The GOP Should ‘Root Out’ Its Extremist Members Says Congresswoman Dean 1

The GOP Should ‘Root Out’ Its Extremist Members Says Congresswoman Dean


Representative Madeleine Dean (D-PA) and former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi discuss the inaccurate comments made by Representative Cawthorn (R-NC) about the January 6th riots and the 2020 election.

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  1. This Cawthorn nut is our rep, and a shamefully opportunistic fool. Another weirdo. We have plenty of them in North Carolina.

    1. @M M Joe Biden is more of a Conservative than the majority of the republican party, he most certainly is not a communist! Do you even understand what a communist is? Because I doubt you do, it’s just something else you’ve been trained to repeat.

    2. @M M you know why their moving, because Trump being the decisive, evil piece of scum that he is used his tax cuts to increase taxes in blue states. Simple

    1. @Erica Espinosa i am not partisan. You are blind because you only watch one sham news station. You only hear what they tell you which is eventually what you want to hear. Classic.

    2. @Cheshire Cat lol are you laughing from your parents basement? And btw…. When you’re freedoms are stripped from you by the end of this term…. You’ll be wishing you had been more informed.

  2. If the GOP gets rid of all the extremists and Q and every other “Good Christian” there will no longer be a GOP. I support the GOP getting rid of the GOP.

  3. These statements definitely cross a line for me. Politicians can get away with this kind of thing when the statements are less direct than this, but this was too direct. His spokesperson isn’t convincing anyone with that weak clarification.

    1. Like when Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters explicitly told Rioters to go out ,LOOT ,RIOT AND BURN DOWN AMERICAN CITIES…….smh at the HYPOCRISY……

  4. Do you understand how many people they would have to boot out? More than half, so I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting for fascist sympathizers to do the right thing.

  5. Why does the media never use the word, “Traitor.” These are literally traitors against their own country yet no one talks about it. I don’t get it.

    1. The same reason I have been leaving the same comment for over a week and youtube keeps taking it down. My brother works with a guy that was bragging about the weekend of Aug 21st several hundred different militias had a meeting in South Missouri to plan their next one. The guy wouldn’t say when just told everyone to watch the news in a few weeks. He said this time we will be armed.

    2. @MeanGeneSanDiego Treason is clearly a suspicion for Trump in Helinski but there are various possibilities. Something stinks but we don’t know exactly what.
      Cohen says he thinks T idolises Putin for his extreme wealth and power. T obviously likes to be chummy with dictators, it is very worrying but not clear enough to call treason I think.

  6. I knew this guy was very active on his Twitter for days before Jan. 6, aggressively suggesting Trump supporters to take actions, in the same raducal way along with Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Matt Gaetz, and Don. Jr. You can see clearly when he used “we” many times, indicating his conspiring with many others.

  7. “It doesnt matter if our votes don’t count”? Your votes WERE counted! TRUMP LOST!!! That’s how elections work. Cawthorn doesn’t like America and the majority of Republicans hate democracy.

    1. These crazy beostids thik the voices in their heads add up to make the GQP the ‘silent’ majority – just becasue we don’t hear them

    2. That statement is just like the same thing the Republicans say about the Democrats!!!! Mighty funny how all of you think alike….both parties are full of extremists and terrorists!!!

  8. Cawthorn just announced a clear and present danger to public safety, and implied another violent insurrection will be taking place. Have we learned NOTHING when Trump did the exact same thing?!??

  9. In any half-sane country this Cawthorn guy would be tossed straight into prison on charges of high treason, and quite likely never get out.

  10. No lady, they didn’t learn anything because we didn’t hold the organizers or leaders accountable! Why would they learn anything other than ‘I can get away with this’ if there are no consequences?

    1. Thank you Kaitlyn. There should have been bus loads of these lowlife locked up on the 6th of Jan. If it were Black Lives Matter or Antifia those steps would have been covered in blood.

      Hitler and his crew failed their first attempt at an takeover. Smack on the wrist and we know what happen next time.

  11. RIGHT NOW I’m ashamed to know that my fellow NC voters put this pipsqueak in office! He should be held accountable for his lies and trouble=making endeavors!

  12. If he wants election to be clean why doesn’t he start by stopping the GOP at the state level from gerrymandering the process. That would be an excellent start.

  13. The list is long, but every one of these guys gotta be held accountable. Kick them all out WITHOUT ANY BENEFITS

  14. The GOP doesn’t even have a vetting system. If it did, they wouldn’t have the most ignorant unfit GOP that ever existed in the history of its party.

    1. The GQP is already a distinct minority in the USA. It is only by absurd antiquated policies, lies and cheating that they have any power at all. Without voter suppression, lies, gerrymandering and flat out treason they would exist. If they had any reasonable ethical standards as you suggest, they would have no members at all.

    2. *THE GQP HAS GOT TO GO.* _They ignore the will of the people in favor of their agenda which serves only themselves and the wealthy. They continue to support Trump and his ongoing attempts at the overthrow of a free and fair election, as well as openly racist attempts to restrict voting in future elections. They defend a violent insurrection in an attempted deadly coup. They lie, cheat, promote racism and a Russian agenda. They allowed hundreds of thousands of us to die needlessly, they support and protect organized criminal activity, and are openly destroying our freedom and system of justice for _*_ALL._*_ How long are _*_WE THE PEOPLE_*_ going to let a minority of hate mongering traitors control our country?_

  15. Of course he was advocating violence,; “I would hate to take up arms….”, means you hate to, but would. They have put us on notice that if their candidate doesn’t get elected next time…..

      § 2381. Treason
      § 2382. Misprision of treason
      § 2383. Rebellion or insurrection
      § 2384. Seditious conspiracy
      § 2385. Advocating overthrow of Government

      Pick one or more.

    2. Cawthorn would not do the violence. He is betting that if he keeps stoking these uneducated, right-wing morons looking for blood, he can slip away and watch from the sidelines. He is a coward like the rest of them that do the same. Trumpanzee did the exact same thing for the insurrection, with ‘glee’, while watching the TV….

  16. “did the learn nothing”
    nope. they learned that there were no consequences for what they did the first time, why not try it again?

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