Texas Senate Passes Controversial Election Integrity Bill 1

Texas Senate Passes Controversial Election Integrity Bill


The Texas Senate passed a controversial election integrity bill that bans mobil voting booths, expands rights of poll watchers and strengthens ID requirements for vote-by-mail. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Texas Senate Passes Controversial Election Integrity Bill


    1. Very true. Making it harder does not mean your Rights are completly gone. Find out and when you can VOTE and DO IT

    2. @T Myers I’m not an elections investigator, but i have personally witnessed multiple friends and family members receiving ballots not in their name in the mail prior to the last election. It doesn’t take a forensic expert to figure out this is a recipe for fraud.

    1. @Centrifugal Centrist Hillary conceded the day after the election in 2016. Obama invited Trump to the White House the day after that. Fax

    2. @Marco Polo
      All your side had to do was win in court. Your record was 1-64, I believe.
      And the reason you couldn’t win in court, frequently, was that none of trump’s lawyers wanted to risk disbarment, tryna land spurious charges for a man who wouldn’t have paid them anyway.
      Y’all backed an honorless, venomous thief. Only enough, that made him less popular than you think.

    3. @Marco Polo you mean the audits the Retrumplicans are doing cause they can’t accept they lost. Answer this question did you go to school to make yourself stupid or were you born that way

    4. It went off the rails when Democrats decided that black people should be treated equally, almost 60 years ago. It’s just gotten worse since then.

    1. As a texan I totally agree. Never thought I’d be ashamed to be from Texas until now.

  1. you cant vote, get clean water, or heat during winter, but we even give the kids guns in this state.

  2. Time for Biden to step in and get new FEDERAL Laws preventing this kind of voter suppression… This is unconstitutional and racist…

  3. No heat, no water, no winterized pipes, no power grid, and *NO VOTING.* Texas. It’s a libertarian paradise

    1. But now you don’t need a license to open carry. Isn’t that great? More steps towards 3rd world status.

    2. @BlondeGirlSez This Maybe we could get Texas to eat Florida….stop them from trying to assault and traffic Pennsylvania

    1. @Bunn E. Fartz …or maybe the new section Biden is building on the land he just seized from that Hispanic family through eminent domain. I wonder if their Biden flag is still up?

  4. Headline is wrong: there should at least be quotation marks around “integrity” if you don’t have the balls to call it a voter suppression bill. Which is what it is.

    1. @Brian Jones Yeah, now I know you’re a Russian. I recognize the instant defensiveness and “no, you are” deflection

    2. @Jon Hawkins What dead vote? The only people caught trying to vote for dead people have been republicans.

    3. @Brian Jones Texas I.D. not driver’s lincense two different things. If both I.D.s are free it will be different story

    4. @Brian Jones ah yes by decreasing polling places in democratic areas where they are more populated than republican areas. It not like it’s gonna create longer lines or anything which might draw away people because they can’t wait that long because they have jobs or something.

  5. Well, on the bright side Democrats will HAVE to get rid of the filibuster. If they don’t, they will NEVER get back into power.

    1. And, of course, you KNOW Repubs will get rid of FB the second they are in power and want it (regardless of what they said before). Just like Supreme Court Nominee and so many other things, they jump from being outraged about something, to doing that exact same “something” the second they have a chance.

    2. @Richard Weinberg They could have already done that, but they didn’t because they know it’s the wrong thing to do.

  6. Let’s be honest here this bill is meant prevent people from voting for Democrats or Independents. Penalize the voters if they do vote for any other party than the Republicans.

  7. This will blow up in the GOP faces. Make it harder to vote and people will try harder to vote. Vote against the GOP that is….

    1. If a court don’t strike down that Fascist law, a dishonest Fascist judge can override the will of the voter in Texas

  8. Dems need to end the filibuster and get the Voting Rights Bill passed ASAP. Otherwise our Democracy is truly in peril.

    1. @travis Robinson it’s whoever decided to concoct that bill up and everyone else who followed along like a little puppet, like they follow trump and his click. Same bullcrap, just another puppet follower. As he laughs at you all!!

    2. @BrendaAnne I don’t care what he do I’m just saying he supposed to be a Democrat he acting like a Republican

  9. The last throws of a failing party. Sure looks like good old south again. Arm your citizens with the 2nd Amendment and deny people their right to vote. Some things never change, until they do. Bye bye republicans.

  10. Name any democracy in the world where the government openly prevents it’s citizens from voting?

  11. They’re working on changing the dictionary to reflect that “election integrity” now replaces “Fascism”.

  12. Texas saw Georgia and Florida pushing Nü Jim Crow laws and thought “I wanna be cool, too”

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