!!!!

    3. sounds like the words of someone who would have sent a pregnant mary and joseph away that cold night… how very much in the spirit of the season..
      tell us again the ” reason for the season” again?

      what did you do to help the homeless this season? did you volunteer to serve them a warm meal? did you open your doors to them? have you EVER gone out of your way to help them or are you like the rest and only went out of your way to AVOID even making eye contact woith them?

      I have been in the streets n the past and it both humbled me and opened my eyes to the hypocrisy coming fro the pews of my fellow “christians”or just decent human beings

  6. I feel bad for these people but right now we are simply being invaded. Cant have uncontrolled emigration. By the way I am a democrat.

    1. @Chad Simmons
      And read up on it.
      You’d be surprised.😏
      Bit of trivia for you, one of the organizations responsible for shutting down Ellis Island called themselves ‘Americans First.’
      Time passes.
      Nothing changes.😏

    2. @L. Diaz those people didn’t depend on others to support them. This is unfair to the average American taxpayers

    1. @Rider 38 Walmart shootings targeting Hispanics specifically in America: 1

      Walmart shootings targeting Hispanics in Mexico: 0

    2. The most inhumane thing this administration is doing is letting them in, and I say that as an African who immigrated here with an employment based visa and who lives in Texas. I know many asylum seeker from Africa (those who entered here legally with a visa and have been waitin for more than 5 years for their asylum interview) struggle renewing their work authorization this year (wait time was 6-9+ months) because these illegal immigrants just added themselves into the system. And this is not fair for legal immigrants cause they have to stop working until the new card arrives and their bills were piling up.

      Now from an immigration point of view, these people and their kids will never get their green card because the only way to get it is either getting a migrant visa from their home country or coming here with a valid visa to do an adjustment of status
      This means that even if their “asylum seeking petition” is approved they will still not be able to be legal here and the government knows it because they are the ones who wrote the laws. So what is the point of letting them in if they or their kids will never be legal here? They will be forced to apply for TPS and their kids DACA, which are another pain and stress and makes life more difficult for them here.

      The best solution is to send everyone back and increase the quota of visa issuance in their countries so they can do it the legal way and it will reduce the backlogs here cause at this point legal immigration is being affected and that is not fair at all.

  7. Remember how we found out within 24 hours of building this type of wall that you can just saw through them with tools from Home Depot in about 8 mins?

    Definitely not a waste of resources lol.

    1. @Trent Geer : 😌 1) Let’s face it, not just Texas and Hawai’i that we took over from the “natives” but the whole country. 2) 🤔 Though very wrong, annexing Hawai’i was probably inevitable as the native Hawai’ian population had dwindled down to almost nothing by that time since their first contacts with Europeans. Many royal family members also intermarried with “haoles” like beloved Princess KAIULANI was half Scottish and Princess PAUAHI PAKI of the now famed KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS & BISHOP ESTATE (the largest private land owner on the islands) was married to American, Charles Reed BISHOP. 3) 🌺 Since Hawaiians originally came from Tahiti but Tahiti later on was taken by France and Fiji by England… I’m glad we got America. Unlike the other island states, we are far more organized and sophisticated with actually very strong proliferation worldwide of the Hawai’ian culture, dance, and language. For instance, neither New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji nor any other Polynesian islands have anything close to our MERRIE MONARCH FESTIVAL.

    2. @Trent Geer Joe Biden hasn’t done anything productive besides actually destroying the U.S. Remember Trump was supposed to do that? LMFAO

    3. @Joey Harper cite your sources, please look into the thousands of backlogged immigration cases during the trump administration it’s hilarious, he did nothing but make the situation what it is today 😂

  8. I hate the fact everyone is missing the fact the United States has a shortage across all boards in material for goods, the fact central and South America can be providers for this goods and in return create jobs and stability where people in need would run to fill the positions instead run to the border. It’s a failure of the south of the border governments and a failure in our parts for missing this great opportunities

    1. @Colby Kinney The migrants are a small % Mexicans. Mexico doesn’t want these Central American migrants & thus mostly lets them pass thru Mexico to go to US.

    2. @G Man China manufacturing is mostly low paid virtual slave workers. US companies are relocating many things from China cause of their zero Covid policies which they kept cause they used their poorly effective China made vaccine. China is shutting down cities periodically, they are struggling economically & now are likely just going to let millions die as they have massive Covid infections & are saying they will open things cause they are afraid of losing more foreign companies.

    3. @G Man how am I pointing fingers by pointing out tragic humanity crisis’? I’m not a politician and don’t have the power to F over the world like the DNC so they are more than welcome to blame me for climate change or whatever the current thing is. I miss being called a texan taliban… that was Fn hilarious even for the leftist commi clown world. 🤡🌎🤣

    1. yes, but that is an hour they have to waste…. The problem in this country is that the gop base is so stupid that gop politicians are able to use stupid stunts and the base just eats it up. Billions of dollars on a wall and $20 ladders everywhere on the mexican sife

  9. Just to point out that millions in texas were without electricity last week because Abbott wants to control the electrical grid here. instead of a useless fence, how about an electrical grid that isnt 100 years old

    1. The root cause of the first coup attempt and insurrection attempt in American history were Donald Trump and MAGA. Those root causes have been discussed….not on Fox or Newsmax, though. That might be why you missed them.

    2. Place the manufacturing jobs in China to south of border. Less incentive for them to head to US when employed south of the border. Until it is done, UMCA (formerly NAFTA) is a failure.

    3. @Nome N Clature but the USA is a racist and full of oppression strange that all those people would want to come here 🤔

    4. @Eduardo Oliveira why are you asking why Trump is not at the border going into Biden’s third year? TDS will lead to brain AIDs if not checked with reality

  10. The United States is the most compassionate of all nations, we naturalize 1,000,000 individual per year. More than any other nation.

    However if immigration policy is not followed by foreign nationals then their application should be voided.

    Crossing out border without proper authorization should carry a 20 year hard labor sentence if arrested by LE. Plenty of highways need to be patched and weeds cut down.

    1. *border, learn how to spell

      20 years hard labor for a status violation? And what do you believe a just sentence for texting and driving or DUI, 20 years hard labor as well? Sounds like you’d rather have slave labor rather than justice.

    2. That sounds like something North Korea would do/already does

      And Hispanics already come over to do hard labor so you’re basically just facilitating their job search lol

      Unless you’re talking about actual slavery without pay in which it wouldn’t surprise me from KKK internet folks.

    3. @z g93 First off thank you for the correction.

      Violating US sovereign borders is a crime and should be treated as an act of terrorism.

      With legal means of immigration into the US there is zero reason we can’t defend our border with the same vigor as the East Germans did the Berlin wall.

  11. Asking Congress members to actually work, stop fighting each other, come together, & solve the problem is too much.

    My prediction is that nothing will change & in the years ahead we will still be hearing about the border crisis.

  12. Every single human being on this planet knows who is allowing this. This is being done deliberately and for what reason ?

  13. Can we just cut the BS and just acknowledge that the word “asylum” has become a catch-all word that anybody can use to get initial access and work papers into the U.S. People shouldn’t be able to just cross over and immediately be granted access. What’s the point of being a citizen if anybody can just cross over and get the same benefits. This is madness!

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