Trump’s Legal Heat: Trump Org Insider Says Former Bodyguard 'Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried' 1

Trump’s Legal Heat: Trump Org Insider Says Former Bodyguard ‘Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried’


In this Beat exclusive, MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by the former Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization Barbara Res and former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance to discuss the criminal probe into the company. The conversation comes as The Wall Street Journal reports prosecutors are investigating Trump executive Matthew Calamari to see if he received tax-free fringe benefits. Res asserts that Calamari "probably was sitting around when things were discussed." (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Remember when the new yorkers danced in the streets when 45 lost? That was a beautiful feeling.

    1. @Callie Smith It’s simple that celebrating happened every if you get off Twitter and FB commands long enough to research. Is it surprising they were celebrating outside the White House so loud it was heard inside the White House. Probably is for you and many other wash ups.

  2. If they can’t get former guy, the get his wallet. For tax evasion take FORMER GUY TOWERS on 5th ave. and turn it into AFFORDABLE HOUSING. He’ll flip out. BIGLY.

    1. @Carlo Jones money doesn’t peotecf you when the IRS comes knocking.

      Ehats peotecting him right now is Biden’s unwillingness to let justice take its natural course.

  3. Trump does not provide gratuities for nothing and I can assure u that if someone got a car there’s probably a felony behind it.

    1. @Blue Perspective reading your comment…all I can do is shake my head. I worship only 1 God and His Son who will be coming back soon…maybe in my lifetime, but then again maybe not. There are,” fake” pastors now who preach the end of the world, but there are many things that still have yet to happen, if you follow the bible. Trump was my President…NOT my Lird and Saviour who died to save the ppl of the world from their sins. His blood ran red not only for me but you as well. Doesn’t it get old painting everyone with the same brush when we are all different??

    2. @Blue Perspective Sad, but true. I actually believe many think trickle-down just hasn’t been given long enough to work. Smh

    3. @Karen Kirwan Sadly, bid Scarborough decided to sue Trump for defamation, it appears the current DOJ will defend him. What bollocks.

    1. Since our justice system runs in DECADES not days, I doubt he’ll go to jail. They will be fluster buffin and running up the legal tabs until some judge loses their tempers and reminds the Trump attorneys that Trump will never pay them, and with prejudice, closes the case so that taxpayer don’t have to pay those fees either. Those attorney’s will (gasp) have to get their $1k suits cleaned, instead of replaced.

    2. If Bill Clinton is not prosecuted for riding on Jeffrey Epstein Lolita Express 26, there is no justice. If George Bush isn’t prosecuted for okaying a torture program, there is no justice. If Julian Assange is extradited to the USA by our DOJ for practicing journalism, there is no justice.

    3. @Bossiest Warrior because nobody’s scary over the internet wasn’t precisely my point. Not at all.


    4. @xHOLLYWOOD only broadly. That it’s a fool who doesn’t learn from history. Oh and that it’s something somebody once said. That’s what a quote is.

  4. They need to find intent? When someone does something over and over for years, what more intent is needed?

    1. @Stefan Frankel what’s up with many members of our government being citizens of a foreign nation like Schiff and Schumer?

    2. Just playing Devil’s Advocate, but one could unknowingly commit a crime for years without intending to commit a crime. By proving intent, you can prove crime.

    1. Especially when a former Bodyguard, becomes executive? There must not have been enough competent AND “loyal” executives to hire at that time.

  5. Even if Weaselturd doesn’t flip, can’t they just ‘follow the money’? Isn’t that what we’re being told always works?

    1. They are following the money and they’re finding that everything is above board. So they have to fabricate some more charges.

    2. Hopefully the SDNY will do a better job of investigating and indicting trump than the federal government with all its criminals always blocking everything.

    3. Yeah, tricky one since new ag is acting like all previous corrupt ones. He continues to protect the orange turd from facing any accountability for anything so far.
      Doj is compromised, corrupt and perverted beyond repair.
      All named and unnamed conspirators from the acosta’s sweet deal given to j.epstein walking free are being protected which is sick, most hideous and repulsive. Ag gotta be replaced by someone with integrity, decency and sense of justice.

  6. Well, let’s hope the voters of NY put in someone interested in the non-partisan pursuit of justice. This investigation NEEDS to go forward to it’s conclusion.

    1. He has a bodyguard to stop the poor uneducated trump supporters away from him. He can’t stand these people if they aren’t still giving him money

    1. @Theresa McDonald, ummmm, that’s exactly what they’re doing. It would be rather sloppy if they just rushed through the process.

    2. @Rain EATER huh…yea you are…playing both sides…go back and read ALL of your comments

  7. The guy is called Calamari…!!!..He looks like a character out of Godfather, and works for Don the Con. What could go wrong.!!!

    1. @TheReaper No, they’re just tearing apart democracy in a country that used to be the leader of the free world.

    1. @Semihandyman Yeah , so many proclaim their Christianity to be holier than thou . Do unto others as you would have others do unto you . If that’s not how your living , you cannot call yourself a Christian .

    1. Michael appeared MANY times as a witness, and, of course, he “flipped”. This all is taking far too long.

    1. It’s not unusual in the business world to find psychopaths. Psychotic traits are very useful in the business world mainly a lack of empathy for others.

    1. This is a big nothing burger, but you clicked on the story and made MSNBC I also clicked on the story but only to laugh at everyone’s stupidity that they actually believe anything will happen to Trump or anyone in his family. Big brains people. Use your big liberal brain.

    2. @kpax45 it’s supposed to protect the accused, bit it has devolved onto a way to lock up unconvinced poor people.

  8. Chauffeur and bodyguard,perfect place to get the “dirt”, has been for hundreds of years and longer

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