'The Fight Is Not Over': Dems Won't Step Down After GOP Obstructs Voting Rights Bill 1

‘The Fight Is Not Over’: Dems Won’t Step Down After GOP Obstructs Voting Rights Bill


Senate Republicans unanimously voted to block the “For The People Act,” which sought to expand voting rights and respond to restrictive election laws in Republican-led states. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reacts to the vote, split 50-50 along party lines, and discusses what this means for Democrats with The New York Times’ Mara Gay and Emily Bazelon, Democratic Strategist Chai Komanduri, and Mark Thompson, host of the “Make It Plain” podcast.

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  1. The harder Republicans work to disenfranchise the People’s constitutional right to vote the more people will turn out to vote them out.

    1. We must vote. Every single election. We must check our registration status. Every single election. We must vote, no matter what it takes.

    2. @treehunned They will try to do what they did back at the turn of the 20th Century… they’ve ruined their party name AGAIN, as they distanced themselves against RACISM and the Civil War. They will try and talk the Democrat party in to changing Party Names, again.

  2. All this obstructionism just to reinstate a constantly failing manbaby of a con artist as God King in 2024.

  3. United we stand. Mr. Manchin will want to make a differance. This is a horrible abuse of power. $193,500 a year for McConnell for what?

    1. @Debi Allen the block I live at we car pool to the poles. Anyone who talks politics has to fill ‘er up. We all have kids a husband or a job plenty to talk about NO POLITICS.Not even the price of tea in China LOL

    2. @Jack Dorseys Mom has it ever occurred to you that women are more intelligent, informed and have thoroughly researched the issues.

    3. @Suzanne Snow there are many MANY areas of life I will concede a females dominance and have zero issues with ceding power in those areas.
      But pure, emotionless, cold logic and critical thought???
      Be honest, who do YOU believe is better at that??
      I’m asking genuinely and with no disrespect intended whatsoever.

    4. @Suzanne Snow yes we all have our own VP and made up our mind on the way. So tired of the bickering. We know who we want because we took our time and came to our conclusion

  4. Vote them out America our democracy is under attack!
    Voting is my human right as a American citizen!

    1. @H Max and yet this bill has roughly an 80% approval rating among Americans. According to you 80% of Americans are not Americans.

    1. @Tom Senft I don’t think Italy did it at least not most of it. But that interview with the Italian prosecutor who asking the ex official who confessed to it is a real thing. You can see it on other platforms not censoring information. And the bill does not mention drinking water. Demacrates made that up. It’s about not bribing people for their vote. As long as they serve it150ft from the voter line they can get all the water they want. They present it as if the people in line are dying of thirst or something. Corrupt. You rooting for the bad guys man and you don’t even know it.

    2. @Tom Senft I am waiting for the “aliens came down and zapped all the voting machines to favor Biden”.

    3. @Thomas Lucas She is a smart woman. In fact, I think Democrats should have made a stink over that election. I am sure there was something fugazy going on there. Republicans know how to lie and convince people Democrats are doing illegal things because THEY are the ones doing it.

  5. We the people. We the majority will ensure that every American has the right to vote, has access to vote, and that every American votes will be counted.

    1. @C C Non citizens cannot vote – or are you talking about people who are citizens living in another country? That’s a different animal.

    2. @mr harry No that’s what the Democratic party is saying . Isn’t that why they want to get rid of signature when voting? Understand.?

    3. @Chuck Schenck No. You said that your belief is that all black people are unintelligent.
      You haven’t even bothered to edit it yet. .

      I have never in my 55years needed an ID or a signature to vote and I have voted in maybe thirty elections. Why is it important to you now. At this time.
      All cases of voter fraud have been traced back to individual Republicans over the last twenty years and none apart from the North Carolina case affected more than a handful of votes.
      What is your motivation for stopping American citizens voting?

  6. Year after year we give Republicans the opportunity after opportunity to provide they are the party of Lincoln and they year after year show us they are the party of suppression and sedition.

    1. @Roshai Moore Please explain how that would work in the american system? You only have a chance to vote for one of two big parties, the rest has no hopes to make any big sweeping changes or collect any success.
      Largest federal election result for a third party candidate in the last fifty years was Ross Perot in 1992 with about 20%. That is enough to sabotage another party into losing a “certain win” to the favor of the other, but not enough to actually win themselves. And there are only miniscule numbers of “independents” in Congress with most of thema having originally been voted in as D or R and then switched allegiances to “neutral”. Even getting voted in on your own as independent candidate is incredibly hard. no third party candidate has managed to become a senator or Representative in an eternity.

      So you can punish off one party with losing all important races, getting less seats, less influence, not getting to determine the president. But you cannot replace both parties with a new one or several such. Many have tried, none have succeeded.

    2. @Shawn the Sheep need to vote out all the obstructionists and start working for the people. Blue wave vote out all the liars and obstructionists asap

    3. @Shawn the Sheep while that would be good for getting America out of this cycle of failed government. That highly unlikely. History says the the Republicans will pick up about two seats in the senate and a few seats in the house as well. Because the party not in power voters are more motivated then the party in power. Plus the Republican party gets to draw the districts in allot of the states to ensure their voters count more and more each election. We are a mess right now but we will work it out.

    4. @Roshai Moore that doesn’t even make sense. You just yelled a emotional response just because you got triggered.

    5. @Roshai Moore There are definitely corrupt corporatist Democrats, but to paint them with the same brush as Republicans is disingenuous. It’s literally world news when a Republican disagress with another, and one of them is “cancelled” shortly after (see John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Liz Cheney).

  7. This included the “Voter I.D.” stance that the RepubliCons were crying about… and they Voted it DOWN! How ignorant can they get?

    1. Because its not really about making sure that only eligible voters vote. Its about throwing hurdles in front of voters to make it harder to vote. Manchin’s compromise would have required voter ID- but it would have allowed multiple forms of ID, making it easier for voters to provide said ID. That’s not what Republicans want. They want to make voting harder- for the poor (may not be able to afford to pay for a new photo ID), for the disabled (may not be able to come to a polling place in person, and they’re trying to make mail voting harder), for minorities (more likely to be economically disadvantaged due to systemic racism), for the homeless (won’t have an official place of residency to prove)… They want to go back to the days when voting was a privilege of the rich and the white.

    2. What is the problem with voter ID. Please be detailed, factual, specific and your response must sound like a “normal”, “logical” human, that knows you are living on planet earth and live in USA, “THE HOME OF THE FREE, BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE; LESS WE FORGET. Let me make this very clear, if ANYONE wants to vote , there is NOTHING stopping them! MEGA PATRIOTS UNITED !

    3. ​@Kelly Sorensen What is wrong with a Driver’s License? Hunting/Fishing License? Library Card? Gun License?
      OK… then simply issue FREE Voter ID cards.
      Now… Your turn, Madame Excuses.
      Re-Read the Bill that was voted down today… It requested FREE Voter ID Cards, and Your cult voted against it.

      You LOST… and You LOST the 2016 Election. Get Over It! The People Do Not Care for Your party… and Your party has proven time, and Time Again that it Does Not Care For You.

  8. In a nutshell, the GOP is supressing the the voters because they can’t win if they don’t.

    1. @Mary Rose Kent how come stupid people always use nicknames and headlines instead of simple scientific facts???
      Oh and “glue sniffer”????
      You have no friends and got that from some old movie, didnt you???

  9. Well Republicans are now the in the history books as the enemy of democracy and the American people.

  10. Opposition is what Mitch said he would do to Biden’s Presidency, the do nothing Republicans

    1. Lol. Do a better job keeping track of different states.
      We are doing that.
      That’s why so many dems have lost their positions in local elections EINSTEIN.

    2. Every last one of them need to go and we need to start over… We keep these people at one term limit until they show is they’re worthy of us… I’m sick of this now!!

    3. We better hurry up and do that, because the possibility of losing our vote altogether is looming on the horizon.


    1. I’m a conservative God loving man. You calling me a racist you goon? The left just want the power grab to make sure they can cheat to stay in power.

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