The ancient trees bringing Notre Dame back to life 1

The ancient trees bringing Notre Dame back to life


In 2019 Notre Dame cathedral was damaged by a fire that destroyed much of the roof. Now oak trees that date back to the French Revolution are being felled for the reconstruction effort. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports. #CNN #News


    1. @Jeebuz
      Not when you mock Christ for your master Sty the piggy wiggy as evil guts everything that moves.

    2. @Jeebuz … Whoa….? What kind of little demon are you exchanging comments with? Little Pixie T is a more than a little scary, ain’t she ?

  1. Les arbres peuvent être plantés et cultivés. Vous ne pouvez pas reconstruire la cathédrale la plus emblématique de France sans eux.

  2. your killing 200 year old trees that are essential for air quality for a church you could use fire retardent materials.

    1. You’ve never used paper? Heck I get an oak tree’s worth of junk mail in my mailbox every month that goes straight to the trash.

  3. Wow I didn’t even know that so sorry that happened but I guess that gives a new meaning to the roof is on fire

  4. this is the reason why french revolution happen. rich wasted so much money on one thing. the real church of god is the forest not this burned out symbol of church oppression.

  5. I’ve been there and I can honestly say that it was a dead zone…. a dark empty cave. I’ve felt closer to God on a plateau up in the mountains…

  6. Whoever complaining here about the falling of a few select trees, while typing that on a computer/phone who’s caused considerably more exotical damage… Is a hypocrite

  7. Haven’t the French heard of laminates? More appropriate modern materials could easily be disguised as real oak.
    As this does is drive the price for an already expensive commodity, plantation French Oak.

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