1. @Deborah Freedman What did she pay for the solar panels? How much in maintenance? PG&E I’m assuming you are in California where like, you know, hazardous weather rarely hits compared to other places. What would happen if say, this person lived in Oklahoma – tornado central? I bet you’ve never even seen a tornado.
      How much would insurance on your solar panels cost due to hail damage, tornado, intense lightning storms?

      Also, do you know anything about the manufacturing process of a solar panel? Where it comes from, how it’s made, what chemicals are used??

      I bet you do not.

      The problem with California is, they think everywhere else is exactly like California lolol.

      What about Seattle where it rains 9 months out of the year and there’s barely sun?
      What about ALL of Alaska when it goes dark for months?

      Californians are not good at thinking outside of California.

    1. Ignorance is one of the worst aspect that affect climate change, taking time to inform yourself help. At the end we all will get affected, you believe it or not.

    1. @Dan Boyd who have no stories of what they saw, but stories of what someone told them.

      Meanwhile you telling us that Bidens own voice is not credible 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Dan Boyd no idea what they say on fox, dont watch it. And i am watching the hearings. None of what they show or hear so far can be used in court.

  1. Does this mean he’s going to sell his beach house? I mean, won’t it get destroyed by climate change? Will he and every other politician stop flying private jets? Or is this just for us every day citizens (peasants) get restrictions and get taxed more?

  2. The emergency is the current state of our country. I’ve never been more afraid of what the future looks like for our country.

  3. Journalist: Mr. President, do you still believe in the int’l campaign on climate change?
    Mr. President : Oh dear, i myself, and the entire USA, are definitely in it.
    Journalist: And how are you gonna lead USA to resolve climate problem?
    Mr. President : Well first i am gonna TALK about it, a lot, and then do nothing at all and just sell more guns to everyone else in the world.

  4. “Loud and clear!” or
    “Loud and not so clear?”
    What in the heck were you doing in Saudi Arabia last week, Joe?

  5. How about he use some of that power where it really counts. Like by addressing how China and India are the biggest problems when it comes to climate.

    1. And how they just breeze over the fact that the power companies are burning coal and natural gas so all of these climate fighters can charge up their electric vehicles. 😂

  6. How about these politicians open their second and third homes to house people rather than heat and cool multiple empty homes.

    1. Who should get these homes ? People who don’t work? Do you have a home? How did you get it?

    2. That’s a huge issue for a large number of upper middle class Americans and above. We should ad a huge federal sales tax to purchase a second home. On top of a huge utilities tax for second and subsequent homes

  7. It’s amazing how out of touch this administration is… It’s like your house being on fire and you’re worried/focused on the dripping faucet.

    1. The dust bowl was a man made crisis. People, crops and livestock couldn’t take the heat and desertification so they had to move.

  8. Right in time for midterms!!! I’m happy to see so many people in these comments waking up!! Let’s take our wonderful country back ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  9. Biden: “Climate change is an emergency”
    CNN Dude: “Biden stopped short of calling climate change an emergency”
    Nice job…..again…..CNN

    1. “a national climate emergency”. Something can be an emergency but making the difference is making it official

    2. Declaring a formal national emergency is a massive executive step he could take, but he did not take it. They even explain it at the end.

    3. @Zane Huseth oh and you believed what they told you at the end? I guess the world needs simpleminded and easily confused people, right Zane? Perhaps you could land a job at the midway for the traveling carnival 🎡

  10. “700,000 acre offshore wind farm with potential to power 3 million homes.”
    Meanwhile Elon says a couple thousand square kilometers of solar fields would power the entire US. We have the tech and the space and the money. We just don’t have a functioning government to put that into action.

    1. Are there enough Rare earth minerals to build them?
      New tech must be found if this amount of solar panels are to be created.

  11. Biden: “I’ve got cancer”
    White House Staff: “No he doesnt, you know he be saying things.”
    Biden: (silenced) 😶

  12. Mechanic: Sir, your engine is severely low on oil, you’re about to blow the engine.
    Biden: Well put some water in the radiator.

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