The FDA Has Approved The First Alzheimer’s Drug In Almost 20 Years

The FDA went against an external advisory board and approved Biogen’s Aduhelm drug, the first treatment for Alzheimer’s in almost 20 years. Despite its possible high cost and what opponents are claiming is a lack of evidence about Aduhelm’s efficacy, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s chairman George Vradenburg argues that the drug is necessary to finally help those with Alzheimer’s lead a normal life» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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.The FDA Has Approved The First Alzheimer’s Drug In Almost 20 Years


  1. Good. Let’s start with Republicans to get them aligned with reality for the first time in decades.

    1. @Scientific Methodologist Go away 17 day old troll. It is a scripT; you folks can’t even spell simple words.

    1. Yep. Individual One got it from Daddy, and his zombie cultists think if they all project hard enough they can take it off his a-brain and put it on Joe Biden instead. 🤪

  2. My Grandmother passed from Alzheimer’s. Anyone that has a parent or family member that suffers from this disease knows how emotionally taxing it is

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. My grandmother also passed 10 years ago from this awful disease. That being said this drug is about as far from help as you can get. Side effects include brain swelling and bleeding in FAR to many patients not to mention the price tag… 56k for a 1 year supply. This is pharma praying on thoughs emotions not help

    1. MUST be a secret government plot to turn you from a magnet (the vaccine: step one) into a vacuum! (The Final Plan) Avoid at all costs!!!

  3. The question we all have is: Can this cure delusional Trump cult members?

  4. Why does this drug cost $56,000 a year? Didn’t some FDA scientists resigned because this dubious drug was approved despite their objections.

    1. It is nearly $5,000 per monthly infusion, but that is only the cost of the drug and does not cover the cost of extra medical monitoring and diagnostics to detect the brain bruising and/or bleeding that can occur while taking the drug.
      All but one member of the FDA advisory voted against approval and three have quit since the approval.

  5. Already over priced. Hope for those with Alzheimer’s and their families, is pretty expensive for a medication that may or may not work. And a bit on the cruel side for the possibility of hope. My wife’s mother suffered from this devastating disease. Everyone involved with a family member deserves better than an expensive definite maybe.

  6. My mother passed away from Alzheimer’s and now my uncle is battling the disease. I hope there are drugs coming to stop it.

  7. Any chance we could get Fauci’s opinion on this? If he thinks it’s good then you can guarantee it isn’t 👍🏼

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