1. The thing about justice is it shouldn’t matter who you are or how close you are to a president. Or if you are the president.

    1. @doof goobins then she should be removed from her position immediately for breaking the law as an elected official.

    2. @doof goobins and have u ever seen anyone arrested without being handcuffed and then sat at a picnic table? Also where’s her arrest record and photo from her being booked?

  2. If he broke the law, he should pay the appropriate penalty. Like anybody else, including Trump.

  3. Please apply the Law for who ever violated the Law !!! It is hard to believe in any public figure!!

    1. He was on tour today claiming he got cancer from oil on the windshield of his mom’s car. Talked about putting windmills in the ocean, and putting 2500 people to work.


    1. Lol first, why are you YELLING? Also, yes that’s pretty much what this segment said, along with making it known at least this potus and doj aren’t corrupt… unlike the previous administration.

    1. @Kampfer Flung Poo origins are all with the orange sh*tgibbon
      I want the oranges, the oranges where they came from you know the oranges

    1. @Janine Bowen You. You said that when it first came out but you thought it was Russian disinformation.

    1. @Lissa Do any of you even know the laws? Hunter did business with businesses in countries.. not the country… by the logic of Maga goobers here, Hasbro Execs would have to register as agents to do toy sales in China…. lol now you see how absurd it is.

  5. Man was caught in 8K breaking all sorts of laws but they still have to think about prosecution.

    1. @John Fanion Love how he’s still living in your head, rent free. Please provide your sources; I want to see real evidence, not something you pulled off Facebook.

    2. @Myriam Ickx What actual concrete evidence has come out of the Sham 6th committee tho. I’ll wait.

    3. @___ turn himself in? You can’t just walk into a police department, say I’m here to turn myself in, please arrest me on charges that haven’t been filed.

    4. @RavenPlaze like a candidate openly admitting to paying for prostitutes but you elected him anyway… and now you care about law enforcement?
      Hypocrite much 🙄

    5. @Fung Dark it’s a valid point tho. Man would’ve been tarred and feathered through the streets of DC before the ink dried on the morning newspaper.

  6. Too bad the United States doesn’t have some sort of Federal agency or department or bureau that could honestly and fairly investigate issues like this. Gosh, what would we call such an agency or department or bureau.

    1. @Deborah Freedman This is like a tea party compared with other current investigations going on. Regards.

  7. Tax violations? Buying a gun? 🤣 Talk about reaching for straws. Hunter should announce on TV “Yes, I’m guilty” pay the slap on the wrist fine, and be done with it.

  8. Just how often do we prosecute former drug users for owning a gun? Sounds like someone was definitely bringing the weight of politics to bear against him in this case.

    1. He lied on the federal form to BUY the gun, that’s the problem. He signed the form saying he did NOT use illegal substances when he was in active addiction at the time. Then the gun was thrown in a dumpster across from a school and the FBI guys covered up for him, when he clearly should have had the red flag laws used him at that point.

  9. 3:45 here we go. Same democrat delusions. Just an absolute “NO”. Even though they’re completely losing in every category. And wtf with wishing the best to a total criminal?

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